The Vegan's Notebook


Vegetarianism describes a set of personal actions and attitudes that mesh well with public advocacy on several issues. Numerous groups support both vegetarian and animal rights advocacy, and represent both organized and decentralized activism.

Promoting Diversity
Vegetarians find their views and behaviors in the minority quite often, and have the opportunity to expose others to new ways of thinking.
Proving that vegetarianism is possible
Many vegetarians and vegans increase their visibility to demonstrate that a lifestyle substantially free of animal products is plausible. The most oft-cited reason by omnivores for not being vegetarian is the perception that it's too difficult or uncomfortable. Simply being visible and demonstrating pride in vegetarianism.
Counters stereotypes
There are several stereotypes of vegetarians and animal activists in our culture... most of which are as inaccurate at describing each individual as any other stereotype. Advocating vegetarianism creatively breaks those stereotypes.