Nadir Shah plunders Delhi, v1.p547, Departure of, v1.p550

Nagojee Ghatgay, v1.p86, Killed, v1.p110, Nagotna, or Nagathana, v1.p139, Nagpoor, affairs of, v3.p394, v3.p445, v3.p473, v3.p479

Naik, v1.p43, A title. A subordinate officer in the service of Sivajee, v1.p225, In the English native infantry, similar to the corporal in European regiments.

Nalkee, a sort of sedan chair, v3.p79

Nam. Jung, v1.p540, Attacked by Bajee Rao, v1.p557, v2.p7, v2.p19, Assumes the government of Hyderabad, v2.p29, Death and character, v2.p45, v2.p46

Nana Furnuwees, v2.p177, His plans on the death of Narrain Rao, v2.p257, Receives the clothes and investiture for Mahdoo Rao Narrain, v2.p265, His conduct in the ministry, v2.p266, Disheartened by the bad success in Guzerat, v2.p305, His policy in countenancing St. Lubin, v2.p345, State of parties described, v2.p349, Makes a premature attempt to seize his cousin, Moraba, v2.p350, His jealousy of Europeans, v2.p352, His plans for obtaining the ascendancy, v2.p353, Passports demanded for the troops marching from Bengal, v2.p354, Fears excited by the measures of the English, v2.p357, His replies to the questions of the British envoy, v2.p358, His preparations and plans, v2.p359, and v2.p367, Endeavours to recover the Con-can, and raise the siege of Bassein; v2.p425, His vigorous preparations on Goddard's advance towards Poona, v2.p436, Amuses General Goddard with offers of negotiation, v2.p436, Sends the Peishwa to Poorundhur, v2.p437, His views at the period of the treaty of Salbye, v2.p463, Demands arrears of tribute from Tippoo, v2.p470, and outstanding claims to Chouth, &c. from Nizam Ally, v2.p470, Interview with Nizam Ally at Eedgeer, v2.p470, Conspiracy in favour of Bajee Rao discovered, v2.p473, Intention of forming an alliance with the English against Tippoo, v3.p5, Negotiations, v3.p6, Applies to the Portuguese, v3.p7, Proceeds with the army, v3.p9, Returns from Badamee, v3.p11, Policy in regard to Sindia, v3.p25, v3.p77, v3.p84, Mode of preserving his influence, v3.p85, Views of English policy, v3.p108, Consults the officers previous to the war with Nizam Ally, v3.p112, At the summit of prosperity, v3.p120, Great anxiety to preserve his power, v3.p123, Conduct on the death of Mahdoo Rao, v3.p126, Flees from Poona, v3.p131, Proceedings, v3.p132, v3.p135, Plans matured, v3.p142, Imprisonment of, v3.p150, Release of, v3.p166, Deceived by Bajee Rao, and resumes his office, v3.p171, Death of, v3.p187, Character, v3.p188

Nana Poorundhuree, v2.p49

Nargounda, a revenue term, v1.p455

Naroo Punt Chuckurdeo, v3.p140, v3.p143, v3.p146, v3.p152, v3.p157

Naroo Punt Wydh, v3.p151

Naroo Shunkur, v2.p140, v2.p170

Narrain Rao, brother of Mahdoo Rao, Peishwa, wounded, v2.p213, Invested as Peishwa, v2.p243, Ob- tains possession of Raigurh, v2.p243, Confines his uncle, v2.p244, His favourites and views, v2.p244, Endeavours to settle the disagreement between the Bhonslay family, on the death of Janojee, v2.p245, Murdered, v2.p216, His character, v2.p250

Neeloo Punt Moreishwur, v1.p510, Appointed Peishwa, v1.p367

Neetajee, Palkur, v1.p163, v1.p167, v1.p171, v1.p176, v1.p192, Escapes wounded, v1.p194, Mahomedan account of; v1.p221

Newayeteh Nabobs, v2.p23

Nicholl, Captain, v3.p282, v3.p284, Nilkunt, Mandeo Poorundhuree, v2.p169

Nimbajee Naik Nimbalkur, v2.p41

Nimbalkur, Rao Naik of Phultun, v1.p84, v1.p85, v1.p86, v1.p89, v1.p91, v1.p97, Jan Rao, v1.p199, Nimbalkur of Phultun, v1.p267, v1.p276, v1.p285, v1.p354, v3.p497

Nimbalkurs of Watar, v3.p324

Nizam Ally, v2.p107, v2.p118, v2.p123, v2.p162, v2.p165, Returns to Beder, and imprisons Sulabut Jung, v2.p167, Supports Rugonath Rao, v2.p168, Reduces his brother, Busalut Jung, v2.p183, Connection with the English, v2.p192, and treachery to them, v2.p194, Subsequent treaty with the English, v2.p195, Joins Mahdoo Rao against Janojee Bhonslay, v2.p202, And receives three lacks of revenue, v2.p206, v2.p253, v2.p262, v2.p265, Opens a negotiation with Rugoba, v2.p306, v2.p336, Contrives a confederacy against the English, with Hyder and the Mahrattas, v2.p432, Meets Nana Furnuwees at Eedgeer, v2.p470, v3.p9, v3.p40, v3.p41, Motives for procrastinating in concluding the treaty of alliance against Tippoo, v3.p44, Mahratta claims upon, v3.p106, Raises regular infantry, v3.p110, War with, v3.p111, His cessions at Kurdla, v3.p116, New treaty with the English, v3.p172, Another new treaty with the English, v3.p179, Death of, v3.p236

Nizam Ool Moolk Byheree, v1.p66, Origin of, v1.p67

Nizam Ool Moolk, v1.p428, Origin of, v1.p429, v1.p448, Assumes independence, v1.p464, Defeats Dilawur Ally at Burhanpoor, and Alum Ally Khan at Balapoor, v1.p467, v1.p471, His policy, v1.p473, v1.p475, Proceeds to Delhi, v1.p476, Proceeds as Soobehdar of Guzerat, v1.p477, Appoints his uncle deputy, v1.p478, Returns to the Deccan, v1.p487, Defeats Mubariz Khan, v1.p487, Schemes of, v1.p495, Obtains the relinquishment of the Hyderabad Chouth, v1.p497, War with, v1.p499, His plan of a balance of power, v1.p512, Returns to Delhi for the purpose of opposing the Mahrattas, v1.p537, Is surrounded at Bhopaul, v1.p538, Signs a convention at Dooraee Suraee, v1.p541, v2.p6, v2.p7, v2.p10, v2.p19, v2.p29

Nizam Shahee, or Byheree dynasty, v1.p72

Nizam, the, v3.p236, Claims after the conquest v3.p491

Norford, Captain, v3.p289

Nujeeb-ud-dowlah, v2.p131, v2.p219, Nuldroog, v1.p65, v1.p78, v1.p114

Nujeef Khan, his proceedings at Delhi, v2.p459, His military expeditions, v2.p460, Establishes a paramount authority, v2.p462, His death, v2.p462

Nundidroog, v3.p59

Nurgoond, tit. v3.p2, Treacherously seized by Tippoo, v3.p5

Nusserut, a poet of Beejapoor, v1.p99, v1.p298

Nuzur, a present or offering, v1.p213

Nyadeish, court of justice, also superintendent of judicial affairs, v1.p236, v1.p266

Nyashastree, expounder of Hindoo law, v1.p236

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