UPDATE ABBOT-SMITH!!! (was Re: Souter's Lexicon)

From: Perry L. Stepp (plstepp@flash.net)
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 10:24:20 EDT

While we're talking about smaller lexicons, let me endorse Abbot-Smith's
*Manual Lexicon* as the best of the smaller lexicons, IMNSHO. It's only a
little larger than the little BAG, and contains twice as much information.

Of course it needs to be updated. But from where I sit, the biggest problem
with Abbot-Smith (one that could easily be addressed with new typesetting)
is that it's difficult to read. Some judicious reformatting--using bold
type, etc., to set off the sections of the articles--would make it just
about perfect.

Perry L. Stepp

Pastor, DeSoto Christian Church
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), Baylor University
#1 Cowboy fan

"There's not a library in the world that couldn't
 be improved by the omission of a few of her
                    --Mark Twain, on Jane Austen


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