Ibrahim Adil Shah, v1.p72, v1.p75, v1.p76, v1.p83, v1.p86, v1.p95, v1.p96

Ibrahim Khan Gardee, v2.p112, v2.p121, v2.p139, v2.p144, Put to death, v2.p155

Ikhlass Khan, a Moghul officer, v2.p252, A Patan officer, v2.p361, Afterwards received the title of Khan Alum, v2.p409, Killed in the battle of Agra, v2.p419

Indapoor, v1.p124, v1.p134

Indore, battle of, v3.p201, Plundered by Shirzee Rao Ghatgay, v3.p201, Taken by the Bombay detachment, v3.p291

Indra, according to the Mahrattas, is chief of the Deos or good spirits, v1.p20, v1.p21

Infantry of Sivajee, v1.p224, Regular, v3.p55, v3.p92, Opinions respecting, v3.p105

Iradut Khan, v1.p101

Ismael Beg, v3.p22, v3.p26, v3.p28, Defeated at Agra, v3.p29, Defeated at Patun, v3.p73, Taken and sent into perpetual confinement, v3.p83

Ismael, v1.p49, v1.p50

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