Re: Future: more vivid or more probable?

From: Ellen Adams (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 20:33:12 EDT

You wrote:

>NO. It's just that too many people who deal only with the grammar of
>Greek NT seem to coin new, and often individualistic, grammatical
>terminology. If theyk would all adopt, as much as possible, the
>of H. W. Smythe's Greek Grammar, there would be fewer problems in
>and learning.

Yes, but isn't scholarship among many measured by their resourcefulness
in splitting hairs?

(Actually, it is good to consider a variety of aspects in comparing and
contrasting parts of speech. It can add to the richness of the insight
gained. Would that there were a way to relate one's descriptions to
a standard terminology without those descriptions becoming a further
subset of terms to be learned.)

Ellen Adams

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