(To Carl) Two routes to the passive voice

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (moon@saint.soongsil.ac.kr)
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 22:51:34 EDT


the recent discussion of the middle voice on the list made me go back
to what you wrote about it. Re-reading them prompted me to ask
questions which did not occur to me.

1) The future and aorist tenses have both the middle and the passive
and the other tenses have only the middle/reflexive forms. Have you
of why only the future and aorist tenses have both the middle AND the

2) It is always true that the second aorist has both the active
and the passive form, while the third aorist has only the active
form which can be coerced into the passive?

Moon-Ryul Jung
Assistant Professor
Dept of Computer Science
Soongsil University,
Seoul, Korea

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