Factors, English, several of them seized and confined by Sivajee, v1.p183

Farmer, Mr., his letter to the Governor of Bombay respecting St. Lubin, v2.p346

Fawcett, Lieutenant Colonel, v3.p276

Fazil, Mohummud Khan, v1.p178, v1.p181

Ferishta, v1.p28, v1.p83, v1.p97

Ferokhsere, v1.p441, Put to death, v1.p448

Filoze, Michael, v3.p77, v3.p84, Seizes Nana Furnuwees, v3.p150

Firman, a royal order, an edict, a commission.

Fitzgerald, Captain, v3.p448, Charge of, v3.p449

Fleury, v3.p249

Ford, Captain, v3.p353, v3.p407, v3.p417, Interview with Moro Dixit, v3.p419, v3.p427

Forde, Colonel, v2.p119

Foujdar, the Moghul military governor of a district, v1.p342, v1.p347, Francisco de Almeyda, v1.p74

Frazer, Major General, v3.p289, Killed, v3.p289

Frederick, Colonel, v3.p50, Death of, v3.p51

French, v1.p247, v1.p265, State of, v1.p566, Fryer, v1.p155

Fukhir Ool Moolk, v1.p66

Fuqeer, a Mahomedan beggar, v1.p15

Furnuwees, or Furnees, deputy auditor, and accountant, v1.p237

Fusslee era, v1.p32

Futih Hyder, v3.p61

Futih Khan, the Seedee, v1.p246

Futih Khan, the son of Mullik Umber, v1.p100, Strangles Mortiza Nizam Shah, v1.p105, Death of, v1.p109

Futih Oolla Ummad Ool Moolk, founder of the Ummad Shahee dynasty, v1.p71

Futih Sing Bhonslay, v2.p5, v2.p41, Futih Sing Manay, v3.p202, v3.p205, Killed, v3.p339

Futih Sing Gaekwar, alliance concluded with, and the terms, v2.p404

Futih Yab Khan, v2.p19

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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