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Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion

Northern France
Northern France
July 25 - September 14, 1944
July 24: Company C,  3110th Signal Service Battalion earns Normandy Campaign Participation Credit for being off English soil and on the water before 2400 on the last day of the Normandy Campaign.
July 25: 13 officers and 223 enlisted men of Company C land on Utah Beach.

162 were members of Company C and 64 men were attached from another Signal Corps unit.
July 26: Tamerville, France. Tamerville was about 3.5 kilometers (about 2 miles) from Valognes. Valognes was a major communications center for SHAEF and COMZ.

Co. C and other Signal Corps units bivouacked at Tamerville while constructing communications infrastructure for the facilities at Valognes.

Tamerville and Valognes:
June 24 to July 8: American units from Utah beached advanced up the Cotentin Peninsula and entered Cherbourg on about June 24, cleared most of it by the 26th, and secured the surrender of the last resistance on the 27th.

By July 8, the Americans began to bring in supplies through the port of Cherbourg.
Date unknown: About 100 members of Company C are assigned to Detachment Number 1.Possibly deployed to Cherbourg.
August 18: The remaining 67 men of Company C left Tamerville for Cherbourg. 
August 21: In response to the reports of an uprising in Paris, Com Z Forward sent a cable to England on the likely need to supply food to feed Parisians. The first relief convoy was in route by August 25, the day of the liberation of Paris.1

Establishing that communications link was the type of work Co. C had been doing in Valognes and Cherbourg since its deployment on July 26.

1P. 494, D-Day: the battle for Normandy, Anthony Beevor, Viking, 2009.
August 24: Companies A & B, 3110th Signal Service Battalion land on Utah Beach and proceeds to Valognes.
September 5: Companies A & B deploy to Paris.
September 15:

1. Company C's duty station changed to Paris. 4 officers and 32 enlisted men deployed to Paris.

2. Two officers and 64 enlisted men detached to Company A, 810th Signal Service Battalion in Cherbourg.

Company A, 810th Signal Service Battalion operated the telephone and teleprinter sections and the repeater station of the Cherbourg Switching Center.

Company A, 810th and the detached men from Company C also constructed a building to house communications equipment along with recreation hall. That work was done during heavy rains.

3. The rest of Company C remains on detached service probably in Cherbourg with another unit.

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