Macherry, Raja of, v3.p267

Mackay, Captain, march of his detachment from Pannell to Canpoly, v2.p438

Macpherson, Mr., succeeds Warren Hastings as Governor-general, and endeavours to check Mahadajee Sindia's ambitious views, v2.p482, v3.p6

Madras government take possession of Rajamundree, v2.p192, Treaty with the Nizam v2.p193, Anxious to assist Hyder, v2.p217, Letter addressed by them to the Peishwa, v2.p455

Mahé, fort of, reduced by the English, v2.p400

Mahabharut. The grand popular poem of the Hindoos, v1.p21, v1.p128

Mahadajee Punt Poorundhuree, v2.p4, v2.p42, v2.p44, v2.p53, v2.p73

Mahadajee Sindia, v2.p133, v2.p206, Succeeds to the jagheer, being supported by Mahdoo Rao, v2.p207, Joins the expedition into Hindoostan, v2.p218, Urges an attack upon the Rohillas v2.p225, Collects tribute from the Jhats and Rajpoots, v2.p251, Meets Rugoba at Indore, v2.p265, Arrears demanded from, by Sukaram Bappoor, v2.p291, Favourable to Rugoba, v2.p324, Sent against the Kolapoor Raja, v2.p338, Aids Nana Furnuwees, v2.p353, Operations against the English, v2.p367, His plans at the court of Poona, v2.p394, Advantage derived from the escape of Rugoba, v2.p395, Advances against General Goddard in Guzerat, v2.p407, Crosses the Nerbuddah, and proceeds to Baroda, v2.p408, His policy and negotiation, v2.p409, Marches against the division of English troops under Colonel Camac, v2.p446, Concludes a treaty with Colonel Muir, v2.p454, His views at the period of the treaty of Salbye, v2.p463, Recovers the fortress of Gwalior, v2.p476, Sends a force into Bundelcund, v2.p476, Accepts the invitation of Afrasiab Khan, and sets out for Agra, v2.p479, Gains complete ascendancy at Delhi from the murder of Afrasiab Khan, v2.p480, Obtains the office of Wukeel-i-Mootlooq for the Peishwa, and is appointed his deputy, v2.p480, The command of the emperor's army, &c. conferred on him, v2.p481, Demands the Chouth of Bengal, v2.p482, Objects to the appointment of a resident, v2.p483, v3.p20, Claims for tribute on the Rajpoots, v3.p21, Is compelled, in consequence of the desertion of his troops, to retreat, v3.p23, Rajpoots do not act against him vigorously, v3.p23, Application to Nana for aid, v3.p24, Recovers his power at Delhi ; changes in the constitution of his army, v3.p32, Refuses to become a party in the treaty of Poona, v3.p72, Progress in Hindoostan, v3.p72, Peace with the Rajpoots, v3.p74, Repairs to Poona, v3.p77, Presents the insignia of Wukeel-i-Mootlooq, v3.p78, Endeavours to supplant Nana in the favour of the young Peishwa, v3.p81, Endeavours to overcome his unpopularity in the Deccan, v3.p84, Death of, v3.p86, Policy and character, v3.p88, Views respecting Lord Cornwallis's policy, v3.p108

Mahal. A sub-division of a country, v1.p79

Mahapoorush, the spiritual guide and intercessor, v1.p15, Explanation of, v1.p23

Maharasht, v1.p57

Maharashtra, v1.p1, Definition of Early history, v2.p25

Mahareek, v1.p84

Mahdeo, one of the principal Hindoo deities, and particularly worshipped throughout the Mahratta country, v1.p16, v1.p20, v1.p89, v1.p91

Mahdoo Rao Narrain born, v2.p264, v3.p81, v3.p85, Anecdote of, v3.p117, Throws himself from the top of his palace, and dies, v3.p126

