Gadee, the cushion of state on which the Peishwa sat as, the delegate of the Rajas of Satara. It is similar to the musnud, inferior to the throne, and assumed by all the independent Hindoo chiefs, v2.p371

Gaekwar, Dummajee, v1.p472, Peelajee, v1.p473, v1.p489, v1.p509, Appointed Sena Khas Kheyl, v1.p510, Assassinated, v1.p514, Dummajee, v1.p527, Family dispute explained, v2.p280, Futih Sing supported by the ministerial party, Govind Rao by Rugoba, v2.p283, Treaty concluded with Futih Sing, v2.p303, Dissatisfied with the treaty made by Colonel Upton, v2.p334, Pays arrears of tribute, and is appointed Sena Khas Kheyl, v2.p340, Govind Rao, cause espoused by Sindia, v3.p84, Futih Sing, death of, v3.p98, Disputed regency, v3.p94, Death of Mannajee, final succession of Govind Rao, v3.p94, Attempt to dismember the territory prevented by the interference of the English, v3.p95, Govind Rao, v3.p211, Death of, v3.p214, Mulhar Rao, v3.p215, Kanhojee, v3.p214, Mulhar Rao surrenders, v3.p217, Disappears from Neriad, and Kanhojee escapes, v3.p219, Kanhojee surprises the advanced guard at Sauree, v3.p220, Force dispersed, v3.p221, Definitive treaty with the Gaekwar, v3.p312, Peishwa's claims upon, v3.p365, Kanhojee and Mulbar Rao, v3.p366, Peishwa's claims, v3.p369, Counter-claims, v3.p370, New treaty, v3.p387

Gahan, Lieutenant Colonel, iii v3.p451

Galna, v1.p78, v1.p111, Taken by Colonel Walker, v3.p291

Gaolees, or milksellers, v1.p15

Gaom, a village in the Deccan is so termed, v1.p30

Gassee Ram Kotwal, horrid cruelties of, v3.p182, Stoned to death, v3.p182

Gawel, v1.p66

Gawelgurh, taken by Colonel Stevenson, v3.p263

Gayetri, a mystical verse, v1.p15

Geerdhur Buhadur, v1.p488, Killed, v1.p513

Ghas-dana, or forage money, origin of, v1.p375

Ghatgay, v1.p267, v1.p276, v1.p285, v1.p353, Shirzee Rao, v1.p428, v1.p430, v2.p212

Ghatgay, Joojar Rao, v1.p84, Ram Raja, v1.p86, Joojhar Rao, v1.p174

Ghauts, v1.p2, Explanation of, v1.p5

Ghazee-ud-deen Khan, (formerly Shahabodeen Khan), v1.p327, Relieves Azim Shah, v1.p337

Ghazee-ud-deen, ii, v1.p29, v1.p44, v1.p56

Gheriah, i, v1.p188, v2.p86

Gholam Kawdir, v3.p26, v3.p28, Cruelties of v3.p30, Death of, v3.p31

Ghorepuray, v1.p84, v1.p87, v2.p2

Ghuffoor Khan, v3.p322, v3.p463

Ghutka, a mode of reckoning time : each Ghutka equal to about v3.p24, minutes, v1.p55

Ginjee, Sivajee obtains possession of, v1.p279, Mention of, v1.p349, Siege of, v1.p377, v1.p381, Capture of, v1.p385

Goa, v1.p5, v1.p63, v1.p66, Taken by the Portuguese, v1.p74, Retaken by Eusoof Adil Khan, v1.p74, Finally conquered by Albuquerque, v1.p75, v1.p190

