Camac, Lieutenant Colonel Jacob, v2.p446, Retreat of, v2.p446, Surprises Sindia's camp, v2.p449

Candeish, v1.p2, v1.p77, v1.p111, v1.p249, in. v1.p485

Canoond, siege of, v3.p82

Carcoon, for a particular explanation of this word, see, v1.p123

Carnac, Mr. John, v2.p360, v2.p361, v2.p365, v2.p366, Proposes a retreat, v2.p369, v2.p376, v2.p378

Carnatic, one of the five great Hindoo divisions of the Deccan, v1.p1, Definition, v1.p2, v1.p4, v1.p79, v1.p85, v1.p124, v1.p274, Beejapoor and Hyderabad Carnatic, v1.p346, Detachment sent to, v1.p349, People of, v1.p405, Plan of expedition against, under Rughoojee Bhonslay, v1.p553, v1.p555, Commission for invading, v1.p556

Carwar, v1.p201

Catrou, v1.p195, v1.p204

Caulfield, Captain, v3.p403, v3.p464

Cavalry, of Sivajee, v1.p226

Chakun, description of, v1.p61, Mention of, v1.p92, v1.p131, Siege of, v1.p193, Restored to Sivajee, v1.p221, Taken by Dilere Khan, v1.p254, v3.p442

Chandah taken, v3.p474

Chandore, v1.p2, v1.p113, Taken by Colonel Wallace, v3.p291, Chaplin, Mr. v3.p485, v3.p500

Chaund Beebee, v1.p93

Cheetoo, v3.p329, v3.p455, v3.p465, v3.p467, v3.p478

Chela, or disciple, v1.p15, Chickooree and Menowlee, v3.p344, v3.p345, v3.p350, v3.p492

Child, Sir John, v1.p324

Chimnajee Appa, v1.p427, v1.p503, Death of, v2.p7, v3.p123, Invested as Peishwa, v3.p134, Investiture annulled, v3.p145, Surrenders himself, v3.p474

Chintamun Rao Putwurdhun, v3.p192

Chisholm, Lieut., v3.p435

Chitnees, secretary, or clerk of correspondence.

Chitoor Sing, v3.p159, v3.p182, v3.p185, v3.p377, v3.p487

Cholera Morbus, v3.p17

Chougula, the Patell's assistant, v1.p31

Chouth, origin of, v1.p210, First imposed on a Moghul province, v1.p249, Mention of, v1.p266, v1.p281, Negotiation for obtaining, v1.p446, The imperial grant for, v1.p450

Chowan, v1.p87

Chunda Sahib, v2.p3, Brought a prisoner to Satara, v2.p5, v2.p29

Chunder Rao Moray, v1.p84, v1.p85, v1.p138, v1.p145, v1.p147, Murder of, v1.p148

Chunder Seyn Jadow, v1.p423, v1.p426, Joins the Moghuls, v1.p428

Clarke, Sir William, v3.p216, Storms the entrenchments at Kurree, v3.p217

Clive, Colonel, v2.p87, Assumes the government of Bengal, as Lord Clive, v2.p190, Proposes an alliance with the Nizam, against Hyder and the Mahrattas, v2.p192

Close, Colonel, v3.p208, His interview with Holkar, after the battle of Poona, v3.p209, Quits Poona and repairs to Bassein, v3.p225, v3.p346, Leaves Poona, v3.p347, Captain, v3.p400

College, Hindoo, instituted, v3.p500

Concan Ghaut Mahta, vol. v1.p5, Description of, v1.p7, v1.p50

Concan, v1.p4, description of, v1.p5

Concanee Bramins, v1.p11

Concanist, or inhabitant of the Concan, peculiarly applicable to a class of Bramins, v1.p11, Conflans, M., v2.p118

Coote, Sir Eyre, assumes the command of the Madras army, v2.p437

Cornwallis, Marquis of, v3.p41, Assumes command of the field army, v3.p52, Resolves to undertake the siege of Seringapatam, v3.p55, Obliged to raise the siege, v3.p56, Unexpectedly joined by the Mahrattas, v3.p56, Reduces the Baramahal, v3.p59, v3.p66, Concludes a treaty with Tippoo, v3.p67, Endeavours to effect a general treaty of guarantee, v3.p107, Returns to India, v3.p304, Policy pursued by, v3.p304, Death of, v3.p306

Court of Directors, approve of the Bombay measures, v2.p328

Cunningham, Lieut. Colonel, v3.p488

Customs, v3.p37, Mode of levying, v3.p37

Cutwa, v2.p11, v2.p12, v2.p14

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