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From: David Anvar (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 15:23:51 EDT

Travis Bauer wrote:
> Given that Luther's interpretation in some respects resembles
>Calvin's, could there be another explanation for assuming an implicit
>kata besides Calvin's familiarity with Stoicism?

Calvin himself ascribes the reason for the ellipses to what he understood to
be a common usage in greek literature. Our greek experts should be able to
tell us if this usage is limited to writers of Stoicism or something more
general. The work by Bos may have the answer if anyone out there has it.

13. Bos, Lambert, 1670-1717.
      Ellipses graecae, sive, De vocibus quae in sermone graeco per ellipsin
    supprimuntur. Editio tertia, quam additionibus et observationibus suis,
    ut& necessariis indicibus locupletavit Christianus Schoettgenius. Lipsiae,
    apud Jo. Christ. Martini, 1713.
        UCB Bancroft t PA379.E5 B6 1713

14. Bos, Lambert, 1670-1717.
      Lamberti Bos ... Exercitationes philologicae, in quibus Novi Foederis
    loca nonnulla ex auctoribus graecis illustrantur & exponuntur, aliorumque
    versiones & interpretationes examinantur. Editio secunda multis partibus
    aucta. Accedit Dissertatio de etymologia graeca. Franequerae, apud Wibium
    Bleck, 1713.
        NRLF $B 168 344 Type EXP NRLF for loan details.

I could help more if I knew latin. Both of these are in a library near me.

Sincerely, David Anvar
U.C. Berkeley
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