ibiblio celebrates 2011 World IPv6 day

ibiblio is happy to participate in 2011 World IPv6 day. A small but diverse set of content is now accessible via IPv6. You can view the ibiblio homepage, listen to live radio streams, or sync your local Fedora Linux mirror with rsync over IPv6. The ibiblio IPv6 services page has details on how to connect.

Adoption of IPv6 has been very slow. The Internet Society lists only 434 registered 2011 World IPv6 day participants. However, events such as this give us an opportunity to explore and learn. Read on if you’re interested in some of the hurdles we encountered setting up IPv6 services.
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The great ibiblio migration of 2011

[This image has been removed.]
The team still has a few loose ends to tie, but most of ibiblio has been migrated to a new home on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

We replaced hardware as much as ten years old. How it was still running is anyone’s guess.  In sum, we:

ibiblio.org on the move

angled view of several identical servers as seen from the frontPardon our dust is the usual phrase to explain the disorder that comes with construction or renovations.  However, the only dust around here is what we’re wiping off old servers as we decommission them.  ibiblio.org is migrating from its current hosting provider to a data center on the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

We’re about 30% complete but have transitioned more than half of our outbound data transfer.  The hosts for Linux distributions and software mirrors, as well as the live audio streams for WCPE, WDAV, WNCW, WXYC, and WCOM, are in shiny new virtual homes.  Outbound traffic from the new infrastructure topped 300 Mbps today.
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