Lake, General, v3.p247, On every occasion foremost in the battle, v3.p255, Advances against Holkar, v3.p276, Returns to cantonment, v3.p277, Advances against Holkar, v3.p286, Surprises Holkar at Furruckabad, v3.p290, Negotiation with Sindia, v3.p303, Pursues Holkar to the Punjab, v3.p306, Concludes a treaty with Sindia, v3.p306, And with Holkar, v3.p309, Prediction of, v3.p310, Views with regard to the Rajpoots, v3.p311

Laswaree, battle of, v3.p254

Leslie, Colonel. Appointed to the command of the Bengal detachment, v2.p350, Crosses the Jumna and subsequent proceedings which led to his recal, v2.p383, Death, v2.p384

Lindsay, Sir John, v2.p217

Lingaet, a particular sect, v1.p12

Linganah, v1.p142

Listeneaux, M., v3.p28

Little, Captain, his detachment, v3.p46, Admirable conduct of, v3.p64

Lodi, Khan Jehan, v1.p101, Death of, v1.p103

Logurh, v1.p73, v1.p140, v1.p217, v1.p244

Lookhjee Jadow Rao, v1.p88, v1.p89, v1.p97

Lorenzo de Almeyda, v1.p74

Lucan, Lieutenant, v3.p248, v3.p279

Ludlow, Major, v3.p403

Luis Ferara de Andrada, v1.p77

Lukhairee, battle of, v3.p83

Lukwa Dada, v3.p26, v3.p29, v3.p83, v3.p180, Death of, v3.p204

Luximee. A Hindoo Deity, v1.p20

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