Mahdoo Rao succeeds as Peishwa, v2.p161, Makes an excursion into the southern provinces, v2.p166, His dissension with his uncle, v2.p167, And decided conduct, v2.p168, Reproves Janojee Bhonslay for his treachery, v2.p176, Marches into the Carnatic against Hyder Ally, v2.p178, Besieges Dharwar, v2.p180, Perplexed by the intrigues of the court, v2.p182, Enters into a secret compact with Nizam Ally, v2.p183, Visits the Carnatic again, v2.p193, Interview with his uncle, v2.p198, Anecdote of, v2.p200, Defeats and imprisons Rugonath Rao, v2.p200, Plans at the termination of the year, 1768, v2.p200, joins the Nizam in an attack upon Janojee Bhonslay, v2.p202, Plunders Nagpoor, v2.p202, Concludes an agreement with Janojee, v2.p204, Terms of agreement, v2.p205, Sends an army into Malwa, v2.p206, Anecdote of in regard to Mahadajee Sindia, v2.p207, Improves the civil government, v2.p208, Anecdote connected with Ram Shastree, v2.p209, Abolishes the system of pressing villagers to carry baggage. Marches into the Carnatic for the third time, v2.p211, Returns to Poona, leaving a force in the Carnatic, v2.p214, Prevented by ill health from joining his army, v2.p214, His disease considered incurable, v2.p217, Improves, v2.p218, Army sent into Hindoostan, v2.p218, His death, character, and a general view of his administration, v2.p227, to v2.p240

Mahduna Punt, prime-minister of. Golcondah, v1.p274, v1.p277, v1.p319, v1.p335, Assassinated, v1.p338

Maholy, v1.p244

Mahratta acquisitions how divided, v1.p457

Mahratta freebooters, description of a body, v1.p397

Mahratta munsubdars (or chiefs), v1.p348

Mahratta, particular definition of, v1.p18

Mahrattas, state of, A.D. 1688, v1.p351, A.D. 1705, v1.p401, A.D. 1715, State of A.D. 1794, v1.p104, Last general assembly of the chiefs, v3.p111, Condition of A.D. 1806, v1.p314, And of the Nizam, v1.p317

Mairta, battle of, v3.p74

Malcolm, Captain, v1.p176, Major, v1.p266, Lieutenant Colonel, v1.p306, Sir John, v1.p398, v1.p399, v1.p407, Interview with the Peishwa at Maholy, v1.p408, v1.p456, v1.p459, v1.p466, v1.p470, v1.p474

Malet, Mr., appointed resident at Poona, v2.p483, v3.p19, v3.p43, v3.p128

Mallee Rao Holkar, v2.p190

Mallojee Bhonslay, father of Shahjee, grandfather of Sivajee, v1.p89

Mallojee Ghorepuray, v3.p140

Mallygaom, v2.p71, Defence of, v3.p487

Malwa, v1.p27, v1.p481, v1.p493, v1.p513, v1.p528, Not ceded as promised to Bajee Rao, v1.p532, v2.p6, Operations in, v3.p455

Malwan (or Sindeedroog), built by Sivajee, v1.p188, v3.p99, Taken by the English, v3.p99

Mamlitdar. The civil officer in charge of a district under the Mahratta government, v1.p233, v2.p233

Mamoolkur, v1.p84

Manay, v1.p84, v1.p87

Mang, duty of on the village establishment, habits, &c. v1.p32

Mangalore, treaty of, v2.p469

Mankurees, v1.p353

Mannajee Phakray, v2.p287, v3.p139

Man-pan, rights and privileges, v1.p354

Marriott, Mr., v3.p484

Marshall, General, v3.p340, v3.p456, v3.p470

Masters, Mr. Streingham, defends Surat factory, v1.p247

Maun-desh, or country adjoining the Maun river, v1.p9, v1.p86

Mawulees, inhabitants of the Mawuls and Concan Ghent Mahta, v1.p127, v1.p182, v1.p195, Arms, dress, &c. v1.p224

