Jadow Ramdeo Rao, v1.p28, v1.p45, Jadow, chief of the Naiks, incites insurrection, v1.p57, Family of, v1.p84, v1.p88, Lookjee Jadow Rao, v1.p88, Jugdeo Rao, v1.p100, v1.p121, Jadow Rao co-operates against Sivajee, v1.p162, See Dhunajee and Chunderseyn Jadow.

Jagheer. Of Jagheers, which are lands or assignments of revenue, there are two kinds. The one is military, the other personal ; the former is for the purpose of maintaining a body of troops for the service of the state, the latter is for the support of an individual or family. A Jagheer is never, like an Enam, entirely freehold; some service can, by the original tenure, be required.

Jagheerdars, southern, mode of settlement, v3.p349, Final settlement with, v3.p492

Jain, a remarkable sect in India, whose worship nearly resembles that of the Boodhists, v1.p12

Jamdar, treasurer in charge of all valuables, except cash.

James, Commodore, v2.p85

Janojee Bhonslay, v2.p38, v2.p45, v2.p55, v2.p75, v2.p118, v2.p156, v2.p168, v2.p171, v2.p183, v2.p202, Adopts his nephew, and dies, v2.p244

Janojee Nimbalkur, v2.p95

Janwa, a distinguishing mark of cast, consisting of a few threads worn next the skin, and passing diagonally across the right shoulder, v1.p15

Jatra, v2.p117

Jee, an adjunct of respect, v1.p89, Jeejee, the mother of Sivajee, v1.p90, v1.p92, v1.p121

Jeejee Bye, widow of Sumbhajee of Kolapoor. Adopts a son, v2.p337

Jehangeer, i, v2.p101

Jenardin Punt, v1.p266, v1.p286, Defeats Dilere Khan, v1.p293, Taken by Sumbhajee, v1.p302, Released, v1.p310, Death, v1.p387

Jenkins, Mr., v3.p466, v3.p473

Jeswunt Rao Bhow, v3.p403, v3.p464

Jeswunt Rao Ghorepuray, v1.p389, v3.p260, v3.p411

Jeswunt Rao Holkar, v3.p148, v3.p193, Rise of v3.p194, Defeats Hessing and McIntyre, v3.p197, Repulsed by Brownrigg, v3.p197, Threatens the murderers of his brother, v3.p200, Defeated at Indore, v3.p201, Carries the war into the Deccan, v3.p203, Advances on Poona, v3.p204, His reply to Bajee Rao, v3.p205, Defeats Sindia's army at Poona, v3.p207, Apparent moderation of, v3.p209, Levies a contribution from Poona, v3.p223, Plunder and extortions of, v3.p224, Retires towards Malwa, v3.p231, Excuses himself from joining in the confederacy, v3.p232, Motives, v3.p270, Negotiations with General Lake, v3.p272, Menacing letter to General Wellesley, v3.p274, War declared against, by the British Government, v3.p275, Advances against Monson, v3.p278, Advances triumphantly to Muttra, v3.p285, Is surprised at Furruckabad, v3.p290, And in the neighbourhood of Bhurtpoor, v3.p297, Joins Sindia, v3.p301, Takes the route of the Punjab, v3.p306, Sues for peace, v3.p308, Granted, v3.p309, Terms, v3.p309, Declaratory articles, v3.p311, Condition of, v3.p317, Murders his nephew, v3.p319, And brother, v3.p320, Insanity; death and character, v3.p320, Jeswunt Sing, Raja of Joudpoor, v1.p194, v1.p197, Recalled, v1.p204, Sent back, v1.p217, Character of, v1.p219, Mention of, v1.p240, v1.p250

Jey Sing, Raja of Jeypoor, v1.p202, Attacks Sivajee's possessions, v1.p204, Death of, v1.p217, The friend of Bajee Rao, v1.p516, v2.p6, v2.p10, v2.p15, v2.p16, v3.p267, v3.p321, v3.p390, v3.p393, v3.p469

Jhats, origin of, v1.p563, v3.p27

Jhep, v2.p209

Jinjeera, v1.p139, v1.p184, v1.p244, Fleet transferred to the Moghuls, v1.p246, v1.p311, Assault on, repulsed, v1.p312, v1.p525, v3.p96

Jones, Lieut., v3.p435

Jooba Bukshee, in. v3.p112, v3.p114, v3.p127, v3.p128

Jooghar Rao Ghatgay, v1.p84, v1.p174, v1.p186

Joonere, v1.p8, v1.p61, v1.p73, Plundered by Sivajee, v1.p162

Joshee, or astrologer, one of the village establishment, v1.p32

Joteha, a Hindoo deity, v1.p22

Joudpoor, Raja of, (see Jeswunt Sing,) v2.p133, v3.p267, v3.p321, v3.p469

Jowlee, v1.p138, Taken by Sivajee, v1.p149

Jug Jeewun, v2.p32, v2.p41

Juggut Sett Alumchund, v2.p12

Jugpal, v1.p86, v1.p89, v1.p91, v1.p97

Jummabundee, v1.p37

Jungum, v1.p12, v1.p33

Junkojee Sindia put to death, v2.p55

Juree Putka, the golden pennon. A Mahratta standard, carried only by the most distinguished officers of the Empire. It is always followed and surrounded by choice troops. It was first used by Suntajee Ghorepuray, having been confided to his charge by Raja Ram, v1.p370

Juwan Murd Khan Babey, v2.p71

Jyapa Sindia, succeeds his father, v2.p40, v2.p78, v2.p133, Murdered, v2.p134

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