Re: UPDATE ABBOT-SMITH!!! (was Re: Souter's Lexicon)

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 07:19:26 EDT

On 08/17/99, ""David McKay" <>" wrote:
> Isn't ALL T&T Clark stuff "hideously expensive?"
> I haven't seen one publication that doesn't make me gasp when I look at the
> price! I would have thought that they might sell a lot more copies if they
> priced things more realistically.

I agree with all who endorse Abbott-Smith -- we use it here for first year
students. Also agree about how nice a revision would be. I am not sure
that I agree about the price. There is a new paperback version, for
example, available on-line at T & T Clark for just over 13.00. Have a
look at:

And I don't think the hardback is really too much is it? Don't remember
now, but I think I paid about 20 for mine. I picked up a second-hand copy
recently for 1.00! Now I'll write to Geoffrey Green to claim my
commission : )


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