Sabajee Bhonslay, v2.p245, v2.p262, Confirmed as Sena Sahib Soobeh, v2.p265, Killed, v2.p310

Sadhoo, v1.p14, v1.p20

Sadut Dolls Khan, v1.p407, Ancestor of the Nabob of Arcot, v1.p565

Sadut Khan, v1.p468, v1.p469, Ancestor of the present King of Oude, v1.p470, Drives the Mahrattas across the Jumna, v1.p531

Sagoona Bye Mohitey, v2.p30

Sagur, v3.p391

Sahotra, a revenue term, v1.p455

Salbye, negotiations between Mahadajee Sindia and Mr. D. Anderson, with the terms of the treaty finally agreed, on, v2.p456, Ratified and exchanged, v2.p467

Sale, Captain George, anecdote of, and his covering serjeant at the battle of Assaye, v3.p242

Salheir, v1.p250, Battle of, v1.p251, Given up, v1.p325

Salsette invaded by the Mahrattas, v1.p535, Conquered, v1.p547

Sangster, Mr., v3.p35

Satara, v1.p8, v1.p29, v1.p260, Becomes the seat of government, v1.p387, Siege of, v1.p392, Retaken, v1.p407, v2.p5, v2.p16, v2.p17, Raja of, v3.p132, v3.p157, Attacks the Peishwa's troops under Mahdoo Rao Rastia, v3.p158, Defeated by Pureshram Bhow, v3.p159, Town plundered, v3.p160, Raja of, v3.p410, v3.p438, v3.p439, Capture of, v3.p440, Proclamation of, v3.p440, Raja of, rescued, v3.p445, Reinstated on his throne, v3.p482, Territory of, v3.p485, v3.p492

Sautpoora, v1.p3

Savanoor, v1.p432, Nabob of, v1.p432, Nabob of, v2.p30, in. v2.p14, Abandoned to Tippoo, v2.p16

Sawunt, v1.p84, v1.p88, v1.p138, Concludes a treaty with Sivajee, which they break, v1.p167, Proposals of, v1.p185, v1.p187, Reduced by Sivajee, v1.p188, Mention of, v1.p388

Sawuntwaree, v3.p99, v3.p100, v3.p343, Treaty with, v3.p351, v3.p352

Scott, Lieutenant-Colonel Hopeton, v3.p447, v3.p473

Sebundees, irregular infantry employed both in garrisoning forts and in assisting in the police and other civil duties of the provinces.

Seedee Johur, v1.p178, Plans disconcerted, v1.p182, Rebellion of, v1.p185, Death of, v1.p187

Seedee Musaood, v2.p83

Seedee of Jinjeera, v1.p139, v1.p167, v1.p179, v1.p180, v1.p246, v1.p286, Naval action with, v1.p313, Makes a descent upon Bombay, v1.p358, v1.p522, v3.p96

Seedojee Goojur, v1.p368

Seedojee Rao Nimbalkur (see Appa Dessaye Nepankur), v3.p191

Seetabuldee, battle of, v3.p449

Seetaram Rowjee, v3.p367, v3.p371

Senaputtee, commander-in-chief of the Mahratta armies, and one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p266, v2.p2

Sera, v1.p121, v1.p281, v3.p53, Surrenders to Hurry Punt, v3.p54

Seringapatam, v3.p54, v3.p55, v3.p175, v2.p101

Seshao Naik Poonday, v1.p91, v1.p238

Severndroog, v1.p188, v2.p85

Sewdasheo Bhow Bhaskur, v3.p204, Defeated by Holkar, v3.p207, v3.p282, v3.p299

Sewdasheo Bhow Mankesir, v3.p147, v3.p334, v3.p346, v3.p354, v3.p379, v3.p442

Sewdasheo Chimnajee Bhow, v2.p8, Sent into the Carnatic, v2.p26, v2.p42, v2.p53, v2.p80, v2.p119, v2.p138, v2.p155, An impostor of this name, v2.p325, Supported by the English, takes the field, v2.p330

Sewdasheogurh, v1.p269

Sewnee, affair of, v3.p473

Sewneree, v1.p92, v1.p121, v1.p244, v1.p267

Shah Alum, deprived of sight, v3.p30, Re-seated on his throne, v3.p31, v3.p252

Shah Jehan, v1.p96, Succeeds his father Jehangeer, v1.p101, Mention of, v1.p104, v1.p125, v1.p144

