Aba Chitnees, v3.p167, v3.p181

Aba Shelookur, v3.p145, v3.p150, v3.p211

Abajee Sonedeo, v1.p141, v1.p179, v1.p190, Invested with particular authority, v1.p212, Real name of, v1.p235, Death of, v1.p263

Abajee, v3.p253

Abbajee Poorundhuree, v1.p418, v1.p436

Abdallee, v2.p27, v3.p32, v3.p169

Abdool Khureem Bahlole Khan, v1.p256, v1.p260, Appointed regent, v1.p268, v1.p277, Death of, v1.p282

Abdool Mohummud, v1.p189, His secret compact with Sivajee, v1.p222, Character, v1.p256

Abdool, Rehman, v2.p46, See Hyder Jung.

Abdoolah Khan, Syud, v1.p429, v1.p469, Poisoned, v1.p491

Abdoolah Kootub Shah, v1.p72, v1.p114, v1.p152, v1.p274

Abercromby, Sir Robert, v3.p45, v3.p54, v3.p66

Abhee Sing, v1.p511, v1.p527

Abington, Captain, fails in an attempt to surprise Mullungurh, v2.p421

Abishik, v1.p263

Abou Hoossein, the last of the kings of Golcondah, v1.p274, v1.p319, v1.p338, Anecdote of, v1.p344, Confined in Doulutabad.

Adams, Colonel, v3.p399, v3.p456, v3.p466, v3.p473

Adina Beg, v2.p28, v2.p130

Adonee, v1.p78, v1.p282, v1.p345, Defended by Mohubbut Jung, against Tippoo, v3.p13, Relieved, v3.p13

Afrasiab Khan, adopted son of Nujeef Khan, is obliged to relinquish the succession to Mirza Shuffee, v2.p462, Resumes his office on the murder of Mirza Shuffee, v2.p462, Negociates with the English, and with Mahadajee Sindia, v2.p476, Murdered, v2.p480

Afzool Khan, v1.p168, Murder of, v1.p173

Agra, Battle of, v1.p419, Battle of, v3.p29, Battle of, v3.p252, Fort surrenders, v3.p252

Ahmed Shah Abdallee invades India, v2.p27, v2.p56, v2.p129, v2.p130, v2.p155, v2.p143, Arrangements after the battle of Panniput, v2.p219

Ahmed Shah, Emperor of Delhi, v2.p29, v2.p78

Ahmedabad, taken by the Mahrattas, v2.p72, Taken by General Goddard, v2.p406

Ahmednugur, hills of, v1.p8, Mention of v1.p72, v1.p73, v1.p74, Kingdom of, v1.p78, v1.p83, Distracted by two factions, v1.p93, Part of, reduced by Akber, v1.p93, Fort of, betrayed into the hands of the Mahrattas, v2.p122, Made over to Sindia, v3.p147, Taken by General Wellesley. v3.p257, District of, in charge of Captain Pottinger, v3.p485

Ajahut Surdeshmookh, v2.p41

Ajeet Sing, v1.p470

Ajimere, v1.p20

Akber, v1.p93

Akulkote, v1.p78, Origin of the Raja of, v1.p417, (See Futih Sing Bhonslay,) Raja of, v3.p494, v3.p495

Ali Adil Shah I. v1.p72, v1.p77, v1.p85, The II., v1.p155, v1.p182, Death of, v1.p256

Ali Buhadur, v3.p26, Undertakes the conquest of Bundelcund, v3.p75, v3.p235

Ali Jab, rebellion of suppressed, v3.p119

Aligurh, v3.p247, Storm of, v3.p248

Aliverdy Khan, one of Shah Jehan's Generals, v1.p114, The usurper of Bengal, v1.p564, v2.p8, v2.p10, v2.p11, v2.p13, v2.p23, v2.p55

Allahabad, v2.p14

Alla-ud-deen Khiljee, invades the Deccan, v1.p45, Usurps the throne, v1.p46

Alowtay, v1.p31, Particular enumeration of, v1.p33

Alumgeer II. v2.p129, v2.p136

Amat, one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p265

Ambajee Inglia, v3.p182, v3.p204, v3.p250, v3.p267, v3.p299, Appointed Sindia's minister, v3.p305, Death, v3.p325

