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From: Mark & Mary Markham (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 08:20:07 EST

I favor a more open forum. This is one of the things That I have enjoyed on
B-Greek. There are times when rabbits must be shot-- and times when it is
good to chase a little. Overall the moderators have done well finding the
balance here.

If the Paul list is established-- I hope it allows the unschooled a chance
to interact with some of the best teaches of this age.

This issue can be resolved quickly by establishing the purpose of the Paul
list. I suggest that the founders propose the purpose of the list and we
either embrace it or supportingly leave it alone. I would encourage each of
us to consider the lists as a mentoring tool as well as a sharpening stone.
Who knows the impact that could result from a timely exchange-- it could
change history. it most certainly could change lives.

Another aspect not always seen is the value of encouraging off list
discussion. many times a topic will evolve into something that needs to be
hashed out between individuals off list. Certainly this has value and it is
an asset to be able to chase rabbits off list. This can be encouraged by
scholars on the Paul list to keep and establish the purity of the list
discussion-- but by all means forbid not those who most need the list.

Just some thoughts.

Mark Markham
Heidelberg, Germany

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>At 12:06 PM 3/8/99 GMT, Mark Goodacre wrote:
>>On the other hand, one of the difficulties with egroups is that if one
>uses it
>>purely to archive and not also to adminstrate the group (as Crosstalk --
>run by
>>HarperCollins, Synoptic-L -- run by, Graphai -- run by SBL
>>one cannot manipulate the archive. This may be different in the MetaLab
>The Lyris software does both archive and administrate the group.
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