Any Questions?

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ibiblio recently acquired some really cool troubleshooting software that grants our community members the ability to become resources for each other.

Like a real-time FAQ, allows users to browse questions that have been posted on the forum, browse the answers to those questions, and if possible provide answers of their own. Questions and answers can be voted up or down by users, so the more members that participate, the more valuable and useful the forum will be.

If you have a question about anything ibiblio-related, chances are, someone else out there has had the same question. Also, chances are someone out there has the answer. is here to bring those parties together. is an implementation of AnswerHub made possible by a generous gift from D-Zone.

ibiblio tagged in Maven

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ibiblio is a tag (<ibiblio>) in Maven, the Java build and repository manager and project of the Apache Foundation. It allows developers to use ibiblio to find artifacts, giving them access to our 6.5 million files, and 650 gigabytes of java packages.

ibiblio development projects use the Apache open source license and the Maven Java repository. We’re happy to benefit from the Apache foundation’s contributions to the open source community, as well as support Apache by hosting one of its largest Maven mirrors.

ibiblio needs a student Linux admin

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ibiblio is looking for a student Linux admin and general tech wonk. We need someone who enjoys working with Linux, wants to be part of innovative technology projects, and isn’t afraid to fail, learn, and get better.

Things you’ll find in our environment include:

  • Completely virtualized server infrastructure
  • All Linux, all the time
  • An automate everything approach. We make extensive use of puppet, monit, and cron.
  • Lots of Web sites, some that get a few million page views per day (yes, that’s a lot).
  • Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, varnish, lighttpd, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • One of the largest generators of network traffic on the UNC campus. We transfer about 4 TB per day.

We’re also developing a new platform to publish large files, between 1 GB and 1 TB in size. It uses BitTorrent. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

We’ll pay you, of course. The position is open to full and part time UNC students, either graduate or undergraduate. Work schedule is flexible, but 10-20 hours per week is typical.

If you’re interested, send a note and/or resume to jobs-at-ibiblio-dot-org.

* photograph by dronir