Ameen, v1.p227

Amrut Rao, v2.p199, v3.p123, v3.p129, v3.p144, Becomes prime-minister, v3.p152, Proposes to seize Sindia, v3.p154, Protects the Byes, v3.p163, Takes charge of the administration at Poona, v3.p223, And his son Wenaek Rao invested as Peishwa, v3.p224, Quits Poona, v3.p230, Pensioned by the British government, v3.p231

Anderson, Mr. David, sent as an agent to Kuttack, v2.p449, Deputed to the camp of Sindia to conclude a treaty with the Mahrattas, v2.p456

Andur or Telingana, v1.p1

Angria, see Kanhojee Angria, v1.p368, &c. Mannajee, v1.p521, Sumbhajee, v1.p535, v1.p559, Toolajee, v1.p560, v2.p82, v3.p95, v3.p96, v3.p149

Annajee Dutto, v1.p176, Invested with particular authority, v1.p212, Plunders Hooblee, v1.p258, Left in charge of the Concan, v1.p276, v1.p301, v1.p305, Put to death by Sumbhajee, v1.p308

Anund Rao Powar, v2.p9, v2.p40

Anundee Bye, wife of Rugonath Rao, v2.p168, Instigator of Narrain Rao's murder, v2.p249

Anwar-ud-deen Khan, v2.p22, v2.p30

Appa v3.p479, The son of Pureshram Bhow, v3.p49, v3.p62, v3.p173, v3.p174, v3.p186, v3.p336, v3.p350

Appa Bulwunt, v2.p214, v3.p152

Appa Dessaye Nepankur, (or Seedojee Rao Nimbalkur) v3.p191, v3.p343, v3.p345, v3.p354, v3.p437, v3.p495

Appa Khunde Rao, v3.p27

Appa Sahib Bhonslay, the son of Venkajee Munnya Bappoo, v3.p394, Murders Pursajee, v3.p395, v3.p445, Comes in, v3.p451, Arrested, v3.p473, Escapes, v3.p478, v3.p479

Arass, battle of, v2.p297

Arcot, v2.p6

Argaom, v3.p261, Battle of, v3.p262

Arhee, v1.p199, v1.p281

Arun, v1.p16

Ashrim, v1.p16

Ashtah affair of, v3.p444

Asif Khan, v1.p106

Assaye, battle of, v3.p239

Asseer, v1.p20

Asseergurh, v3.p244, v3.p478

Assud Khan, v1.p377

Attock, v1.p45

Aumil, (or Aumildar,) an agent of government, v1.p79, v1.p80

Aungier, Mr., v1.p1, v1.p258, v1.p259

Aurungabad, v1.p78, Battle at, v2.p20, v2.p175

Aurungzebe, v1.p111, v1.p125, v1.p151, Attacks Golcondah, v1.p153, Views of conquest in the Deccan, v1.p154, Attacks Beejapoor, v1.p155, Raises the siege and marches for Hindoostan, v1.p159, Usurps the throne, v1.p160, Policy in regard to Sivajee, v1.p164, Grants exemption from customs to the English at Surat, v1.p199, Reasons for not prosecuting the war against Sivajee, v1.p202, Policy in regard to the Deccan, v1.p203, v1.p272, v1.p274, Judicious reasons for not supporting Sumbhajee, v1.p291, Advances with a great army to Burhanpoor. Description of his camp, v1.p329, v1.p330, v1.p331, v1.p336, Reduces Beejapoor, v1.p340, And Golcondah, v1.p343, His means and ability, v1.p352, A remarkable disease in his camp, v1.p537, Seizes several of the English factories, v1.p358, Indecision of, v1.p376, Attacks the forts, whilst an army pursues the Mahrattas, v1.p391, Consents to the Surdeshmookhee, v1.p404, Inconsistency of, v1.p408, Nearly taken by the Mahrattas, v1.p409, Death and character, v1.p410

Aylah Bye, widow of Khundee Rao Holkar, v2.p196

Azim Khan, v1.p66, v1.p101, v1.p103

Azim Oolah Khan, u. v1.p6

Azimabad, v2.p13

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