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Usenet Vs. NBA Draft


=== Usenet pick is the same as the NBA Pick

-N Usenet pick was "N"spots ahead of the NBA draft

+N Usenet pick was "N"spots after the NBA draft (a steal for the Usenet GM)

Pick Team Draft Player Diff
1 Cleveland Cavs Cleveland Cavs Usenet LaBron James ===
NBA LaBron James
Comments: John Popp has been fighting sever Cleveland Cavs Fan depression for years.  This year he and the Cavs prescribed LaBron "Human Prozac"  James.  AAAHHHH, we feel much better.
2 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Usenet Darko Milicic ===
NBA Darko Milicic
Comments: As a huge Pistons fan, I really hope this pick works out.  But man I really thought that Anthony would have looked good in a Pistons uniform.  Good job by the true plug-and-play GM, Curtis Hill
3 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets Usenet Carmelo Anthony ===
NBA Carmelo Anthony
Comments: I know I said this last year, but I really want Anthony to tell Vandewegh that he wants to play in Dallas not Denver.  The symmetry in that would just make my whole year.  Someone please do this!
4 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors Usenet Pavel Podkolzin Inc
NBA Chris Bosh
Comments: I really can't bash Mr. Able and the Usenet Raptors here, Podkolzin pulled out at the last minute.  Well after the Raptors pick.  Jason would have picked Bosh if he had known.  To be honest, why Podkolzin shot up the charts anyway was beyond me.  That said, he might be the first pick next year. 
5 Miami Heat Miami Heat Usenet T. J. Ford -3
NBA Dwayne Wade
Comments: I like Wade much more than Ford so I liked this pick.  Rob of course suffered the "first negative pick of the night" abuse heaped up at our annual NBA draft party.  Just a pathetic pick :-).  Great report though, as always.  His comment "Vlad Stepania" means "Pat Cummings" in Romanian, caused me to spit wine all over my Plasma screen.  Man that was a bitch to clean.
6 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers Usenet Chris Bosh +2
NBA Chris Kaman
Comments: The BWSA (Best White Stiff Available) Chris Kaman goes to the place where all BWSA's should go (outside of UTAH of course).  ESPN.com, or someone like that, had a really nice analysis that shows that centers picked between 2-10 suck.  That if a center is not worthy of being picked first, then they should not be picked until much later.  I have a feeling that Kaman fits that bill.  I'm also waiting for the trade to Utah to be announced, he would look awfully nice sitting next to Borchardt.  Very nice report by Jamie Resin.
7 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls Usenet Mickael Pietrus -4
NBA Kirk Hinrich
Comments: The Duke curse strikes the Chicago Bulls!  Pietrus was decent pick but the problem was that if the Bulls did not take him, no one else in the top 10 wanted him.  The Bulls GM stiffed me on the report, so I'll just say that the picked sucked big time.  Thanks to Jamie Resin for writing up the report.
8 Milwaukee Bucks Miwaukee Bucks Usenet Maciej Lampe -22
NBA T. J. Ford
Comments: -22!  Say it again, -22!!  One more time, -22!!!  Man I love the last guy in the "green room".  When they cry it just makes it better.  Hey, I can be a little bitter, they will still get lots more money than me and lots more women.  So let them suffer for one night.  Rumors about Lampe's contract really hurt him, but this probably was a little high.  Still he would have been no worse than a mid-first round pick so Robbie Bolton will get a little slack here.
9 New York Knicks New York Knicks Usenet Chris Kaman +3
NBA Mike Sweetney
Comments: The Knicks continue to stock small power forwards.  To bad that Sweetney was not 6'10" or he might have been the 4th pick.  Still he should be much better than BWSA Kaman.  The usual fine job by Bill "better that Layden" Tarr
10 Washington Wizards Washington Wizards Usenet Dwayne Wade +5
NBA Jarvis Hayes
Comments: Great steal by Peter Dodson.  Peter usually does not have good luck with the Wizards pick, but he broke the streak here.  Good job. 
11 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors Usenet Kirk Hinrich +4
NBA Mickael Pietrus
Comments: I'm going to be honest here, I hate Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas.  Just hate them.  They are the epitome of the modern player.  They skipped a practice because of a lack of playing time/shots.  I think that Pietrus will be a good fit and a better team player.  Great pick/report by Steve Basselman.
12 Seattle Sonics Seattle Sonics Usenet Mike Sweetney +3
NBA Nick Collison
Comments: Very nice pick for the Usenet Sonics (although they blow it big time at 14).  I like Collison.  One of my favorite players if nothing else, for what he did to Duke.  Sweetney was the Sonics pick on many mock drafts.
13 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies Usenet Jarvis Hayes +3
NBA Marcus Banks
Comments: Another good pick for the Usenet'ers.  My first thought when hearing about Banks, is "good, now they can get ride of Williams".  Boy was I wrong.
14 Seattle Sonics Seattle Sonics Usenet Malick Badiane -30
NBA Luke Ridnour
Comments: The 2003 award winner for the worst pick in the draft.  I'm going to talk about ESPN at this point.  When Ridnour was picked Jay Bilas said something about him not being able to guard his chair.  Ha, ha.  It came off stiff and forced.  Like he had thought of it two weeks ago, or worse, someone had written it for him.  God I missed Charles Barkley and TNT.  ESPN, like all things Disney, is stiff, over rehearsed and just god awful.  Stewart Scott set the reputation of UNC's journalism school back 20 years.   The whole second round was 10 commercials followed by a list of the 5 picks we just missed and then back to the commercials.  I HATE DISNEY.  I HATE EA GAMES "2004 NBA LIVE".  Back to Ridnour, Bilas was right.
