The Vegan's Notebook


This site aims to provide organization for information about vegetarianism, including critical theories of meat consumption, environmental impact, and personal health effects. Much of the information available via the internet on these topics is not coherent, or written from a non-vegetarian viewpoint, or addresses only one of the points. One of the most common questions asked of vegetarians by omnivores is a variation of "which sort are you?" as if there is no overlap or consistency. This site also counters the perception that vegetarians are generally motivated by illogical arguments, by showing the logical framework presented by a variety of sources. In reality, reading existing vegetarian writings is the most consistent method that people have given up their animal consumption.

This site reflects the things I've looked for as Internet resources and information (or rumors) that I've heard or read. If you're interested in vegetarianism, hopefully it saves you some time. So, please let me know if something is presented less efficiently than possible or nagging questions remain unanswered.

I have summarized some groups of information, along with pointers to background theories as explained by experts. When information calls for the viewpoint or experiences of a vegetarian, I've stated my own directly. I'll continue to expand this set of pages over time, perhaps continuously.

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