Mawuls, valleys on the eastern side of the Syhadree mountains, v1.p7, v1.p124

Maxwell, Colonel, v3.p243

McCole, Lieutenant, anecdote of, v3.p217

McDowell, Colonel, v3.p487

McIntyre, Captain, v3.p197

McLeod, Major, fit. v3.p248

McMorine, Lieut. Col., v3.p453

Meamun oolla Decannee, v1.p61, v1.p63

Medows, General, v3.p45

Meer Abdool Kassim, afterwards Meer Alum, v3.p40

Meer Assud, v2.p3

Meer Gholam Ally, v2.p46

Meer Hubeeb, v2.p7, v2.p11

Meer Joomleh, v1.p151

Meer Moghul, youngest son of Nizam Ool Moolk, v2.p169, v2.p171

Meer Munnoo, v2.p28, v2.p129

Meer Shahabodeen, v2.p77, v2.p128, v2.p136

Meer, Jaffeir, v2.p136

Meerasdar, v1.p31

Mehidpoor, battle of, v3.p462

Merich, v1.p257, v1.p321, v1.p367

Metcalfe, Mr., v3.p405, v3.p468

Mhar Dher, or Purwaree, a very low class of Hindoos, v1.p14, Duties on the village establishment, v1.p31

Mhar, treaty of, v3.p142, Not ratified by Bajee Rao, v3.p147, Proposes to confirm, v3.p165, Treaty revoked by Nizam Ally, v3.p167, Confirmed by the treaty of Bassein, v3.p226

Midnapoor, v2.p12

Minto, Lord, v3.p345

Mirat Ahmudee, a Persian history of Guzerat, v1.p478

Mirg, or cultivator's year, explanation of, v1.p55

Mirza Jewan Bukht, son of the emperor, flees from Delhi, and seeks protection of the English, v2.p474

Mirza Secundur Jab, v3.p236, (See Nizam.)

Moghuls, v1.p18, Their retreat purchased from Delhi, v1.p47, Invade the Deccan, v1.p92, Account of, from A.D. 1636, v1.p151, Provincial government of, v1.p347

Mohabet Khan, v1.p106, v1.p107, v1.p251

Mohitey, v1.p84, v1.p121

Mohummud Adil Shah, v1.p99, v1.p104, v1.p115, Character of, v1.p124, Mention of, v1.p136, v1.p142, Death of, v1.p154

Mohummud Ally, son of Anwar-ud-deen, v2.p30, Inimical to Hyder, v2.p217

Mohummud Amin Khan, v1.p469, Death of, v1.p470

Mohummud Amin, the son of Meer Joomleh, v1.p153

Mohummud Beg Humadanee, opposes Mirza Shuffee and Afrasiab Khan, v2.p462, Acknowledges Sindia's authority, v2.p481, v3.p21, Deserts to the Rajpoots, v3.p23, Killed, v3.p23

Mohummud Shah Bahminee, v3.p58

Mohummud Shah raised to the throne, v1.p448, Becomes master of the empire by the battle of Shahpoor, v1.p468, v1.p562, v2.p15, Dies, v2.p29

Mohummud Tughluk Shah, v1.p47, His character, v1.p47, Death of, v1.p52

Mokassa, a revenue term, v1.p455

Mokassadar, v1.p80, v1.p220

Molheir, v1.p325

Momin Khan, v1.p527

Monson, Colonel, v3.p248, v3.p276, Enters Holkar's territory, v3.p278, Takes Hinglaisgurk, v3.p278, Retires, v3.p279, Retreat, v3.p279, to v3.p285, v3.p289

Moodajee Bhonslay, v2.p244, v2.p253, Prevails over his brother Sabajee, v2.p305, Surrenders several forts to Nizam Ally, who again restores them, v2.p339, Confirmed in his regency, v2.p340, His negotiations with the Bengal government; v2.p386, Mediator. between the British Government and the Peishwa, v2.p433, Sends an army towards Kuttack, v2.p448, Agreement with the British government, v2.p451, v3.p11, Death mentioned, v3.p92

Moodhole, v1.p87, v1.p142, v1.p146, v1.p185, v1.p186

Mookh Purdhan, the chief of the eight Purdhans, the Peishwa.

Moolana Ahmed, v1.p140, v1.p141, v1.p142

Moolana, duty of on the village establishment, v1.p32

Moolkgeeree, v2.p65

Moonj, a particular Hindoo ceremony, v1.p15

Moor, Lieutenant, v3.p63

Moorar Rao Ghorepuray of Gootee, v1.p432, v2.p2, v2.p5, Evacuates the Carnatic, v2.p22, Joins Nasir Jung's army, v2.p30, v2.p93, v2.p104, Restored to the rank of Senaputtee, v2.p180

Mooras, valleys on the eastern side of the Syhadree mountains, v1.p7

Moorshed Khoolee Khan, v1.p126

Moorshedabad, v2.p14

Mootaliq, the chief minister or agent, with power to use the seal of his superior, v1.p237, The Mootaliq or Dewan was one of the eight permanent officers of a complete establishment.