Gocurn, v1.p201

Goddard, Lieutenant Colonel, succeeds to Colonel Leslie's command, v2.p383, His march, v2.p384, Empowered to treat with the Raja of Nagpoor, v2.p386, Urged to advance by the Bombay government, v2.p387, His march to the Western coast, v2.p388, Reaches Surat, and repairs to Bombay, v2.p388, Appointed Brigadier General, v2.p392, Endeavours to negociate peace, v2.p392, Receives Rugoba. Grants him an allowance, v2.p400, Termination of his negotiations with Nana Furnuwees, v2.p401, Visits Bombay, v2.p402, Intercepts a correspondence between Nana Furnuwees and the Dutch governor at Surat, v2.p403, Negociates with Futih Sing Gaekwar, v2.p403, Captures Dubhoy, v2.p404, Concludes a treaty with Futih Sing, v2.p404, Takes Ahmedabad by storm, v2.p405, Advances against Sindia and Holkar, v2.p408, Terminates the negotiation with Sindia, v2.p410, Partially surprises Sindia's camp, v2.p412, Marches to the Nerbuddah, v2.p415, Operations in the Concan, v2.p422, Invests Bassein, v2.p425, Takes the part of Arnaul, v2.p434, Appointed Commander-in-chief, v2.p435, Advances towards the Ghauts, v2.p435, Encamps at Campoly, v2.p436, Failure of this movement in the results expected, v2.p439, Attack made on a convoy of grain and stores, v2.p440, Prepares for his retreat, v2.p442, Harassed by the Mahrattas during his march, v2.p443, Reaches Pan-well, v2.p444, Extensive plans proposed for active operations against the Mahrattas, v2.p452, Proceeds to Guzerat, and returns, v2.p453

Gohud, Rana of, v2.p196, v2.p403, v3.p267, v3.p268, v3.p307, v3.p312

Gokla, v3.p47, v3.p173, Dondhoo Punt killed, v3.p192, Bappoo Gokla loses an eye, v3.p192, Reduces the Pritee Needhee, v3.p340, v3.p342, Acquires wealth, v3.p343, Invested with full powers, v3.p410, Conduct at the battle of Khirkee, v3.p424, Interview with the resident's Moonshee, v3.p429, v3.p437, Killed, v3.p444, v3.p482

Golcondah, v1.p78, v1.p84, v1.p150, v1.p153, v1.p255, v1.p273, v1.p274, v1.p282, v1.p335, Reduced, v1.p345

Gondwaneh, one of the great divisions of the Deccan, v1.p1, Situation of, v1.p2

Goojurs, Banians or Braining of Guzerat, v1.p10, v1.p11, v1.p12

Gooroo, the chosen instructor and intercessor of an individual, v1.p22

Goorow, the person who washes the idol in the village temple, v1.p32

Goozur, v1.p84

Gopaul Hurry, v2.p116

Gopaul Kao Govind Putwurdhun, Jagheerdar of Merich, v2.p167

Gopaul Rao Bhow, v3.p83

Gopika Bye Rastia, v2.p120, v2.p168

Gosaeens. Hindoo devotees followers of Mahdeo, v1.p16, Account of, v1.p17, Sindia employs large bodies of, v3.p33, v3.p34

Govind Punt Boondelay, v2.p135, v2.p145

Govind Rao Chitnees, v2.p48

Govind Rao Kallay, id. v2.p106, v2.p110, v2.p172

Govind Rao Pingley, v3.p106, v3.p152, v3.p157, v3.p212

Grant, Keir, Brigadier General. v3.p399, v3.p466

Grant, Lieutenant Alex. Anecdote of, at the battle of Assaye, v3.p242, Lieutenant John, heroic death of, at Seetabuldee, v3.p450

Grantham, Sir Thomas, v1.p323

Grehusth, or Bramin householders, v1.p15

Gunga Bye, widow of Narrain Rao, v2.p259, Her death, v2.p344

Gungadhur Shastree, v3.p368, Proceeds to Poona, v3.p371, Murdered, v3.p375

Gungadhur Yeswunt, h. v3.p196, Hatred to Mahdoo Rao and its cause, v3.p200

Gung-thuree, or track adjoining the banks of the Godavery, v1.p9

Gunput Rao of Nagpoor, v3.p443, v3.p452, Holkar's Dewan, v3.p459

Gunput Rao Phansay, v3.p356

Gunputtee, a Hindoo deity, v1.p22

Guntoor, district of, surrendered, v3.p40

Gurhkurees. Persons attached to Sivajee's forts, having lands in its immediate neighbourhood appropriated for their subsistence, v3.p1, v3.p232

Gurrah, v2.p9

Gursee, orpipers, v1.p25, v1.p33, Gurumcondah, v2.p60, Masking party at surprised, v2.p61

Guzerat, v1.p10, v1.p400, [1.477[, v1.p488, Appearance of, v1.p493, Chouth of, obtained, v1.p503, Mention of, v1.p527, v2.p66, v3.p211, State of, when the English are called in, v3.p214, Continuation of its history, v3.p365

Gwalior, v1.p94, Taken by surprise, v2.p420, v3.p323, Sindia establishes his camp at, v3.p324

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