Pachaet, v2.p11

Padshah Beebee, the last princess of Beejapoor, v1.p256, v1.p268, v1.p285, v1.p288

Pagah, a body of cavalry, the horses of which are the property of the prince or chief, v1.p225

Pairgaom, v1.p255, Treaty of, v1.p169, Paithana, v1.p26, v1.p28

Palkee, v1.p79

Panalla, v1.p28, v1.p138, v1.p175, Besieged by Seedee Johur, v1.p176, Mention of, v1.p257, v1.p567

Panniput, v2.p144, Battle of, v2.p147, Parbuttee, a Hindoo deity, v1.p20, Parker, Colonel, forces the Bhore Ghaut, v2.p435, Killed, v2.p443

Partition treaties. Of Tippoo's territory, v3.p67, v3.p177, Of the Mahratta territory, v3.p267

Patans, v3.p389

Patell, the chief magistrate of a village, v1.p31, Duties of, v1.p35, Under Sivajee, v1.p233

Patrowlee, leaves which the Hindoos substitute for plates, v1.p32

Pattinson, Lieutenant Thomas, v3.p435

Patun, battle of, v3.p73

Pawungurh, v1.p28, a fort close to Panalla in the Deccan, also a strong hill-fort in Guzerat.

Peelajee Jadow, v1.p427, v2.p16

Peer, a Mahomedan saint, v1.p89

Peishwa, a prime-minister, a Bramin appointed to that dignity by Boorahan Nizam Shah, A.D. 1529, v1.p75, First Mahratta Peishwa, v1.p150, Office of, v1.p235, v1.p265, Pelly, M., v3.p484

Pergunna, a subdivision of a country, v1.p79

Perron, Monsieur, v3.p82, v3.p112, v3.p181, v3.p235, v3.p246, Retires from Sindia's service, v3.p249

Pertab Rao, (formerly Kartojee,) Goozur, v1.p220, v1.p240, Expedition to Candeish, where he first imposes the chouth, v1.p249, v1.p251, v1.p261, Killed, v1.p262

Pertabgurh built, v1.p150, v1.p184

Peshkush, a tribute, a premium paid to the state upon receiving grants or honours.

Phar Ghaut. A pass into the Concan, which is commanded by the fort of Pertabgurh, v1.p145, v1.p150

Phirungajee Nursalla, v1.p133, His defence of Chakun, v1.p193

Phultun, v1.p81, v1.p84, v1.p85, v1.p89, v1.p97, v1.p186

Pilcondah, v1.p66

Pindharees, v1.p354, Rise of, v1.p325, Mode of proceeding, and conducting an expedition, v1.p329, v1.p357, v1.p389, v1.p395, Operations against them, v1.p455, to v1.p459, v1.p467

Piracy on the Mahratta and Malabar coast, v3.p95, v3.p100, Suppressed, v3.p351

Pirates, English, v1.p379

Pitt, Mr., v2.p420

Polygar. One who has assumed independent authority, v1.p29, v1.p43, v1.p85

Pond; v1.p261, v1.p263, Surrenders to Sivajee, v1.p268

Poona, v1.p92, v1.p119, v1.p194, v1.p221, v1.p333, The capital of the Mahrattas, v1.p39, Plundered and destroyed by Nizam Ally, v1.p173, Affray in the streets of, v3.p147, State of, at the time of the imprisonment of Nana Furnuwees, v3.p151, Battle of, v3.p207, Surrounded by the British troops, v3.p384, Treaty of, v3.p385, Alarming state of affairs at, v3.p415, District of, in charge of Capt. Robertson, v3.p485

Poonamalee, v1.p346

Poorundhur, v1.p130, v1.p135, Besieged by Dilere Khan, v1.p205, Surrendered, v1.p209, Retaken, v1.p244, Given up to Ballajee Wishwanath, v1.p437, Treaty of, v2.p320, Taken, v3.p480

