Ochterlony, Lieutenant Colonel, v3.p286, Major General, v3.p400, v3.p465, v3.p468

O'Donell; Captain, v3.p281

Ooday Bawn, t. v3.p241

Oopadheea, the hereditary domestic teacher of a family, v1.p22, Orissa, v1.p63, v1.p78

Oude, v1.p27, Nabob of; v1.p563, Oudepoor, v1.p27

Oundha, I. v1.p250, v1.p267

Ouscotta, v1.p121, v1.p281

Outars (or Avatars), incarnations, v1.p20

Oxenden, Sir George, defence of Surat factory, v1.p198, Mr. Henry, mission to Sivajee, v1.p264

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