Shah Nuwaz Khan, v2.p21, v2.p59, v2.p81, v2.p95, v2.p106, Put to death, v2.p114

Shahabodeen, v2.p327, Father of Nizam-Ool-Moolk receives the title of Ghazee-ud-deen, v2.p327

Shahjee, v1.p89, v1.p90, v1.p92, v1.p97, v1.p101, Enters the Moghul service, v1.p102, Quits the Moghuls, and enters the service of Beejapoor, v1.p107, Progress, v1.p109, Regency of, v1.p111, Operations against, v1.p115, Submission of, and is permitted to enter the service of Beejapoor, v1.p117, Subsequent progress, v1.p119, Mention of, v1.p132, Treacherously seized, v1.p143, Is released, v1.p146, Injunction to vengeance, v1.p148, Visits Sivajee, v1.p189, Death of, v1.p199, Possessions of, v1.p199

Shaisteh Khan, v1.p101, v1.p113, v1.p114, Appointed viceroy of the Deccan, v1.p192, Besieges Chakun, v1.p193, Surprised by Sivajee, v1.p196, Appointed to Bengal, v1.p197

Shalivahan, v1.p26, v1.p28, Era, v1.p55

Shamraje Punt, the first Mahratta Peishwa, v1.p150, Defeated by the Seedee, v1.p166, Removed from the office of Peishwa, v1.p166

Shao Maharaj, the adopted son of Ram Raja, v2.p340

Shao, v1.p367, v1.p404, v1.p413, Origin of the name, v1.p413, Released by Azim Shah, v1.p416, Opposed by Tara Bye, v1.p416, Obtains possession of Satara, and is seated on the throne, v1.p418, Character of, v1.p440, Afflicted with madness, v2.p30, Death, and immediate consequences, v2.p35

Shasters, v1.p23, v1.p36

Shastree, a Bramin learned in the Shasters, v1.p23

Shenwee, v1.p11

Shirzee Rao Ghatgay, v3.p138, Rise of, as Sukaram, v3.p138, v3.p140, Compact with Bajee Rao, v3.p141, Becomes Sindia's prime minister, v3.p153, Cruelties and extortions of, v3.p153, Attack on Amrut Rao, v3.p164, Dreadful executions by, v3.p167, Is arrested, v3.p167, Released, v3.p190, Horrible execution of Narrain Rao Bukhshee, v3.p190, Is left by Sindia in the Deccan, v3.p196, Defeats the plot of Ballajee Koonjur, v3.p200, Defeats Holkar at Indore, v3.p201, Endeavours to persuade Sindia to unite with Holkar against the British, v3.p302, Excluded from the councils of Sindia, v3.p308, Re-admitted, v3.p324, Death of, v3.p324

Sholapoor, v1.p65, v1.p78, v1.p104, v3.p484

Shooder, the fourth of the four grand divisions of Hindoo castes, v1.p9

Shore, Sir John, neutral policy of, v3.p109

Shuja, the second son of the emperor Shah Jehan, no.

Shujah-ud-doulah, v2.p79, v2.p95, v2.p134, v2.p219, Supports Meer Cassim, and is defeated by the English, v2.p220, His death, v2.p459, Shukurkhera, v1.p487

Shumsher Buhadur, v1.p571, IL v1.p140, v3.p235

Shunkerjatee, account of, v1.p13, Shunkrajee Narrain Suchew, performs the Jul Sumadh, or voluntary death by water, v1.p424

Shunkrajee Punt, v2.p115, v2.p49

Sillidars, horsemen who provide a horse at their own expense, v1.p75

Silwunt, v1.p12

Simoga, battle of, v3.p62

Sinclair, Major James, v3.p283

Sindey, v1.p14

Sindia, origin of, v1.p479, Progress, v1.p493, v1.p533, v1.p538, (See Ranojee, Mahadajee, Doulut Rao, &c.)

Sindkheir, v1.p88, v1.p100, v1.p121

Singin, v1.p29

Singur, v1.p62

Singurh, v1.p62, Given up to Sivajee, v1.p134, Given up to Jey Sing, v1.p209, Description of, v1.p241, Retaken by Tannajee Maloosray, v1.p242, Reduced, v1.p399, Retaken, v1.p408, Taken by the English, v3.p480

Sirkar, the Government. A division of a country under the Mahomedans (by Europeans this word is sometimes written Circar,) v1.p79

Sirkay, v1.p29

Sissoday or Sissodia, v1.p26

Sivajee II. v1.p396, Death of, v1.p425

Sivajee, son of Shahjee Bhonslay Patell. Adopted by Jeejee Bye of Kolapoor, ii v1.p337

