Edil, Shahee dynasty. List of, v1.p72, Eedgeer, v1.p78

Egerton, Colonel Charles, commanding officer of the Bombay forces, v2.p362, Appointed to the command of the army against the Mahrattas, v2.p362, His mode of warfare, v2.p366, Indisposition, v2.p368, Advances to Tullygaom, v2.p368

Eldridge, Major, v3.p487, Elichpoor, v1.p46

Ellora, v1.p88

Elphinstone, Honourable M., v3.p265, Appointed resident at Poona, v1.p347, v1.p350, v1.p379, v1.p382, v1.p383, v1.p384, v1.p409, v1.p416, Receives instructions as commissioner from the governor-general, v1.p439, Arrangement and settlement of the country, from v1.pp484–501

Enam, a gift ; also land free from all rent to government.

Enamdar, the possessor of rent free lands.

English East India Company, v1.p323, Territorial views, v2.p164, Their situation described, v2.p184, Their instructions and designs, v2.p191, Appointed Dewan to the nabob of Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa, v2.p221, Direct an envoy to be sent to the Court of Poona, v2.p270, Despatch respecting the treaty of Surat, v2.p328, Confirmed in a subsequent letter, v2.p348, Despatch respecting the Mahratta expedition and Wurgaom convention, v2.p378, v3.p213, v3.p390

English, v1.p253, Their treaty with Sivajee, v1.p264, State of, A.D. 1740, v1.p566, First campaign against Tippoo, v3.p45, Neutral policy of, v3.p109, System of policy reversed, v3.p168, Policy of, v3.p303, v3.p317

Eras, a particular account of those now in use in the Deccan, v1.p55

Eroor Manjera, v1.p2

Eusoof, Adel Khan, v1.p66, Founds the Edil Shahee dynasty, v1.p70

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