Dabul, v1.p56, Plundered and burnt by the Portuguese, v1.p74, Mention of, v1.p138, Taken by Sivajee, v1.p178

Dadajee Konedeo, v1.p123, His revenue system, v1.p126, Mention of, v1.p132, Death of, v1.p133

Dadoo Nursoo Kelley, v1.p59

Dajeeba Limmay, v3.p186

Damaun, v1.p3, Taken by the Portuguese, v1.p76

Daood Khan Punnee, v1.p373, v1.p384, v1.p423, Removed to Guzerat, v1.p426, Killed, v1.p442

Daood Khan, v1.p247, Defeated by Sivajee, v1.p248

Dara Shekoh, eldest son of Shah Jehan, v1.p154, v1.p158, Put to death, v1.p159

Dass (or servant), v1.p16

Dates. Account of the eras now used in the Mahratta country., v1.p55

Davies, Lieutenant Evan, v3.p381

Dawes, Captain, v3.p204

De Boigne, memoir of, v2.p476, v3.p27, v3.p28, v3.p29, Regular infantry of, v3.p35, Personal energy of, at Patun, v3.p73, Augmentation of his force, v3.p74, Plans the attack at Lukhairee, v3.p83, v3.p181, v3.p235, Last advice to Sindia, v3.p246

Deacon, Lieut. Col., v3.p442

Deccan, ancient definition of, according Modern Hindoo geographers, Modern definition, v3.p73, v3.p83, State of, v3.p273, v3.p319, v3.p351, v3.p400, Operations of General Wellesley in, from v3.p236, to v3.p245, and from v3.p259, to v3.p267

Deeg, battle of, v3.p289, Fort stormed, v3.p291

Delhi, plundered by Nadir Shah, v1.p547, Battle of, v3.p250, Defence of, v3.p286

Deogaom, treaty of, a v3.p263, Alteration in, v3.p312

Deogurh, v1.p4, v1.p28, Mahomedans appear before it, v1.p45, v1.p46, Its name changed to Doulutabad.

Deos (or good spirits), v1.p20

Desh (or open country above the Ghauts), also a country, or a subdivision of a country.

Deshist (Bramin inhabitants of the Mahratta country above the Ghauts), v1.p11

Deshmooks, v1.p38, v1.p39, v1.p50, v1.p77, v1.p131, v1.p233, Remarkable scheme proposed by them to the Bombay government, v2.p453

Deshpandya, v1.p38, Remarks concerning, v1.p39, &c. See Deshmookh.

Dessaee, v1.p38

Dewan. The chief minister, or agent, subordinate to the Purdhans, v1.p237, Under the Moghuls, the officer in charge of the revenue administration of a district, v1.p347

Dewee Bhowanee, v1.p22, v1.p89, v1.p184

Dhabaray. See Khundee Rao, Trimbuck Rao, and Yeswunt Rao.

Dhar, v1.p481, v2.p9

Dharoor, v1.p103, v1.p104

Dharwar. v1.p257, v3.p48, Description of, v3.p48, Siege of, v3.p49, Capture of, v3.p51, Conduct of the Killidar of, v3.p358, Invested by the troops of Bajee Rao, v3.p359

Dher (a very low class of Hindoos), v1.p14, Duties on the village establishment, v1.p33

Dhoolup Anund Rao, the Peishwa's admiral, v3.p95

Dhoondia Waug, v3.p176, v3.p191, Vengeance on Dhondoo Punt Gokla, v3.p192, Killed, v3.p193

Dhund Karinya, v1.p25

Dhunda Rajepoor, v1.p73, v1.p139, v1.p255

Dhunnajee Jadow, v1.p262, v1.p365, v1.p375, v1.p380, Anecdote respecting, v1.p406, Joins Shao, v1.p417, Death v1.p423

Dilawur Khan, v1.p61

Dilere Khan, v1.p202, v1.p203, Besieges Poorundhur, v1.p204, v1.p206, Soothed by Sivajee, v1.p208, Removed for a short time to Malwa. v1.p217, Besieges Chakun, v1.p251, v1.p254, Mention of, v1.p267, v1.p275, v1.p282, v1.p291

Din, built, v1.p76

Directors, Court of, v1.p324, See English East India Company.

Dodairee, battle of, v1.p383

Don, Lieut. Col., v3.p276, v3.p288

Donkin, Major General, v3.p400, v3.p458, v3.p465

Doolan, lieutenant, v3.p63

Doorga Bye, regent of Sawuntwaree, v3.p345, Extraordinary behaviour of, v3.p352

Doorga Dewee, a dreadful famine so called, v1.p59

Dost Ally, v1.p1, v1.p565, v2.p3

Doulut Rao Sindia, succeeds his grand uncle, Mahadajee, v3.p91, Marches to Poona, v3.p130, Obtains a temporary ascendancy over the house of Holkar, v3.p148, Arbitrary interference in regard to Angria, v3.p149, Espouses the daughter of Ghatgay, v3.p152, Conduct on the fall of Seringapatam v3.p176, Distracted state of his affairs, v3.p179, Conduct of, upon the death of Nana Furnuwees, v3.p189, v3.p193, Cause of his military imbecility, v3.p196, Sets out for Hindoostan, v3.p196, Sends his army across the Nerbuddah, v3.p198, Refuses to become a party to the defensive alliance, v3.p227, His views of English policy, v3.p228, Unites with Rughoojee Bhonslay, to obstruct the operations of the treaty of Bassein, v3.p229, Negotiations, v3.p232, Army of, v3.p235, Misconduct of, at Assaye, v3.p243, Treaty with, v3.p265, v3.p266, Agree to assist against Holkar, v3.p275, Apprehended rupture with, v3.p298, Holkar joins him, v3.p301, Concludes a treaty with the British, v3.p306, Declaratory articles to, v3.p311, Situation of, v3.p317, v3.p323, Establishes his camp at Gwalior, v3.p324, v3.p330, v3.p400, Terms dictated to, by Lord Hastings, v3.p401, v3.p405, v3.p464

Doulutabad, v1.p28, v1.p48, Besieged by Mohummud Tughluk Shah, v1.p50, Siege raised, v1.p50, v1.p66, v1.p73, Besieged, v1.p107, Capitulates, v1.p109

Doveton, Brigadier General, v3.p399, v3.p451, v3.p472

Drawed, one of the great divisions of the ancient Deccan, v1.p1, v1.p4

Dubbers, v3.p10, How made, v3.p10

Dubeer, or minister for foreign affairs, v1.p236

Dubhoy, battle of, v1.p507, Capture of, v2.p404

Dudrenec, Chevalier, v3.p75, v3.p83, v3.p92, v3.p195, v3.p235, Surrenders himself, v3.p253

Duflay, v1.p84, v1.p87, v1.p353

Dukshina, origin of, v1.p510, v3.p499

Dulwey, v1.p138, v1.p183, v1.p188

Dummajee Gaekwar, v1.p472, See Gaekwar.

Dummajee Gaekwar, v2.p9, v2.p17, v2.p18, v2.p32, v2.p38, v2.p48, v2.p67, v2.p172, Assists Rugonath Rao, v2.p199

Dummajee Thorat, v1.p433, Anecdote of, v1.p433, Taken, v1.p437, Duncan, Mr. Jonathan, v3.p212

Dupleix, M., v2.p45

Dureea Sagur, v1.p188

Durruk, an office.

Durrukdar, the holder of an office. A list of eight offices, to which the term Durruk is especially applied, will be found, v1.p237

Durya Bye, widow of Janojee Bhonslay, v2.p244

Dyts (or evil spirits), v1.p20, v1.p21

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