Ukhbars, native newspapers, v2.p251

Umeer Khan, v3.p195, Cuts off a party of British troops, v3.p277, Pursued by General Smith, v3.p294, Assumes control of Holkar's durbar, v3.p231, Attacks the territory of Rughoojee Bhonslay, v3.p325, Confines Khureem, v3.p327, Mention of, v3.p389, v3.p403, v3.p405

Upton, Colonel, appointed envoy-plenipotentiary to Poona, v2.p312, Arrives at Poorundhur, v2.p316, Menacing tone assumed towards, by the ministers, v2.p318, His negotiations, v2.p319, Signs the treaty of Poorundhur, v2.p320, Recalled, v2.p332

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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