Baba Rao Phurkay, v3.p114, v3.p139, v3.p140, v3.p152, v3.p223, v3.p333, Given up to Bajee Rao, v3.p350, Death of, v3.p350

Baboo Rao Sewdasheo, v2.p9

Babtee, a revenue term, v1.p455

Badamee, capture of

Bahlole Khan, v1.p103, v1.p185, v1.p186, v1.p256

Bahminee dynasty, v1.p42, Commencement of, v1.p52, List of princes, v1.p53, Immediate causes of decline, v1.p64

Baillie, Colonel, his detachment destroyed, v2.p433

Bajee Ghorepuray, v1.p142, v1.p143, Is killed by Sivajee, v1.p186

Bajee Mohitey, v1.p134

Bajee Phasalkur, one of Sivajee's earliest followers, v1.p130, v1.p179, Killed, v1.p180

Bajee Purvoe, Deshpandya of Hurdus Mawul, v1.p149, v1.p181, Heroic death of, v1.p182, Deshpandya of Mhar, v1.p205, Defence of Poorundhur, v1.p205, Slain by Dilere Khan, v1.p206

Bajee Rao Bullal, son of Ballajee Wishwanath, v1.p427, Appointed Peishwa, v1.p472, v1.p479, Character of, v1.p482, Eloquence, v1.p485, Carries his arms into Malwa, v1.p493, His able generalship, v1.p501, Operations in the Concan, v1.p524, Pecuniary distress of, v1.p528, Negotiations with the Emperor, v1.p529, Appears at the gates of Delhi, v1.p532, Retires, v1.p534, Surrounds Nizam Ool Moolk, and compels him to sign a convention, v1.p541, Treaty with the Rajas of Bundelcund, v1.p552, Plans of, v1.p553, Attacks Nasir Jung without success, v1.p557, Death of, v1.p560, Character, v1.p569

Bajee Rao Rugonath, v1.p11, Birth of, v2.p279, v2.p473, v3.p123, Appearance of, and supposed character, v3.p124, His insidious messages to his cousin, v3.p125, Gains Balloba Tanya, v3.p128, And Doulut Rao Sindia, v3.p129, Exacts an oath from Pureshram Bhow, v3.p129, Is brought to Poona, v3.p130, Declaration to Nana, v3.p130, Plot against, v3.p133, Sent off a prisoner, v3.p140, Compact with Ghatgay, v3.p141, Brought back to Poona, v3.p144, Invested as Peishwa, v3.p145, Refuses to confirm the treaty of Mhar, v3.p147, Character of v3.p149, Plots against Nana Furnuwees, v3.p150, Seizes the ministers, v3.p152, Fulfils his compact with Ghatgay, v3.p152, Intends seizing Sindia, v3.p155, Heart fails him, v3.p156, Intrigues with the Raja of Satara, v3.p157, His first idea of the Marquis Wellesley's policy, v3.p169, Deceives Nana Furnuwees, v3.p171, Declines entering on a treaty with the English, v3.p173, Conduct in regard to the alliance against Tippoo, v3.p175, Negotiation respecting the partition of territory, v3.p178, Plans of revenge, v3.p190, Seizure of the Friends of Nana Furnuwees, v3.p191, Conduct to Sindia, v3.p195, Treatment of Rastia, v3.p198, Puts Wittoojee Holkar to death, v3.p199, Renews his negotiation with the English, v3.p205, Negotiates with Holkar, v3.p204, Flees from Poona, sending a preliminary engagement to the British resident, v3.p208, Arrival at Bassein, v3.p210, Concludes a treaty there, v3.p225, Conduct immediately subsequent thereto, v3.p226, Invites Sindia and Rughoojee Bhonslay to Poona, v3.p227, Reinstated at Poona v3.p231, Subsequent conduct, v3.p332, Reasons which prevented insurrection against his government, v3.p337, Conduct towards the Pritee Needhee, v3.p339, v3.p342, His happiness in the British alliance, v3.p346, His exultation, v3.p353, Raises a brigade of regular infantry, v3.p353, Extends his views of aggrandizement, v3.p356, Adopts the suggestions of the Moodhee and Trimbukjee, v3.p357, Accusations against the deputy of the late Moodhee, v3.p360, Court of, v3.p361, Revenue, v3.p361, Superstition, v3.p362, Government, v3.p362, Conduct to Rastia, v3.p363, Negotiates a confederacy, v3.p364, Claims on the Gaekwar, v3.p365, Attempts to justify his intrigues with Seetaram, v3.p372, Conduct towards the Shastree, v3.p375, Raises a secret insurrection, v3.p379, Continues his hostile proceedings with activity, v3.p382, Interview with Mr. Elphinstone, v3.p383, Submits, v3.p384, Concludes a new treaty, v3.p385, The chief enemy of the British, v3.p392, Plunders his own country to prevent suspicion of his being leagued with the Pindharees, v3.p395, Proceeds to Punderpoor, v3.p307, Interview with Sir J. Malcolm at Poona, v3.p408, Vests Gokla with full powers, v3.p410, Restores Jagheer lands, v3.p410, Endeavours to corrupt the troops, v3.p411, and to murder the resident, v3.p413, Last interview with Mr. Elphinstone, v3.p414, Hesitates, v3.p417, Sends a messenger to Mr. Elphinstone previous to attacking the troops, v3.p421, Appearance of his army, v3.p422, Strength of, v3.p427, Flees from Poona, v3.p430, Conduct of, at Korygaom, v3.p437, Pursuit of resumed, v3.p442, Proceeds towards Chandore, v3.p445, Return of, v3.p472, Hemmed in, v3.p473, Perplexity of, v3.p474, Surrender of, v3.p475