Sivajee, son of Shahjee, v1.p7, v1.p16, v1.p44, Birth of, v1.p122, Marriage of, v1.p122, Education, v1.p127, First designs, v1.p123, Earliest followers of, v1.p13, Obtains possession of Torna, v1.p131, Builds Rajgurh, v1.p132, Daring robbery by, v1.p140, Correspondence with Shah Jehan, v1.p144, Prefers a claim as Deshmookh, v1.p144, Attacks the Moghul possessions, v1.p162, Negociates with Aurungzebe, v1.p161, Entertains a body of Patans, v1.p165, Conduct in regard to Afzool Khan, v1.p168, Escapes from Panalla, v1.p181, Takes Rajapoor, v1.p183, Sringarpoor, v1.p183, Kills Ghorepuray, v1.p186, Behaviour to his father, v1.p189, Territory of, in A.D. 1661, v1.p190, Surprises Shaisteh Khan, v1.p196, Assumes the title of Raja, and strikes coins, v1.p200, Maritime expedition, v1.p201, His indecision, v1.p205, Submits, v1.p208, Assists against Beejapoor, v1.p211, Repairs to Delhi, v1.p212, Escapes from Delhi, v1.p215, Obtains many favours from Aurungzebe, v1.p220, Sivajee's institutions, v1.p223, Army, v1.p224, Forts, v1.p231, Revenue, v1.p232, Justice, v1.p235, Chief officers, v1.p235, Anecdote of, v1.p243, Plunders Surat a second time, v1.p247, Achieves a victory, and secures his retreat, v1.p249, Treatment of his prisoners, v1.p252, Expedition to Golcondah, v1.p255, Presses the war with Beejapoor, v1.p259, Ascends the throne, v1.p263, Treaty with the English, v1.p264, Confined by illness at Satara, v1.p269, His expedition to the Carnatic, v1.p274, His arrival at Golcondah, v1.p277, Performs many penances, v1.p278, Progress in the Carnatic, v1.p278, Sets out on his return, v1.p283, Assists Beejapoor against the Moghuls, v1.p288, Plunders Jaulna, v1.p289, Heads a desperate charge, v1.p289, Cessions from Beejapoor, v1.p293, Letter to Venkajee, v1.p294, Death of, v1.p295, Character, v1.p296, Possessions at the time of his death, v1.p299

Smith, Colonel Lionel, v3.p381, v3.p382, v3.p392, Brigadier-general, v3.p399, v3.p409, v3.p420, v3.p429, v3.p438, v3.p440, v3.p442, Surprises the Peishwa at Ashtah, v3.p443, v3.p472

Smith, Major, v3.p381

Somunt, one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p266

Somwoushee, v2.p41

Sondoor, v1.p432, v3.p411

Soobeh, a province. Also the officer in charge of a great province, v1.p80, A division of horse, under Sivajee's regulations, composed of 625 men, v1.p227

Soobehdar. The civil governor of a province or district. According to Sivajee's regulations, he was commandant of 625, horsemen, v1.p227, In the English service, he is the senior native officer in a company of Sepoys.

Soonda, v1.p187, v1.p257, v1.p268, v1.p567, Soornees, or record keeper, one of Sivajee's principal officers, v1.p236

Soorsun, (or Arabic year,) v1.p55, Introduction into the. Deccan, v1.p55

Sooruj Mull, v2.p137, v2.p221

Soorway, v1.p184

Sooryajee Maloosray, v1.p243

Sopa, v1.p92, v1.p119, Taken by Sivajee, v1.p134

Soyera Bye, v1.p300, Put to death by Sumbhajee, v1.p305

Spencer, Mr., v2.p98

Spiller, Captain, v3.p488

Sreenewass Gungadhur, v2.p169

Sreeput Rao. Appointed Pritee Needhee, v1.p471, The rival of Bajee Rao, v1.p483, Defeats the Raja of Kolapoor, v1.p505, v1.p523, v2.p5

Sringarpoor, v1.p138, not marked in the map, is situated in the Concan, S.W. of Satara.

