Nassib Nassar, Brahms and ibiblio

Great news that former ibiblian Nassib Nassar is the winner of The 2014 American Prize in Piano Performance (solo), professional division for his recording of Brahms Piano Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Opus 5.

ibiblio has no shortage of Brahms resources including:

Johannes Brahms biography in two volumes by Florence May from The ibiblio hosted Project Gutenberg.
Photo editor online
For free sheet music and midi files of Brahms music , visit the Mutopia project. All music in the Mutopia Project is free to download, print out, perform and distribute.

And of course The Classical Station, WCPE, streams live in several formats via ibiblio services.

Congratulations, Nassib.

Bucky and ibiblio

Old School sunsite-ist and ibiblian, David McConville is Chairman of the Board of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. Below ion video, David delivers an intriguing and inspiring talk “Valorization & Sharing” (May 25, 2014) during the Symposium ix at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] in Montreal.

ibiblio has had a long interest in both Buckminster Fuller and his time here in North Carolina at Black Mountain College.

In 2005, WUNC’s State of Things’ Frank Staciointerviewed John Wright, board chairman at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center in Asheville; Lloyd Steven Sieden, author of “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work” (Perseus/2000); Jay Baldwin, author of “Bucky Works: Buckminster Fuller’s Ideas for Today” (Wiley/1997); and David McConville. That show is archived here on ibiblio with the WUNC Archives.

The documentary Fully Aware: the Black Mountain College Experience “exploring “education in a democracy,” and highlights the College’s belief that the creative arts and practical responsibilities are equally important to intellectual development. Life skills are developed through democratic governance, art exploration, manual labor, and community living” is documented with trailer and text here.

With the help of Project Gutenburg and 1992 version of the Jargon File, ibiblio confirms that the computer term, “Bucky Bits,” has nothing to do with this Bucky but another one less fully appreciated.

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Finally, Dr. Fun by Dave Farley imagines what the world would be like “If Buckminster Fuller were a spider.”

If Buckminster Fuller were a spider

Honors for ibiblians

These past few weeks have been full of honors for several of our former ibiblio staff and students.

Fred Stutzman‘s company, 80pct Solutions, was awarded an NC IDEA grant to help build on the good business in preventing or at least managing distractions with his early products, Freedom and Anti-Social. “We’re pushing back on the notion that your devices should constantly distract you,” Stutzman says.

Nassib Nassar progressed to the semi-final round of the premier national classical music recording competition,The American Prize, in the professional division. You can hear Nassib at his ibiblio site and at his own personal site.

Gabriel Dance received a Pulitzer Prize citation for his work on NSA Files: Decoded What the Revelations Mean To You at The Guardian. Gabe has since joined The Marshall Project, a not-for-profit non-partisan news organization covering the US criminal justice system as managing editor in charge of digital journalism.

Judson Knott, who was the guiding hand and strong supporter of things ibiblian from our earliest days as LaUNChpad and, has taken a well deserved retirement from UNC – Chapel Hill. I cannot say how much all of us owe to Judd. It’s always been clear to me that ibiblio would have never existed without him and his ability to make to unbelievable into something real and sustainable for over 20 years.

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