Bajee Shamraje attempts to seize Sivajee, v1.p145

Balapoor (in the Carnatic ), v1.p121, v1.p281, (in the Deccan), battle of, v1.p467

Ballajee Aujee, Sivajee's secretary, in whose hand-writing many papers are preserved, which form authorities for this work; put to death, v1.p308

Ballajee Bajee Rao, v1.p559, v2.p5, Succeeds as Peishwa, v2.p4, v2.p13, v2.p14, v2.p15, v2.p16, v2.p17, Marches into Malwa, v2.p25, v2.p32, v2.p44, v2.p47, &c. &c. Death and character, v2.p157

Ballajee Jenardin, v2.p157, v2.p167, See Nana Furnuwees.

Ballajee Koonjur, v3.p137, v3.p200, v3.p260

Ballajee Luximon, v3.p338, Barbarously destroys a number of Bheels at Kopergaom, v3.p338

Ballajee Punt Nathoo, v3.p410

Ballajee Wishwanath Bhutt, v1.p419, v1.p423, Curious circumstance which led to his rise, v1.p426, Appointed Sena-kurt, v1.p431, Becomes Peishwa, v1.p436, Obtains possession of Poorundhur, v1.p437, Death, v1.p472

Ballasore, v2.p13, v3.p257

Balloba Tattya, v3.p127, v3.p128, v3.p130, Determines on setting aside Bajee Rao, v3.p131, Arrested by Sindia, v3.p143, v3.p180, Reinstated, v3.p181, Imprisonment and death, v3.p190

Balowtay, account of, v1.p31

Bancoote, v1.p4, v1.p76, v1.p78, v2.p85, Given over to the English, v2.p87

Bandal, v1.p137

Bangalore, v1.p121, v1.p281, v1.p349, Capture of, v3.p52

Banians, the representatives of the third grand division or caste of Hindoos, composing the mercantile community, and originally termed Weysh.

Bappoojee Myraul, v3.p369, Openly accuses Trimbukjee Dainglia as the Shastree's murderer, v3.p375, Bappoojee Naik, v2.p3

Bappoojee Sindia, v3.p279, v3.p299, v3.p321, v3.p403

Baptiste, Colonel Jean, v3.p403

Baramuttee, v1.p124, v1.p134

Barcelore, v1.p201, Plundered by Sivajee, v1.p201

Barclay, Captain, v3.p239

Bargeers, horsemen whose horses are not their own property, but supplied by the state, or by individuals, v1.p75

Barlow, Sir George, v3.p306, v3.p309, Views in opposition to those of Lord Lake, v3.p310, v3.p311, v3.p317

Baroach, v1.p3, v1.p267, Taken by the Mahrattas, v1.p335, Taken by General Wedderburn, v2.p272, Bestowed on Mahadajee Sindia, v2.p457, Taken by Colonel Woodington, v3.p245

Baroda, taken by Mahadajee Gaekwar, v1.p514, v3.p210, Siege and capitulation, v3.p210, Definitive treaty of, v3.p313, New treaty of, v3.p387

Baruh Bhaee, explanation of, v1.p82

Bassein, v1.p4, v1.p75, v1.p78, Siege and assault of, by the Mahrattas, v1.p548, Taken by Goddard, v2.p429, Treaty of, v3.p225, Supplemental articles to treaty of, v3.p258

Baynes, Captain, v3.p259

Beder, the capital of the kings of the Bahminee dynasty, v1.p41, [1.60[, v1.p71, v1.p77, v1.p78, Reduced by Aurungzebe, v1.p156