Popham, Capt. William, crosses the Jumna with a detachment, v2.p418, Takes Lahar by storm, v2.p419, Surprises Gwalior, v2.p420, Porto Novo, v2.p1, v2.p199

Portuguese, v1.p74, Conquest of Go; v1.p75, Make a descent upon the coast, v1.p75, Mention of, v1.p76, v1.p77, v1.p188, v1.p249, v1.p252, v1.p266, Attack Sumbhajee, v1.p314, Retreat with loss, v1.p315, Assist Mannajee Angria, v1.p521, Assist Sumbhajee Angria, v1.p535, Are in consequence attacked by the Peishwa, v1.p535, War prosecuted against, v1.p542, War continued, v1.p547, State of, v1.p567

Potnees. Cashkeeper, v1.p237, Pottinger, Captain, v3.p485, Power, v1.p85, Of Dhar, origin of, v1.p481, v1.p493, v1.p509

Pound Sawunt, v1.p417, v1.p424, Poorans, v1.p4, v1.p23, Written by Veas, v1.p23

Powell, Lieut.-Colonel, v3.p258

Prakritee, a Hindoo deity, v1.p20

Praunt, a subdivision of a country, v1.p79

Prillhad Neerajee, v1.p277, v1.p365, Created Pritee Needhee, v1.p369, v1.p372, Death, v1.p386, Character, v1.p396

Pritee Needhee, originally created by Raja Ram, v1.p370, v2.p2, v2.p4, v2.p17

Pritzler, Brigadier General, v3.p399, v3.p431, v3.p438, v3.p442, v3.p480, v3.p483

Prophecy, v1.p91

Prother, Lieut.-Colonel, v3.p432, v3.p442, v3.p484

Prucheetgurh, v1.p141, v3.p487

Punchayet, v1.p35, Appeal from, v1.p40, Disputes relating to hereditary rights, settled by, v1.p79, v1.p80, Invariably obtained in the country, v1.p235, Remarks respecting, v3.p497

Punch-huzaree. A commander of 5000 horse, v1.p227

Pundit Rao, one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p266

Pundit. A Bramin, learned in both Shasters and Vedas.

Punt Raj Adnya, v2.p170

Puntojee Gopinat, the wukeel of Afzool Khan, v2.p169, Betrays his master, v2.p170

Purdhans. The ministers of Sivajee, of whom there were eight so called. Institution of, v1.p235, Their names changed, v1.p265

Pureshram Bhow Putwurdhun, sent down into the Concan against General Goddard, v2.p437, v3.p45, v3.p47, v3.p55, Conduct of, v3.p61, Advances towards Bednore, v3.p65, Retreats, v3.p66, Reasons, v3.p68, Conduct censured, v3.p69, Distressing march upon his return, v3.p69, Commands the Mahrattas at Kurdla, v3.p113, Wounded by Lal Khan, v3.p114, Extraordinary march of, v3.p129, Brings Bajee Rao to Poona, v3.p130, Flees from Poona, but is taken prisoner, v3.p144, Release of, v3.p158, Attacks Satara, v3.p159, Pardoned, v3.p160, Reconciled to Nana, v3.p174, Killed, v3.p185

Pureshram Sree Newass, succeeds his father as Pritee Needle, v3.p339, v3.p339, is confined, v3.p340, released by the Telin, v3.p341, Rebels, v3.p341, Wounded, taken, and confined, v3.p342, v3.p494, v3.p495

Pureshram Trimbuck, v1.p375, v1.p393, Appointed Pritee Needhee, v1.p396, v1.p426, Death., v1.p471

Pureshram, fable respecting, v1.p4

Purinda, besieged without success by the Moghuls, no.

Purlee surprised, v1.p260

Pursajee Bhonslay, v3.p394, Murdered, v3.p395

Pursojee Bhonslay, ancestor of the Rajas of Nagpoor, v1.p379

Purwuttum, v1.p278

Putta, v1.p250, v1.p267, v1.p290

Putwurdhun, family of, v1.p333, v1.p352, v1.p494

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