RE: Book explaining sentence diagramming?

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 10:17:04 EST

Andrew wrote;
>Try "Syntax of NT Greek" (I think that's what it is called)
>by J. Brooks and C. Winbery (who is on this list - or at least he used
>to be...)
Yes, I'm still around, but have been very busy and also have had several
visits to the physicians for testing, x-rays, etc. I am doing well now but
have to have a regular regimen for asthma in my old age. I've hardly had
time to reed all the mail lately.

Concerning diagraming, the diagraming in our book is only in the section
discussion types of sentences. There are several recent beginning grammars
that do diagramming. There was a book from Southwestern Seminary that used
the book of Philippians to teach diagraming of Greek sentences. I do not
know if it is in print or even who the author was. I've never seen the
need for diagraming myself and have observed that the diagrams usually
follow the logic of English and not Greek, eg. Where you put the subject
when there is no subject expressed except the ending of the verb.

Hopefully I will continue to breathe easier.

Carlton L. Winbery
Fogleman Professor of Religion
Louisiana College
Pineville, LA 71359

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