Re: UPDATE ABBOT-SMITH!!! (was Re: Souter's Lexicon)

Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 12:15:38 EDT


Let me warmly second Perry Stepp's commendation of Abbott-Smith's "Manual
Lexicon" as the best of the smaller lexica for the GNT. It was the first
lexicon to utilize the papri discoveries, and while it is really old, and
needs up-dating, even without that it is so much better than the other
small ones that there is no contest.

BUT it is currently hideously expensive. When AKMA and I talked to the T &
T Clark editor a couple of years ago about its re-issue, that was one item
he said nothing about. SURELY it can be issued for a lower price. Maybe
the thing to do is have someone both competent and willing to spend the
time do the minor editing job Perry recommends. As for up-dating: While
really advisable, that would put it too far in the future.

Anyway, Amen! to Perry's words!

Edward Hobbs

(Two t's in Abbott- of Abbott-Smith.)

--------------------Perry Stepp wrote: -------->>>>>>>>>.

While we're talking about smaller lexicons, let me endorse Abbot-Smith's
*Manual Lexicon* as the best of the smaller lexicons, IMNSHO. It's only a
little larger than the little BAG, and contains twice as much information.

Of course it needs to be updated. But from where I sit, the biggest problem
with Abbot-Smith (one that could easily be addressed with new typesetting)
is that it's difficult to read. Some judicious reformatting--using bold
type, etc., to set off the sections of the articles--would make it just
about perfect.

Perry L. Stepp

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