Ragoo Bullal, v1.p148, v1.p165

Raichore, v1.p64, v1.p65, v1.p78, v1.p186

Raigurh, becomes Sivajee's capital, v1.p190, Consultation at, v1.p205, Council held at, upon the murder of Sumbhajee, v1.p365, Taken by the Moghuls, v1.p367, Taken by the English, v3.p484

Rairee, v1.p140, Given up to Sivajee, v1.p141, Name changed to Raigurh, v1.p190

Rairee, in Malwan, v1.p188, Built by Sivajee, v1.p188

Raja Ram, v1.p301, Declared regent, v1.p365, Flees to Ginjee, v1.p369, List of his ministers, v1.p370, Ascends the throne, v1.p371, Escapes from Ginjee, v1.p385, Proceeds with a great army, v1.p389, Death and character of, v1.p395

Raja Rugonath Dass, v2.p51, v2.p54

Raja, a Hindoo prince.

Rajamundree, v1.p76, v2.p63, v2.p192

Rajapoor, v1.p138, v1.p178, Contribution levied from, v1.p178

Rajgurh, built, v1.p132, Retaken, v1.p375

Rajis Bye, v2.p33

Rajmachee, v1.p141

Rajpoot States, v1.p563, Treaties with, v3.p267, v3.p311, v3.p321, v3.p330, v3.p390, v3.p468

Rajpoots, v1.p11

Rakisbone, battle of, v2.p174

Rakshush, or demons, v1.p42

Ram Raja of Beejanugur, v1.p1, v1.p77

Ram Raja, v1.p2, v1.p31, v1.p75, Dies, v1.p338

Ram Shastree, v2.p208, Conduct on the death of Narrain Rao, v2.p249

Ram, a Hindoo deity, v1.p22

Ramajee Punt, v2.p89, v2.p163

Ramayun, a popular Hindoo poem, v1.p21, v1.p128

Ramchundur Baba Shenwee, v2.p42, v2.p74, v2.p119

Ramchundur Gunnesh, v2.p206, Killed, v2.p428

Ramchundur Jadow, v2.p106, v2.p166, v2.p170

Ramchundur Punt Boureekur, v1.p263, v1.p265, v1.p275, v1.p365, v1.p374, v1.p387, v1.p425

Ramdass, v2.p46

Ramdass, Swamy, v1.p16, v1.p184, v1.p309

Ramdeen, v3.p445, v3.p463, v3.p477

Ramdeo Rao Jadow, v1.p45, v1.p57

Ramgurh, v2.p11

Ramjee Patell, v3.p167

Rammajee Punt Bhanoo, appointed Furnuwees to Ballajee Wishwanath, v1.p436

Ramoosee, v1.p34, v1.p232

Rangna, v1.p28, v1.p177, v1.p181

Rannay Khan, v3.p27

Ranoojee Sindia, v2.p16, Dies, v2.p40, His family, v2.p133, (See Sindia.)

Rao Naik Nimbalkur, v1.p84

Raojee Somnath, v1.p220

Rastia, v3.p198, v3.p363, v3.p495

Rawun, v1.p25

Raymond, M., v3.p110, v3.p119, Death of, v3.p173

Religion of the Mahratta country, v3.p1, v3.p19

Rendoollah Khan, v1.p105, v1.p144

Revenue distribution, v1.p453, Effect of, v1.p567

Revenue of the Mahratta country, v1.p37, v2.p237

Rewadunda, reduced, v2.p7

Rhoura, v1.p8

Robertson, Cap. H. D., M. v1.p485

Rohillas, v1.p564, v2.p56, War against them by the Mahrattas, v2.p226

Rohira, v1.p137, Escalade of, v1.p149

Roostum Zuman, v1.p177, Defeated by Sivajee, v1.p177, Favours the escape of Netajee, v1.p194

Rowjee Appajee, the minister at Baroda, M. v1.p214, Calls in the aid of the English, v1.p215, Death of, v1.p367

