IPv6 Services

ibiblio offers a small but growing amount of content over ipv6. The following is a list of available services. Please note that these are experimental and may experience interruptions or delays.

You can access the main ibiblio homepage over IPv6. Everything should work If you have access to Google’s ipv6 DNS resolvers. If not, you need to add an /etc/hosts entries for Google Analytics. The process is simple. Look up the AAAA record for ipv6.google.com and use that ipv6 address for www.google-analytics.com. For example:

2001:4860:800e::69 www.google-analytics.com

Access to Google’s IPv6 DNS requires registration, so you may need to contact your ISP for a long term solution.

Other collections on ibiblio may be accessible via IPv6, depending on what external resources or material is embedded on the pages.

Live audio streams
ibiblio offers several live radio broadcasts in mp3 and ogg format. The following URLs can be opened directly in a streaming media client (e.g. iTunes, Winamp).

  • Concierto, Spanish/English classical music produced by WDAV http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/concierto
  • WCPE, The Classical Station, 24×7 classical music
    • http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wcpe.mp3
    • http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wcpe.ogg
  • WDAV, classical public radio from Davidson College
    • http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wdav-112k
    • http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wdav-56k
  • WNCW, from Isothermal Community College in Spindale, NC http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wncw-128k
  • WXYC, student radio from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill http://audio-mp3.ipv6.ibiblio.org:8000/wxyc.mp3

Fedora Linux software repository
An rsync-only mirror of the Fedora and EPEL Linux repositories. See the Fedora infrastructure wiki for details.

  • rsync://fedora-archives.ipv6.ibiblio.org/