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September 30, 2005


NZH: Vodafone glitch clears accounts.

Thousands of Vodafone customers have paid a price for a service the mobile phone company advertises as being free.

Customers using the Vodafone Live service this week had all the credit in their prepay accounts cleared out after a technical hitch on the company's network.


However, those who lost the most money were reimbursed on Wednesday night, and Vodafone said it hoped to have repaid everyone by last night.

Sending a text message with the credit, Vodafone apologised for the mistake and any inconvenience.

What, I wasn't hallucinating? Damn...

At least I got a refund for what the text said was 'GPRS overcharging', whatever they meant by that...

September 29, 2005

Nikster moves home

Sorry, no new photo shoot, as it only involved a pile of tarballs transferred over SSH and the usuall tinkering with a text editor. But to cut the story short, after poking through ibiblio's collection policy, Nikster's pile of humorous photo shoots have moved from greta.electric.gen.nz to www.ibiblio.org.

(At least I wouldn't consider it a vanity site, anyway. It's mostly a pile of satirical cuisine and travel reviews. When I remember to put in captions.)

The main collections, though, are the Section 27(1)-related materials. I haven't had much time this term to scan and upload any new books, but with my plans to start honours next year studying the books, things should get rather interesting.

September 21, 2005

Google Print

For those who don't want to wade through annoying printable PDF files, there's now a searchable copy of 149 Poems on Google Print.

For viewing and searching, the best experience is probably still to be had with one of the PDF copies, though. At least with this new copy you won't need to load Acrobat Reader or some compatible clone.

September 16, 2005

Gallery on the Section 27(1) site upgraded

To avoid the nasty issues I had with Gallery 1.4 disagreeing with ibiblio's web server proxy (which was a bearable but slightly icky problem to work around), I've upgraded the Gallery software powering the Section 27(1) site to 2.0. It seems to be working so far, and the only major thing that's broken appears to be the feed. Apparently there's no feed support in the current release. In the meantime, I'm getting the feed to 307 to the old version's feed.

Apart from that, at least the caching issues are gone for those that log in to view/do stuff. And the old links should redirect fine. Apparently.

More later.

Body moulds

Here's something fun and cool, methinks: pregnant mothers getting body moulds of their pregnant form.

September 15, 2005


I wonder if this paragraph from the NZH is the start of a newspaper story describing vapourware?

Yahoo today said it is upgrading Yahoo Mail, the most popular Web email program, to make it run more efficiently than other Web-based systems and nearly as fast as desktop email.

It sounds like a story based primarily on a press release to me.

Another Google News page

I've put together a new customised Google News page. This one contains searches on Student Christian Movement, ecumenism, religious dialogue, Christianity, religious tolerance, social justice, human rights, New Zealand churches, civil unions and gay marriage.


I wonder where the Ministry of Justice got the name Schnackengrubensteinwitz for the name of the orange animated character they and the Electoral Enrolment Centre use on their electoral-related advertisements? For example, these two mentions of him in print/online, one on an EasyVote card:

The front side of a sample 2005 EasyVote card. Enrol to vote.

[From: http://www.elections.govt.nz/uploads/easyvote_front_copy.gif, 15 September 2005.]

He's definitely a lovable guy, and at least for the EasyVote card, he does get the point across that it does make the process easier for those persons involved in working on the day. :)

Apparently it's the 'best nation' in which to do business

In the New York Times: New Zealand Named Best Nation for Business. On why New Zealand is a good place to do one's business, only this is offered: The United States and New Zealand, for example, were the only two countries in the rankings that imposed no requirement at all to give severance pay to workers who had been laid off.

Politics doesn't even come in to it, considering there's an election on Saturday (which, as I've said, I'm not going to comment on -- I feel I need to be neutral and non-political regarding it). I just want to know far more on why New Zealand is a good place for commerce, not just one terse sentence in the whole story.

The following paragraphs do actually talk about some of the arguments related to that sentence, but I'm sure there's more to it than what the newspaper mentions.

September 14, 2005


Yay, less than a month of second trimester left! So time for more scanning again, soon... :)

September 8, 2005

Charging and charring

Guess who's going to start charging for viewing content?


Update: DPF and Jordan Carter have both mentioned this, plus some clarifications. So, not so bad, actually. Yet. Phew!

September 7, 2005

Texas struggles to cope as refugees hit 250,000

NZH: With still more refugees pouring in every day, Governor Rick Perry issued an appeal to counterparts in other states to take some of the pressure off Texas.

Also -- Garden gnome used in fight: A fight between two men in the backyard of a Masterton house turned bizarre when one of the men hit the other with a garden gnome. Right...

September 6, 2005

Movable Type 3.2

I installed Movable Type 3.2 tonight. Not much to mention, though the Style Library concept seems useful. There's possibly more on this as I update the templates for this diary.

I haven't decided on a new theme for this diary yet. The selection seems much wider this time around, which looks fun.


Now I've heard it all: Passenger snaps flasher on New York subway.

On the subject of really short stories, the New Zealand Herald really, really need to elaborate a little bit more on what services Telstra are supposedly cutting, even as an initial published story.

September 5, 2005

Radio New Zealand streams

Seems like Radio New Zealand have finally made the official release of the meta file addresses for their Windows Media live streams. Their audio website lists http://meta.radionz.co.nz/live/national.asx and http://meta.radionz.co.nz/live/concert.asx as a Live Stream Test, whatever they mean by that; http://meta.radionz.co.nz/live/rnzi.asx, while also listed, has been available on RNZI's audio website for some time now.

This will be extremely useful, especially if the peering issues can be sorted out. I still remember the RealAudio stream of yonder ago. It was a pity that was stopped and we had to wait quite a few years for this. Hopefully it lasts.

September 1, 2005

Lower Hutt youth centre opening party

Well, the youth centre's official opening party, anyway. To cut a long story short, here's some photographs of the place just after the party was over. It looks pretty good, and of course it turned into another of those Bear Committee impromptu meetings.

Anyway, here's a set of highlights from the set.

Little Albert Kenby-Bear at the Secret Level opening party. Move Bar at Secret Level. View of Move Bar at Secret Level, from the High Street window side. The raised stage area at Secret Level, with one of the pool tables in the foreground. Some of the large chess pieces at Secret Level. The Move Bar menu. Completely non-alcoholic, too. The Move Bar coffee supply. At the top of the stairs to Secret Level. The view from Secret Level, northbound along High Street, from Move Bar. Look for this sign when visiting Secret Level.

In short, it's a bloody good place. Go use the facility when it's available (most days during the week, I understand) and you're free. It's for all you youth and young adults out there in Lower Hutt. While I don't work there, it'd be good to see y'all there if I'm around, of course. :)