Rughoojee Bhonslay, origin of, v1.p518, Appointed Sena Sahib Soobeh, v1.p518, Incursion to Allahabad, v1.p546, Commission for the conquest of the Carnatic, v1.p556, v2.p3, v2.p5, v2.p9, v2.p14, v2.p17, His agreement with Ballajee Bajee Rao, v2.p18, v2.p23, Invades Orissa, v2.p24, v2.p30, v2.p38, v2.p40, v2.p54, Dies, v2.p74, v2.p92, v3.p143, v3.p198, Unites with Sindia to oppose the views of the English, v3.p229, Dastardly conduct at Assaye, v3.p243, Apprehensive of a night attack, v3.p259, Treaty with, v3.p263, Condition of, v3.p317, v3.p325, v3.p390, Death of; v3.p393

Rughoojee Gaekwar, v2.p24

Rugonath Narrain Hunwuntay, v1.p274, Left in the Carnatic, v1.p283, Arrival at Raigurh, v1.p509

Rugonath Punt Nya Shastree, one of Sivajee's confidential agents, v1.p163, v1.p166, v1.p207

Rugonath Rao, v1.p571, v2.p66, v2.p101, v2.p121, v2.p131, v2.p162, Attacks his nephew, and defeats him, v2.p168, Takes the fort of Merich, v2.p170, Hostilities with the Nizam, v2.p172, Retires in anger to Anundwelee, v2.p178, Joins the Carnatic army, v2.p181, Makes a treaty with Hyder, v2.p181, Marches into Hindoostan, v2.p195, Raises troops, v2.p199, Adopts a son, v2.p199, His intrigues at the time of Mahdoo Rao's illness, v2.p241, Released from confinement, v2.p242, Confined in the Peishwa's palace, v2.p244, Suspected of the murder of his nephew, v2.p248, Proclaimed Peishwa, v2.p250, Determines upon hostilities against Nizam, v2.p254, Want of popularity, v2.p255, Treats with the Nizam, v2.p256, Result of a conference, v2.p256, Advances towards the Carnatic, v2.p257, Concludes a treaty with Hyder, v2.p260, His conduct on hearing of the intrigues at Poona, v2.p260, Returns towards Poona, v2.p261, Attacks and defeats Trimbuck Rao Nana, v2.p262, Retreats to the northward, v2.p264, Advances to the banks of the Taptee, v2.p269, His negotiations with the Bombay government, v2.p274, Objects to the terms proposed, v2.p276, Deserted by Holkar and Sindia, retires to Guzerat, v2.p279, Renews his negotiation with the English, v2.p283, Treaty finally agreed on, v2.p283, Attacked and defeated by the ministerial army at Wassud, v2.p287, Flees to Cambay, v2.p288, Proceeds to Surat, and joins the English forces, v2.p289, Advances with his army, v2.p292, His troops dispirited by a trifling loss, v2.p293, v2.p297, Treaty with Futih Sing Gaekwar, v2.p392, Cedes some districts to the English, v2.p305, Effect produced on the ministerial party by his success, v2.p305, General feeling towards him, v2.p306, Included in the treaty signed by the Envoy of the Bengal government, v2.p321, His conduct on the interference of the Bengal government, v2.p323, Dissatisfied with the terms of the treaty, v2.p324, Obtains an asylum in Surat, v2.p326, Repairs to Bombay, v2.p332, His cause again espoused by the English, and a treaty made at Bombay, v2.p363, Endeavours to animate his allies, but fails, v2.p369, Surrenders himself to Mahadajee Sindia, v2.p375, Jagheer in Bundelcund settled on him, v2.p394, He effects his escape on his march to the northward, v2.p395, Received by General Goddard, v2.p400, Remains in Surat, v2.p408, Retires to Kopergaom, and dies, v2.p473

Runjeet Sing, v3.p28

Runmust Khan, v1.p289, v1.p292, v1.p314

Russell, Mr. Henry, v3.p347

Rutnaguiry, L v3.p138

Ryajee Patell, sent by Sindia to besiege Agra, v2.p481, Appointed governor of the fortress, v2.p481, v3.p21, v3.p137

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