Tagara, v1.p25

Taindulsa, battle of, v2.p175

Tala, v1.p140, v1.p141

Talneir stormed, v3.p471

Talooka, a subdivision of a district.

Tambhut, a double kettle-drum, v1.p33

Tanjore, v1.p199, v1.p281, v1.p382, v1.p566

Tanjore, v2.p5

Tannah, a fort on Salsette, v1.p28, v1.p76, Taken by the Mahrattas, v1.p536

Tannajee Maloosray, the particular friend of Sivajee, v1.p130, v1.p172, v1.p195, v1.p215, v1.p241, Escalades Singurh, v1.p243, Killed, v1.p243

Tara Bye, widow of Raja Ram, becomes regent, v1.p396, v1.p423, Confined, v1.p425, Taken prisoner, v1.p505, Re-emerges v2.p31, Visits the fort of Singurh, v2.p39, v2.p45, v2.p47, v2.p64, v2.p75, Dies, v2.p162

Tarrapoor, v1.p545, Stormed by the Mahrattas, v1.p545

Tattora, v1.p260

Tattya Jogh, v3.p459

Tavernier, v1.p155

Tayler, Mr. William, member of council at Bombay, sent round to Bengal, v2.p312, Protests against the proceedings of the Bengal government, v2.p313, Telikotta, v1.p76, Battle of, v1.p76, Telingana, v1.p1, Limits defined, v1.p2, Thanna, particular explanation of, v1.p176

Thul Concan, or Concan below the Ghauts, v1.p6

Thuree, the vale adjoining the bank of a river, v1.p9

Tikona, v1.p140

Timour, v1.p68

Tippoo Sultan succeeds his father, and continues the war against the English, v2.p468, Treaty concluded with, by the Madras government, v2.p468, Claims the sovereignty of Beejapoor, v2.p472, Gross deception practised by, v3.p4, Negotiation of an alliance against him, v3.p7, War with, v3.p9, Crosses the Toongbuddra with his army, in basket-boats, v3.p15, Treaty with, v3.p17, Motives, v3.p18, Conduct of, v3.p38, Attacks the lines of Travancore, v3.p43, Alliance against him, v3.p43, Negociates, v3.p66, Treaty with, v3.p67, Partition of the conquests from, v3.p68, Death of, v3.p175, Partition of his territories, v3.p177, Titles, v1.p81

Tobra, a horse's feeding bag, made of leather, v1.p60, v1.p227

Tod, Captain, v3.p404

Todur Mull, v1.p125, Revenue system of, v1.p125

Tone, Mr., in. v1.p139, v1.p154

Tonk Rampoora, taken, v3.p276, Tooka Bye Mohitey, Shahjee's v3.p2, wife, and mother of Venkajee, v1.p123

Tookajee Holkar, v2.p196, v2.p206, v2.p265, Favourable to Rugoba, v2.p349, Detached from that party, v2.p353, Joins Sindia against the English, v2.p407, Commands the army against General Goddard, v2.p437, Joins Pureshram Bhow in the Concan, v2.p441

Toolajee Angria, v2.p88

Toolava, or Canara, v1.p4

Tooljapoor, v1.p89, v1.p184

Toolsee Bye, the mistress of Jeswunt Rao Holkar, becomes regent, v1.p321, v1.p459

Toone, Brigadier-General, v3.p399

Toong, v1.p140

Toongbuddra, v2.p2

Toorgul, v1.p186

Torna, the first fort of which Sivajee obtained possession, v1.p130, v1.p131

Trichinopoly, v2.p3, v2.p5, v2.p6

Trimbuck Punt, v2.p48, v2.p140

Trimbuck Rao Dhabaray, v1.p473, v1.p506, Killed, v1.p508

Trimbuck Rao Mama, v2.p166, Left in the Carnatic, v2.p214, Defeats Hyder, and invests Seringapatam, v2.p215, Concludes a treaty with Hyder, v2.p217

Trimbukjee Dainglia, v1.p141

Trimbukjee Dainglia, v3.p355, Origin of, v3.p355, Gains the confidence of Bajee Rao, v3.p356, His mode of flattering the Peishwa, v3.p357, Appointed to transact affairs with the British residency, v3.p360, Kills a Bramin, v3.p361, Appointed Sur-Soobehdar of Ahmedabad, v3.p372, Murders Gungadhur Shastree, v3.p375, Is delivered up, and escapes, v3.p376, v3.p411, v3.p431, v3.p437

Tughluk, v1.p47

Tukka, v1.p126

Tukurrib Khan, v1.p104

Tullygaom, village of, English army advance to, v2.p368, and retreat from, v2.p370

Tunkha, v1.p126

Tuqazu, explanation of, v2.p4

Tuqseemu, a portion, v1.p34

Tural, v1.p33

Turbeeut Khan, the chief artillery and engineer officer under Aurungzebe, v1.p339, v1.p394, Death, v1.p419

Turuf, under the Bahminee dynasty, a great division of the empire, v1.p64, Now a subdivision of a district.

Tutwa, one of the books of Hindoo astronomy, v1.p2

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