Jazz Picking 24th is the Utah Jazz with the second of their three first round picks.   Their GM for this pick is Sam Wood who selects:

Trajan Langdon, SG, 6'3", Duke


The Utah Jazz come off a disappointing season for the team and the fans. Projected to take the title, the Jazz underachieved in the playoffs and barely snuck past up-and-coming Sacramento, and got crushed by a bigger, deeper Portland team. Although they showed in the regular season that they still had it, compiling a 37-13 record, and tying for 1st place record in the league. Some say with an 82-game season, and time to weave the newcomer(Todd Fuller) into the intricate system.



John Stockton, the beloved veteran point guard of the Jazz had some trouble with the back-to-back games. He still made All-NBA 3rd team, and showed flashes of brilliance in a few selected games in the playoffs, and had minor elbow surgery in the offseason. He had an incredible ending in the 4th game in Sacramento, which was do-or-die, where he hit the winning shot. Still an effective player, he needs to be resigned, as he is a free agent. Howard Eisley played another solid regular season for the Jazz playing 15-20 minutes per game. Although his Sacramento series was stellar, his Portland series was disasterous where he seemed to shoot the ball too often, and turn the ball over consistently. He has one more year left on his current contract. Jacque Vaughn rarely got off the bench, and unless plays soon or if they trade Eisley does not look to have much playing time or future with the Jazz, but he is signed for one more year.


Jeff Hornacek, another older veteran superstar for the Jazz. He was troubled by his knees this year, but still perservered to have a quality season. He is the master of the tough shot. He is a free agent this year, and is expected to resign. Shandon Anderson, one of the most important free agents on this squad, came into his own this year. An impressive post-up guard for the Jazz, he has become an improved shooter and slasher. He is a definite must-sign for the Jazz, as he was incredible in the playoffs.


Bryon Russell had a breakout year for the Jazz as well. His three-point shooting has improved greatly to go along with his tremendous athletic ability. He is definitely a cornerstone for this franchise in the future as he averaged 13 points on a very balanced scoring squad, the 2nd leading scorer on the team. There are a few trade rumors involving Bryon, but his contract is wrapped up for a few more years, don't look for the Jazz to trade away Bryon. Adam Keefe probably had one of his toughest years as a pro. He fought injuries the whole year, but still contributed a few games which included double-figure scoring and great "garbage" play. He is a definite role player, and knows his role, to pick up rebounds, play good defense, and play within Sloan's system. He is also under contract.


Karl Malone comes off a productive year, but one of his worst statistically despite winning the MVP award. He was also on the All NBA 1st team for the 11th straight year, an NBA record. He comes under much criticizm after his playoff performance, especially in Game 6 of the Portland series where he went 3 for 16, and didn't seem to want to go to the hole at all. He is a free agent and is expected to resign. Thurl Bailey, the fan favorite on his second stint with the team. He was productive for the Jazz in a role situation, but at the age of 38, and not in great physical shape, he will probably retire.


Greg Ostertag had another somewhat disappointing season. The most frustrating thing for Jazz fans, players, and coaches was the flashes of brilliance he showed during this year, and the large salary he carries. This salary is over 5 years as well, so the Jazz better become patient, or trade him. Todd Fuller, came over in a trade with the Warriors, and he was a good player, and definitely worth a 2nd round pick. Having never been in the system, and not having time to practice with the team, or have the benefit of training camp he looked lost often, but was a productive player. He is a free agent and will probably resign. Greg Foster, probably had his worst year with the Jazz. His only weapon his outside shot was awful and is not a quality big man in the league. He is a free agent, and even by his own admission will not resign with the Jazz.


  1. A post player to backup Karl who would likely be able to backup at both the "4" and the "5" position.
  2. A perimeter shooter, who was athletic to fill in at the "2" and "3" spots.
  3. A combo forward who would add athletic ability and rebounding.


The Utah Jazz have had mixed success in the draft. Their player personnel man, Scott Layden, is one of the best. The Jazz have selected such gems as John Stockton with the 16th pick, Karl Malone with the 14th pick, Mark Eaton in the 3rd round, Shandon Anderson with the 54th pick, Bryon Russell with the 45th pick, Isaac Austin in the 2nd round, and as hard as it hurts for Jazz fans, Greg Ostertag with the 28th pick was a steal for that late in the draft.

But they have had their downfalls in the draft. Luther ("Wrong") Wright was a bomb, as he had psychological problems. Jose Ortiz was awful. Eric Murdock and "Blue" Edwards never really contributed in a Jazz uniform. These are all 1st round selections which did not pay off for the Jazz.


I have selected "The Alaskan Assassin", 6' 3", 200 pound shooting guard Trajan Langdon. An incredible shooter, and good team player he would fit in well with the Jazz system. He has played on winning teams with Duke, and wouldn't have too much trouble adjusting to Utah because he grew up in Alaska.

Reasons for selecting Langdon: Incredible shooting, good head for game, fills a perimeter shooting need for Jazz, all top big guys in draft(i.e., Weis, Radojevic, McCullough, Booth, and Eschmeyer) are gone, and my counterpart Kevin took Tim James so it wouldn't be real smart to draft another forward.


This section will include the players I passed over, and why.

Dion Glover: A good all-around player, but wouldn't play in summer, questionable work ethic, and not often do the Jazz select underclassmen.

Lee Nailon: His character is in question, and also already selecting Tim James, took him out of the running.

Kenny Thomas: He has to be one of the laziest players in basketball. Jerry Sloan would go nuts.

Scott Padgett: Good shooter, but Tim James and he are quite identical.

Jamaal Magloire: If they wanted a Kentucky center who couldn't score they wouldn't have traded Nazr Mohammed.


Obviously signing free-agents is a priority. Foster and Bailey will not be resigned, most likely. Malone, Anderson, Stockton, and Hornacek are the priorities. Todd Fuller will be re-evaluated, and most likely resigned.

Free Agents who might be considered by the Jazz.

Eric Piatkowski, Scott Burrell, Malik Sealy, Jon Barry, Mark Bryant, Michael Stewart, Malik Rose, Scot Pollard. All these players could only be signed under the 2 million dollar exception.

Some possible trades are likely considering the Jazz will probably not keep 3 picks with guranteed money on their roster. Trades could including trading up to get Andre Miller, Elton Brand, James Posey, or Alex Radojevic.

These would have to include picks and either Russell or Eisley, and an sign and trade with Anderson. These are somewhat unlikely. The Jazz will probably just trade these picks for 2nd rounders, pick a foreign player, or trade for future picks.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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