Hafiz Fureed-ud-deen Khan, v3.p41, Killed, v3.p61

Harcourt, Lieutenant-Colonel, v3.p257

Hardyman, v3.p399, v3.p452

Hartley, Captain, v2.p370, His gallant conduct, v2.p372, Raised to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, v2.p379, Sent down from Guzerat to assist the troops in the Concan, v2.p413, Opens the campaign in the Concan, v2.p423, Attacked by the whole Mahratta army at Doogaur, v2.p427, Which he defeats, v2.p428, Appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of His Majesty's v2.p73, regiment, v2.p430, Colonel, v3.p45

Hastings, Marquis of, v2.p388, v2.p390, v2.p391, His plans for suppressing the predatory system, v2.p397, Determines to put an end to the dynasty of the Peishwas, v2.p439, Operations, v2.p457

Hastings, Warren, v2.p311, His opinion of the conduct of the Bombay government, v2.p317, Disapproves the treaty of Poorundhur, v2.p328, Sends a detachment of troops across the Peninsula of India, v2.p354, His conduct on hearing of the defeat of the Bombay army, v2.p390, Proposes peace to the Peishwa through Moodajee Bhonslay, v2.p432, Returns to England, v2.p482

Havildar, the commandant of a fortress, v1.p231, A civil officer, v1.p233, in the British native infantry, a non-commissioned officer, the same as a serjeant in European regiments.

Heedayet Moideen Khan, v2.p20, Dignified with the title of Muzuffir Jung, v2.p23

Hessing, v3.p77, v3.p84, v3.p167, v3.p197

Hetkurees, the Concan infantry, v1.p224

Hill forts, v1.p59, Generally much neglected, v1.p129, Reason why seldom garrisoned by Mahomedans, v1.p130

Himadh Punt, v1.p42

Himmut Buhadur, v3.p33, Suggests the conquest of Bundelcund, v3.p75, v3.p235, v3.p258

Hindoo village, divisions of, v1.p50

Hindoostan, operations in, from v3.p245, to v3.p257

Hirpal Deo, v1.p47, Flayed alive, v1.p47

Hislop, Sir Thomas, v3.p398, v3.p442, v3.p456, v3.p462, v3.p471, v3.p473

Holkar Mulhar Rao origin of, v1.p478, v1.p493, v1.p526, v1.p533, v1.p539, His Jagheer in Malwa, v1.p40, Death of v1.p196, Tookajee, v1.p196, v3.p14, Raises regular infantry, v3.p75, In the interests of Nana, v3.p137, Death of, v3.p148, Dispute amongst his sons, v3.p148, Mulhar Rao killed, v3.p148, and his infant son confined, v3.p149, See Jeswunt Rao and Khassee Rao Wittoojee Holkar executed, v3.p199, State of Holkar after Jeswunt Rao's death, v3.p321, v3.p322, Holkar's durbar, v3.p459

Holmes, Major, gallant conduct of at Sauree, v3.p220

Home, a particular Hindoo ceremony, v1.p16

Hooblee, plundered by Sivajee, v1.p258

Hooghly, v2.p12

Hoojrats, personal cavalry, v3.p336

Hoolee festival, v1.p89

Hooly Onore, v3.p62

Hoossein Ally Khan, v1.p428, v1.p441, Yields the Chouth, Surdeshmookhee and Swuraje to the Mahrattas, v1.p446, Assassinated, v1.p468

Hornby, Mr., his minute in council on Mahratta affairs, v2.p343, His fortitude, ability and vigour, v2.p381, His minute regarding Mahratta politics, v2.p382, His plan of operations against the Mahrattas, v2.p389

Horses, where reared, v1.p9, How subsisted, v1.p229, v1.p316

Hudeequ-i-alum, a Persian history frequently quoted, v1.p428

Hullal, v1.p33, Lawful.

Humaioon, v1.p76

Humbeer Rao Mohitey, v1.p262, v1.p267, v1.p283, v1.p286, v1.p292, v1.p301, Declares for Sumbhajee v1.p302, Plunders Burhanpoor, v1.p333, Killed, v1.p348

Hunter, Cornet, v3.p428, v3.p481

Hurdus Mawul, v1.p137

Huree, a name of Vishnoo, v1.p16

Hurjee Raja Mahareek, v1.p309, v1.p310, v1.p349

Hurnak Pohl, v1.p56

Hurnkassee, v1.p29, v1.p56

Hurry Punt Phurkay, v1.p167, v1.p258, Advances against Rugonath Rao, v1.p263, Returns to Poorundhur, v1.p267, Renews the pursuit of Rugoba, v1.p280, Enters Guzerat, v1.p286, Defeated at Arass, v1.p297, And at Bowpeer, v1.p300, Returns to the Deccan, v1.p305, Marches into the Carnatic, v1.p336, Proceeds to Merich, v1.p338, Retires from the Concan to Poona, v1.p435, Commands the army which advances against General Goddard, v1.p437, v3.p12, Conference with Nizam Ally, v3.p53, v3.p61

Hurry Punt Putwurdhun, v3.p114, Kills Lal Khan, v3.p114

Hybut Rao Nimbalkur. Ancestor of the Nimbalkurs of Barsee under the Nizam's government, v1.p379, v1.p428

Hyder Ally, v2.p104, v2.p117, His rise, v2.p177, Plan of operations against Mahdoo Rao, v2.p213, Defeated by the Mahrattas, v2.p215, Treaty with the Mahrattas, v2.p217, v2.p253, Takes advantage of the division amongst the Mahrattas, v2.p268, His conquests during the civil war amongst the Mahrattas. v2.p335, Outwitted by Hurry Punt Phurkay, v2.p338, Conquers the territory south of the Kistna, v2.p399, Jealous of the English; connects himself with the French, v2.p400, Invades Arcot, v2.p421, His death, v2.p466

Hyder Jung, the Dewan of M. Bussy, v2.p47, v2.p110, Murdered, v2.p114

Hyder Koolee Khan, v1.p468, v1.p470

Hyderabad, v1.p153, v1.p319, v1.p338, Becomes the capital of Nizam Ool Moolk, v1.p496, Chouth and Surdeshmookhee relinquished, v1.p497

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