Bednore, v1.p257, v1.p259, v1.p567

Beechwa, a scorpion, a crooked dagger so called, v1.p172

Beega, a measure of land, v1.p60

Beejanugur, v1.p47

Beejapoor, v1.p65, v1.p77, Kingdom of, v1.p78, v1.p83, Ruins of, v1.p97, MSS. Found at, v1.p98, Moghuls advance against, v1.p115, Peace with, v1.p117, Attacked by Aurungzebe, v1.p157, Affairs of, v1.p165, Truce with Sivajee, v1.p189, Attacked by Jey Sing, assisted by Sivajee, v1.p211, Besieged and siege raised, v1.p216, Treaty with Aurungzebe, v1.p222, State of, v1.p222, Affairs of, v1.p256, v1.p273, v1.p283, State of, v1.p320, Operations against, v1.p336, Siege of, v1.p339, Reduced, v1.p340, Present state of its ruins, v1.p341

Bellary, v1.p284, Taken by Sivajee, v1.p284

Bengal Presidency protect the Emperor of Delhi, who afterwards joins the Mahrattas, v2.p284, Supreme council established, v2.p309, Disapprove of the proceedings of the Bombay government, v2.p311, Send an envoy plenipotentiary to Poona, v2.p312, Derive their knowledge of Mahratta affairs from Sabajee Bhonslay, v2.p315, Proceedings on the supposed failure of their mission, v2.p320, Treaty signed, v2.p320, Terms of the treaty, v2.p321, Determine to support the Bombay government in the Mahratta war, v2.p350, Causes of their conduct, v2.p355, Alliance with Moodajee Bhonslay, v2.p385, Proceedings on receiving intelligence of the defeat of the Bombay army, v2.p390, Subsequent instructions, v2.p393, Projected alliance with Moodajee Bhonslay, v2.p393, And with Sindia, v2.p394, Enter into an alliance with the Rana of Gohud, v2.p403, Signify their intention of making peace with the Mahrattas, v2.p430, Carry hostilities into Sindia's territory, v2.p445, Prepare a detachment to aid in the war against Hyder, v2.p448, Send an agent to Kuttack to facilitate the march of the troops, v2.p449, Negotiation with Chimnajee, son of Moodajee Bhonslay, v2.p450

Berar, v1.p9, v1.p57, v1.p77, v1.p78

Bergee, a name of the Mahrattas, v1.p82, v1.p83

Bernier, v1.p155

Berud, a class of people resembling the Ramoosees, v1.p345, v3.p12

Bethune, Lieutenant, v3.p63, Bhagwut, a popular Hindoo poem, v1.p21, v1.p128

Bhaskur Punt, v2.p8, Invades Bahar, v2.p10, v2.p14, v2.p23

Bhaskur Rao, v2.p170

Bheds or Vedas, v1.p23

Bheels, a predatory tribe, who in their wildest state inhabit the forests and mountains, subsisting by bunting and plundering, v1.p7, v1.p33

Bheer, v1.p8, v1.p25, v1.p103

Bhewndy, or Bheemree, v1.p139, Bhoje, v1.p29

Bhonslay, v1.p44, v1.p88, See Pursojee, Kanhojee, Rughoojee, &c. Bhoodurgurh, v1.p28

Bhoorup, p. v1.p140

Bhopaul, Nabob of, v1.p1, v1.p384, v3.p391, v3.p393, v3.p467, v3.p470

Bhopaulgurh, v1.p292

Bhowanee Bye, v1.p33

Bhowanee, v1.p91

Bhugwa Jenda, the national flag of the Mahrattas, v1.p253, v1.p368

Bhurtpoor, how built, v1.p563, Battle near, ill. v1.p28, Raja of, v1.p267, Raja of, joins Holkar, v1.p287, Reduction of, deemed necessary, v1.p291, Siege of, v1.p295, British troops repulsed at, four times, v1.p294, Raja of; sues for peace, v1.p298, Engagement with, continues in force, v1.p312