Morar Punt, v1.p107, v1.p112, v1.p120, v1.p144

Moraud Bukhsh, fourth son of Shah Jehan, v1.p159, v1.p160

Moray, v1.p84, v1.p85, v1.p138

Morchul, a kind of fan formed of a bundle of feathers from the peacock's tail, v1.p3, v1.p79

Morgan, Captain, v3.p257

Morh, the running hand generally used throughout the Mahratta country, v1.p42

Mornson, Cornet, v3.p428, v3.p481

Moro Dixit, iu. v3.p379, v3.p419, Killed, v3.p427

Moro Trimmul Pingley, v1.p150, Appointed Peishwa, v1.p166, Mention of, v1.p171, v1.p192, Invested with particular authority, v1.p212, Recaptures a great portion of Kalliannee, v1.p217, v1.p251, v1.p265, v1.p276, v1.p292, Imprisoned, v1.p309

Mortiza,Nizam Shah, v1.p72, v1.p77, v1.p100, v1.p104, Strangled, v1.p105

Mostyn, Mr., sent to Poona as envoy, v2.p199, Returns to Poona, v2.p332, Goes to Bombay, v2.p317, His death, v2.p365

Mount Dilly, v1.p4

Mouza, a village, not a market town, v1.p30, v1.p37, A hereditary occupant of land.

Mruttyoo, a Hindoo Deity, v1.p21, Muasir Ool Oomrah, v2.p21

Muchindergurh, v1.p269

Mujd-ud-dowlah, Dewan of Nujeef Khan. Intrigues against his master, v2.p460

Mukrib Khan, v1.p104

Mulhar Rao Gaekwar. (See Gaekwar.)

Mulhar Rao Holkar, v2.p16, v2.p58, v2.p78, v2.p101, v2.p131, v2.p137, v2.p172, Dies, v2.p196

Mulkair, v1.p78, v1.p338

Mullik Ahmed, v1.p67, Becomes king of Ahmednugur, and founds the Nizam Shahee or Byheree dynasty, v1.p71, v1.p73

Mullik Kafoor, v1.p28, v1.p46

Mullik Moogh, v1.p50

Mullik-ool-Tijar, v1.p59, Expedition of, v1.p60, Second expedition, v1.p61, Builds a fort near Joonere, v1.p61, Reduces the Raja Sirkay, v1.p62, Is treacherously murdered, with nearly 7000 of his men, v1.p63

Mullik Umber, v1.p94, Origin and progress of, v1.p94, Founds Khirkee, v1.p93, Revenue system of, v1.p93, Death of, v1.p96, Wars of, v1.p97

Mullik-i-Mydan, a large cannon so called, v1.p112

Mun Bhut, v3.p452

Mundelah, v2.p9, v2.p470, Mungy Pyetun, v1.p26

Munro, Brigadier General Thomas, v3.p438, v3.p483

Munsub, a certain rank, depending on the number of horse under an individual's command, was so termed by the Mahomedans, v1.p56, v1.p81

Muntree, one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p266

Munturs, mystical verses, v1.p16, Muqudum, the Patell for the time being, v1.p35

Murray, Colonel, v3.p275, v3.p278, Musaood Khan, v1.p282, Appointed regent, v1.p282, Calls in the aid of Sivajee, v1.p288, Forced to retire to Adonee, v1.p320, Surrenders Adonee, v1.p345

Musheer Ool Moolk, v3.p110, Surrendered to the Mahrattas, v3.p117, Release of, v3.p135, v3.p141, Quits Poona, v3.p147, v3.p167

Mutuwussil Khan, v2.p19

Muzuffir Khan, v1.p257, v2.p81, v2.p121, Muzuffir Jung, v2.p23, v2.p29, Assumes the viceroyalty of the Deccan, v2.p46, Killed, v2.p47

Muzzimdar, v1.p227, The auditor of accounts, v1.p227, One of the chief ministers of Sivajee, v1.p235, v1.p265

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