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August 25, 2005

Gummy bears!

Ever wondered where gummy bears come from?

2005-08-22: Where we get gummi bears.

Doctor Fun, 22 August 2005: Where we get gummi bears.

August 20, 2005

Peering in

Now, Radio New Zealand, bless their souls, are running a live National Radio stream especially for coverage of the David Lange memorial service (and bless him, too). Now, this setup is the prime example of the effects of peering -- the primary server hosting the full rate stream is pretty much firewalled to anyone off a Telecom- or TelstraClear-sourced Internet feed. I'm getting the United States-based feed that's a vastly lower rate on both Xtra and Paradise.

The ironic thing about this setup -- and Computerworld has suggested that this is it -- is that Xtra license some Radio New Zealand content on their streaming media page. Perhaps they'll be nice to their customers and host a mirror of the live feed. Unmetered too, if we're lucky, maybe?

There's so many potentially political issues I'll just leave it there. But it'd be nice to get a universally accepted access arrangement.

August 19, 2005


I don't know why people don't patch their machines so regularly, but it seems my, uh, paperwall is picking up a lot of port 445 attempts, as well as the usual naughty behaviours on port 138.

Come on, the bloody outbreak is happening, people. Really, it is. There's even a rival infection going around, too.

Oh well. Back to the idle monotony of homework.

August 13, 2005

Hunter Building exterior

Hunter Building exterior

Hunter Building exterior

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

Well, I decided to work from home today instead of in the SCM cabin, so here's a tribute to another (far more famous) landmark at school, the Hunter Building. If I recall correctly, that's a view of the stained glass window of the former library, which is now the council chamber.

August 12, 2005

View of Frank Kitts Park, Wellington

View of Frank Kitts Park, Wellington.

View of Frank Kitts Park, Wellington.

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

Well, I wish I were there right now. Yes, I posted this here at the end of May, but I want to be sitting down there. Right now.

Even though tonight it's rather windy.

August 8, 2005

Diebold in Wellington

So, Diebold is definitely in New Zealand. Yay -- that is, in their perennial ATM business (not their other business in voting machines, I should add). Well, if anyone hadn't noticed, anyway -- at your favourite Kiwibank machine, at least. They're also it seems arrived in Victoria, Australia, too:

Diebold on a Commonwealth Bank machine in Melbourne.

The above Flickr photograph also links to a machine at Carnegie Mellon University turned into a Windows Media Player box.

Then, of course, there's the inevitable Windows boot screens and diagnostic screens that apparently instill confidence in some. Me, I'm not sure what to think.

A Diebold-supplied automatic teller machine rebooting Windows after a crash. A Diebold automatic teller machine running diagnostics on itself after crashing.

Anyway, it's not the best of photographs of the back of automatic teller machines, but it does clearly say 'Diebold' on the back screen of this Kiwibank one in Civic Square, Wellington:

Yes, Diebold do Kiwibank automatic teller machines, too.

[Listening to: dig Jazz: "Music With Depth" -- Australian Broadcasting Corporation]

Update: naturally, I'm not the first to notice and post pictures of Kiwibank machines with errors or other (supposedly, I'm told) tell-tale Diebold stuff labelled on them.

Japanese prime minister loses key reform vote

Now, I couldn't resist the pun in a BBC news item I just saw: apparently it appears that Japanese parliamentarians have gone postal.

And it's...

...musical (dairy) chairs! Oh, and geothermal power might be a saviour. Right...

Free local telephone calls could come under scrutiny

I wonder what does under scrutiny and up for a rethink mean in this particular context?

August 4, 2005




Originally uploaded by mrhyde_br.

I didn't take this one, but it does look kinda pretty.


No, not the Monsanto pesticide, but a summary of the icons I haven't got around to deleting off my OS desktop:

And for the historians -- from 1999: Preamble shamble.

More links from the 'backlog' of icons later in the week.

Projects and news

I've been working on a few GEND-related projects and assignments lately, so while the scanning is related, that's been put back a little. So, if anyone's looking for a reason why I've decided to leave the InternetNZ council, there you go.

Anyway, one's a short 20-shot photographic essay of supermarket shopping, which I've titled I Promise I'll Be Gentle. More about it once I hand it in.