Billamore, Lieut. Robert, v3.p419

Boddam, Mr., v3.p5

Boglipoor, v2.p14

Bolts, Mr., v2.p344

Bombay Presidency, v2.p82, v2.p85, v2.p91, v2.p97, v2.p115, v2.p163, Negotiate with Rugonath Rao, v2.p164, Send an envoy to Poona, v2.p201, Disposed to assist Hyder, v2.p216, That views, v2.p271, v2.p272, Their deliberations on the murder of Narrain Rao, v2.p273, Terms proposed to Rugoba, v2.p275, Proposals from the officer at Tannah, v2.p277, Attack that fortress, v2.p278, and take possession of the whole island of Salsette, v2.p279, Preparations to support Rugoba, v2.p286, Dissent of Mr. Draper, v2.p288, Instructions to the commanding officer of their forces, v2.p289, His limited control, v2.p200, -Prosecute the war against the Mahrattas by sea, v2.p304, Cessions obtained during the war, v2.p305, Reply to the letters from Bengal, v2.p309, and v2.p312, Belief of Rugoba's innocence in the murder of his nephew, v2.p313, and that Mahdoo Rao Narrain was supposititious, v2.p314, Effect produced by the interference of the Bengal Presidency, v2.p316, Treaty signed, and the terms, v2.p320, v2.p321, Dissatisfied, v2.p322, -Their conduct, v2.p325, Listen to the overtures of an impostor, Suddaba, v2.p325, Alarm excited by the arrival of a French agent, v2.p334, Their conduct respecting the treaty of Poorundhur attributable to a letter from the Court of Directors, v2.p348, Preparations to support Rugoba's cause, v2.p349, Require a written invitation from Sukaram Bappoo, v2.p350, Further proceedings, v2.p351, Instructions to their envoy, v2.p356, Their final determination, v2.p358, Subsequent proceedings, v2.p360, New agreement with Rugonath Rao, v2.p363, Dilatory preparations, v2.p364, Strength of their field army, v2.p364, Issue a proclamation, v2.p365, Proceedings after the convention of Wurgaom, v2.p377, Their distress, v2.p379, Their policy, v2.p380, Urge Colonel Goddard's advance, v2.p387, Offer him a seat in their council, v2.p388, Become acquainted with the intentions of the Bengal government, v2.p388, Remonstrate against General Goddard's being made independent of their authority, v2.p392, Apprehensive of a confederacy of the Mahrattas, Hyder, and Nizam Ally, v2.p401, Distress from want of funds, v2.p421, Measures proposed, v2.p422, Are pleased at the prospect of peace, v2.p434, The negotiation being broken off, the plan determined on, v2.p440, Remarkable scheme proposed to them, v2.p453

Bombay, v1.p28, v1.p76, v1.p253, Revolution at, v1.p323, Attacked by the Seedee, v1.p358, v1.p543, Ceded to the English, v1.p544

Boondee, Raja of, v3.p267, v3.p281, v3.p310, Abandoned, v3.p311, Recompensed, v3.p462

Booshengurh, v1.p269

Bourchier, Mr. Richard, v2.p82, v2.p115

Bourquin, M., v3.p250, v3.p251

Boyd, Mr., v3.p141, v3.p144

Brahma, v1.p20

Bramins, the first of the four grand divisions or castes of Hindoos, v1.p9, Account of, v1.p10

Briggs, Captain, v3.p478, v3.p485, Brimh, the Divine nature, or Great Spirit, v1.p20

Brimhacharee, a Hindoo devotee, v1.p14, A Bramin boy, v1.p14

Brimhapooree, long a cantonment of the Moghuls, v1.p378, Evacuated, v1.p391

British, policy of, v3.p303, v3.p315

Browne, General, v3.p458, v3.p465

Browne, Lieut. Col., commands the escort to a convoy of grain and stores, v2.p440, Attacked by the Mahrattas, v2.p441, Joins the army, v2.p442

Brownrigg, Major, v3.p191, v3.p197

Bruce, Captain, the person who suggested Camac's night-attack on Sindia's camp, v2.p447

Buchanan, Captain Andrew, anecdote of, v2.p90

Budr-ul-Zeman Khan, v3.p48, Contrary to terms of capitulation made prisoner, v3.p51

Buglana, v1.p2, Raja of, v1.p28, Raja of, joins in an insurrection, v1.p57, v1.p101, v1.p125

Buhadurgurh, v1.p255

Bukers, Mahratta legends.

Bullee, according to the Mahrattas, is the chief of the dyts, or evil spirits, v1.p20

Bulwunt Rao Mendlee, v2.p103, v2.p140

Bun, one of the divisions of Gosaeen, v1.p16

Bunce, Major, v3.p403

Bundelcund, Bajee Rao obtains part of, v1.p515, v1.p552, Rajas of, treaty concluded with, v2.p27, v3.p75, Conquest of, by the British, v3.p257, v3.p470

Burbur, v1.p4

Burdwan, v2.p14

Bureed Shahee dynasty, v1.p71

Burhanpoor, v1.p77, Plundered, v1.p333, Battle of, v1.p465, Treaty of, v3.p266

Burn, Lieutenant Colonel, v3.p288, Burr, Lieutenant Colonel, v3.p422, v3.p425

Burtinneeas, v1.p34

Busalut Jung, v2.p106, Alliance with Hyder Ally, v2.p177

Bussy, Monsieur, v2.p51, v2.p63, v2.p94, v2.p106, v2.p110

Buttees Serala, v1.p177

Byes. Insurrection of, against Sindia, v1.p162, Progress of, v1.p179, Agree to an adjustment, v1.p182, Re-commence their system of depredation, v1.p182

Byheree dynasty, list of the princes of, v1.p72

Byhroo, a Hindoo deity, v1.p22, Byragees, Hindoo devotees, v1.p16, v1.p17

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