From: Chris Uzzi (chris@shop.internet.net)
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 10:39:43 EST


Would someone be so kind to address an issue of importance for an up coming
study I will be leading through Romans 7. The issue is ENTOLE, referring to
a pronounced commandment or order, and so it is rightly translated (NKJV).
I am of the opinion that Paul's reference is to the superiority of the
divine decrees. However, in this particular passage Paul seems to be
referring specifically to Torah and the Old Testament writings. Can the
same truth be conveyed from the completed Canon as we have it today? Where
as this may seem obvious, it is the relationship of ENTOLE to NOMOS in
Chapter 7 that I am intrigued by.

Comments (or rebukes) appreciated.

Grace To You All


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