Kalhee Yoog. The iron age of the Hindoos.

Kallian (Bheemree, or Bhewndy), v1.p139, Taken v1.p141, Mention of v1.p189, v1.p276, Capture and defence of, v2.p414, and v2.p415

Kallian, v1.p78, Fort taken, v1.p156

Kallian. There are two places and provinces of that name; the one is on the frontier of the Nizam's dominions, the other is in the Concan. When there is any doubt of the one being mistaken for the other, the author has followed the example of the natives, terming the former Kallian simply, and distinguishing the other as the province of Kalliannee, and the town of Kallian Bheemree (or Bhewndy).

Kalliannee, v1.p78, v1.p138, v1.p244

Kam Raje Ghatgay, v1.p56

Kandahar, v1.p151, See letter C.

Kanhojee v1.p368, Succeeds to the command of the fleet, v1.p388, Opposed to Shao on the side of Tara Bye, v1.p417, Alarming progress of; v1.p435, Brought over by Ballajee Wishwanath, v1.p436, v1.p458, Letter to the Governor of Bombay, v1.p458, Death of, v1.p520

Kanhojee Bhonslay, v1.p518, v1.p519

Kanhojee Gaekwar. See Gaekwar.

Kanhojee Mohitey, v2.p170

Kantajee Kudum Bhanday, v1.p481, v1.p489, v1.p527

Kapsee, v1.p87

Karbaree, v1.p237

Karkanees, Commissary of grain and stores, v1.p231

Kartojee Goozur, v1.p196, v1.p204, See Pertab Rao, v1.p220

Kasim Khan, v1.p342, v1.p350, Defeated, poisons himself, v1.p383

Kattywar, v3.p366

Kaum Bukhsh, son of Aurungzebe, v1.p333, v1.p377, v1.p419, Killed, v1.p420

Kawerseen, the first Bramin Peishwa, v1.p75

Keating, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, v2.p279, His proceedings, and operations of his detachment, from v2.p286, to v2.p303, v2.p316

Keigwin, Captain, v1.p323

Kellajee Bhonslay, v1.p102

Kelneh, v1.p28

Kennaway, Captain, v3.p39

Kennedy, Lieut.-Col., v3.p442

Kerala, or Malabar, v1.p4

Kerowlee, Raja of, v3.p403

Khafee Khan, historian, account of, v1.p97

Khajeh Jehan Gawan, v1.p63, Takes Goa, &c., v1.p63, His plans, v1.p65, Put to death, v1.p66

Khan Dowran, v1.p109, v1.p112, v1.p113, v1.p115, v1.p469, v1.p526, v1.p529

Khan Jehan Buhadur, v1.p254, v1.p259, v1.p272

Khan Mohummud, v1.p157, Put to death, v1.p166, Account of, v1.p166

Khassee Rao Holkar, v3.p148, v3.p165, v3.p195

Khillut, a dress with presents corresponding, v1.p551, A dress of investiture was always granted by the Rajas of the Mahrattas upon the appointment of any of the Purdhans, and without which the dignity was not confirmed.

Khirkee, battle of, v1.p423

Khoosroojee Moodhee, v3.p346, v3.p347, v3.p354, Is poisoned, v3.p360

Khoras, valleys on the eastern side of the Syhadree mountains.

Khotes, v1.p33, v1.p233

Khowaus Khan, v1.p166, v1.p256, Appointed regent at Beejapoor, v1.p257, Murdered, v1.p268

Khundee Rao Dhabaray, v1.p365, v1.p369, v1.p443

Khundee Rao Holkar, v2.p72, See Holkar.

Khundee Rao Rastia, iii, v2.p209, v2.p336

Khundoo Bullal, v1.p365, v1.p369

Khureem Khan Pindhara, v3.p326, v3.p455, v3.p466

Khuzaneh Amirah, v1.p429

Kistnajee Bhaskur, v1.p163, v1.p170

Kolabah, v1.p188

Kolapoor, v1.p158

Kolapoor, Raja of, v1.p425, (See Sumbhajee.)

Kolapoor, Raja of, v2.p171, Mahdoo Rao Peishwa takes possession of part of the territory belonging to, v2.p337, Conduct of the ministerial party towards this state, v2.p338

Kolapoor, Raja of, v3.p99, Is excited to attack Pureshram Bhow, v3.p142, Progress, v3.p182, v3.p184, v3.p185, Town of, besieged, v3.p186, Siege raised, v3.p186, Reason of its being raised, v3.p191, Wars with Sawuntwaree, v3.p343, A treaty with the British government, v3.p350

Kolee. The water carrier on the village establishment, v1.p33

Kolhar, v1.p121, v1.p281

Komtee. A class of Banians, v1.p12

Kondaneh, now Singurh, v1.p62, v1.p73, v1.p109, v1.p117, v1.p130

Koneir Trimbuck Yekbootee, v2.p53

Kool Swamy, the auspicious deity supposed to preside over the destinies of a family, v1.p22, v1.p89

Koolees, a predatory tribe chiefly inhabiting Guzerat, v1.p7, Pirates, v1.p138

Koolkurnee, Registrar of a village, v1.p31, Duties of, v1.p36, Under Sivajee, v1.p233

Koonbee. The Mahratta cultivator, v1.p13

Kooruns, or pasture lands, important arrangements respecting, v1.p229

Kootub Ool Moolk, v1.p71, Becomes king of Golcondah, and founds the Kootub Shahee dynasty, v1.p71

Kootub Shahee dynasty. List of Princes, v1.p72

Kootub-ud-deen, v3.p48

Kopaul, v1.p284, v3.p48, Taken by the Moghuls, v3.p52

Korygaom, Defence of, v3.p432

Koshul Desh, the modern Oude, v1.p27

Kotah, v3.p280, v3.p404

Kshittree. The second of the original four grand divisions of Hindoo castes, forming the military body, v1.p9, v1.p12

Kubheer, v1.p14

Kulburga, v1.p65, Carried by assault, v1.p157, Mention of, v1.p257

Kuloosha, favourite of Sumbhajee, v1.p309, v1.p317, Titles of, v1.p317, Administration of, v1.p319, v1.p348, Executed, v1.p361

Kummur-ud-deen Khan, v1.p469, v2.p28

Kumpun, v1.p4

Kundoba. A Hindoo deity, v1.p22

Kundojee Mankur, v2.p7

Kurara, v1.p11

Kurdla, battle of, v1.p113, Convention of, v1.p116

Kurgoota. The string worn by Shooders round the loins, v1.p16

Kurinja, v1.p249

Kurnalla, v1.p244

Kurnoul, v1.p566, Nabob of, v1.p30

Kurpa or Kuddapah, v1.p278, v1.p346, v1.p566, Nabob of, v2.p30, v2.p45

Kurree, entrenchments at, stormed; v3.p217

Kuryat. A subdivision of a country, v1.p79

Kusba. A market town, v1.p30, v1.p37, v2.p8, v2.p10

Kutha, a popular amusement in the Mahratta country, v1.p21, v1.p128

Kuttack, conquest of, v3.p257

Kuttulugh Khan, v1.p49

Kye Sawunt, v1.p180, v1.p186

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