St. Lubin, a French adventurer, His proceedings at the court of Poona, v2.p344

Staunton, Captain, v3.p433, Stevenson, Colonel, v3.p229, v3.p237, v3.p238, v3.p244

Stewart, Captain, takes possession of the Bhore Ghent, v2.p364, v2.p364, Killed, v2.p367, His high character, v2.p367

Stulls, v1.p33

Stundeel, v1.p16

Subnees, v1.p231, The head clerk, or Dufturdar, v1.p237

Suchew, one of the eight Purdhans, v1.p266, v3.p84, v3.p494, v3.p495

Suckwar Bye Sirkay, u. v3.p32, Immolates herself, v3.p36

Suddaba, v2.p225, v2.p230

Sufdur Ali, v2.p3, Murdered, v2.p22, Sufdur Jung, v2.p12, Made vizier, v2.p29, v2.p56, Dies, v2.p79

Sugger, v1.p65, v1.p345

Suhyee Bye, Nimbalkur, the elder wife of Sivajee, and mother of Sumbhajee, v1.p1, v1.p122, v1.p300

Sukaram Bapoo, v2.p26, v2.p167, v2.p169, v2.p265, v2.p314, v2.p353, v2.p396, v2.p397

Sukaram Hurry, v2.p175, v2.p254, v2.p287, His enthusiastic devotedness, v2.p353

Sulabut Jung, v2.p47, v2.p59, v2.p62, v2.p81, v2.p106, v2.p123, v2.p162

Sultan Azim, v1.p325, v1.p415, Killed, v1.p419

Sultan Buhadur of Guzerat, v1.p76

Sultan Mauzum, appointed viceroy of the Deccan, v1.p197, Recalled, v1.p204, Reappointed, v1.p217, Character of, v1.p219, Feigned rebellion disbelieved, v1.p221, Mention of, v1.p240, v1.p250, Re-appointed to the Deccan, v1.p287, v1.p313, Dignified with the title of Shah Alum, proceeds into the Concan, v1.p325, Progress of, v1.p526, v1.p332, v1.p534, v1.p338, v1.p419, v1.p420

Sultan Mohummud Akber, v1.p307, v1.p335, v1.p336, Retires to Persia, v1.p351

Sultan Sikundur Adil Shah, v1.p256

Sumbhajee Angria, v2.p83

Sumbhajee, son of Raja Ram, Raja of Kolapoor, v1.p425, v1.p432, Anecdote of, v1.p502, Treaty with, v1.p506, v1.p31, Dies, v1.p337

Sumbhajee, son of Sivajee, v1.p209, v1.p220, Flees to the Moghuls, v1.p291, Returns, v1.p293, Vigorous measures, v1.p302, Ascends the throne, v1.p306, Cruelties of, v1.p308, Sends an ambassador to Bombay, v1.p313, Signalizes himself against the Portuguese, v1.p315, Misconduct of, v1.p317, v1.p348, Is taken, v1.p359, Executed, v1.p361

Sumroo, v2.p461

Sunkhera taken, v3.p213

Sunneashee, v1.p14

Sunnud, a warrant, a commission.

Suntajee Ghorepuray, v1.p262, v1.p289, v1.p549, v1.p365, v1.p374, v1.p380, Attacked by his own troops, v1.p386, Murder of, v1.p388, Eulogy, v1.p389

Suntajee, brother of Sivajee, v1.p279, v1.p283, v1.p351, v1.p370

Sur Boolund Khan, v1.p491, Concedes the Chouth and Surdeshmookhee of Guzerat, v1.p503, v1.p511

Sur Deshmookh, Head Deshmookh, an office granted by the king of Beejapoor, v1.p85

Sur Lushkur Khan, v2.p20, v2.p47, v2.p59

Sur Rao Kakray, v1.p252

Surat, v1.p3, Plundered by Sivajee, v1.p198, Brick walls built, v1.p199, v2.p70, Taken by the English, v2.p116, Nabob of deposed, v3.p212

Surdeshmookhee, a term for one of those exactions imposed by the Mahrattas upon the revenues of the Mahomedan territories, which was formally recognized as a right of v3.p10, per cent. upon the whole revenue of the six soobehs of the Deccan by Mohummud Shah, A.D. 1719, origin of, v1.p210, v1.p281, Imperial grant of, v1.p450

Surjee Anjengaom, treaty of, v3.p265

Surnobut, chief commander of cavalry or infantry, v1.p226, Also the officer under the governor of a fortress, or commanding one face of a fortress, v1.p227

Surusutee, one of the divisions of Gosaeens, v1.p16

Suwassay, v1.p11

Swanston, Lieutenant, v3.p434, v3.p478

Swuraje, grant of, v1.p451

Syhadree kind, v1.p11

Syhadree mountains, v1.p5

Syud Bundoo, v1.p173

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