15 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic Usenet Reece Gaines ===
NBA Reece Gaines
Comments: This is the hardest pick to comment on for me.  It was a great pick, no doubt, but the GM stiffed me on the report so that prevents me from doing anything but call him names.  Thanks to David Vaugh, for picking up the report.
16 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Usenet Luke Ridnour +2
NBA Troy Bell
Comments: In every draft, there is a "cringe pick".  A pick that just makes be flinch.  Usually that happens first with the Usenet draft.  This time, it happened in the real draft.  Troy Bell??!!  Man.  Bell was shipped to Memphis with Jones for Banks and Perkins.
17 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns Usenet Zarko Cabarkapa ===
NBA Zarko Cabarkapa
Comments: Outstanding!  Just outstanding.  Good pick, good analysis.  I can't say enough about the Suns and Anthony Minkoff.  Being a GM for this draft is getting harder and harder with the influx of foreign players.  Doing research is just getting more difficult.  Anthony did a very nice job of researching Cabarkapa.
18 New Orleans Hornets New Orleans Hornets Usenet Nick Collison +6
NBA David West
Comments: The Hornets could only hope that Collison would slip this far.  They would not have deserved that.  West will be a poor replacement for P. J. Brown. 
19 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz Usenet Leandrinho Barbosa -9
NBA Alexsandar Pavlovic
Comments: I actually liked this pick when it came in.  I do like Barbosa and he would have fit in here. 
20 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Usenet David West +2
NBA Dahntay Jones
Comments: Very nice pick by Mark Rosen,  Much better than Jones.  Jones was shipped to Memphis which makes even less sense.
21 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks Usenet Boris Diaw ===
NBA Boris Diaw
Comments: Another great pick (one of 7 exact picks) for the Usenet'ers.  Colbey "David's brother" Vaughn was the GM. 
22 New Jersey Nets New Jersey Nets Usenet Alexsandar Pavlovic +3
NBA Zoran Planinic
Comments: In the Net's report, Dean Carrano reported that in the 7 years that he had been GM'ing, he had never had a "plus" pick.  Well, I'm glad to report that the streak was broken!  Nice pick.  Let shoot for 7 years of nothing but "plus" picks now.  Of course that would mean that I will have to do this draft for at least 17 years and be in my 50's.  Not sure if I can do that.
23 Portland Trailblazers Portland Trailblazers Usenet Sofoklis Schortsanitis -11
NBA Travis Outlaw
Comments: Sofo fell like a brick.  I hated that he was able to walk out of the stands to shake hands and get a cap.  Sit in the Green Room like a man!  I would say something about a High School player names "Outlaw" being drafted by the Blazers but that would be as easy as commenting on them drafting a known Pot Head and I covered that last year.
24 Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers Usenet Kendrick Perkins -3
NBA Brian Cook
Comments: Gidi Avrahami was the Co-Commish of this draft way back in 1992.  I've only met him once, at a bar near the Stanford campus right after that draft.  We had a great time ripping the picks and drinking beer.  It was great to have him back as a GM this year.  He had an absolutely great report.  Give it a read.  Bill Simmons of ESPN.com said that Cook is already the third best player on the Lakers.  
25 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Usenet Carlos Delfino ===
NBA Carlos Delfino
Comments: Curtis Hill is a very good friend of mine.  He hosted the annual NBA Draft party this year (attended by Rob Clough and myself and a few others).  For the most part, Curtis takes things in stride, but sometimes he gets a little strut.  After becoming the first GM in Usenet Mock draft history to get 2 exact picks in one draft, he was really strutting big time.  Great picks!!!
26 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Usenet Dahntay Jones +6
NBA Ndudi Ebi
Comments: Jones was a Usenet "Cringe pick" for me.  Turned out to be a +6.  I can't figure this stuff out.  I had all kinds of "dooty" jokes ready but Bill Simmons already did them so I'll just pass.  Damn.  I will say that I really regret that Ebi will never get the opportunity to play at Duke as a member of the Arizona Wildcats.
27 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies Usenet Marcus Banks +14
NBA Kendrick Perkins
Comments: Right player but the wrong pick.  +14 is a huge steal for D. J. Foster.  Perkins was traded to Boston with Banks for Bell and Jones.  I, like many, think that West is the best GM in history but I really don't understand this at all.  Bell and Jones could have been had in the second round.  I'm guessing that West knew that there were no really good players after the third pick and just wanted to give a couple of seniors "first round money".
28 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs Usenet Zoran Planinic +6
NBA Leandrinho Barbosa
Comments: Great Pick for Mr. Novak.  Barbosa was traded to Phoenix for a future pick.  The typical "you ain't worth no stinking cap space" move.
29 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Usenet Brandon Hunter -26
NBA Josh Howard
Comments: A huge "cringe pick".  Turned out better than I thought it would.  Considering it was a -26, that is saying a lot.  The bad thing is that Sean Gannaway told me that is who he would be picking Hunter two weeks before the draft.  So I had to cringe for a long time.  A very painful thing to do.  As far as Howard, I love Cuban's interview where he said they were scared he would be taken along time before 29.  Man, I wish Barkley would have been there for that one.
30 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Usenet Troy Bell +14
New York Knicks New York Knicks NBA Maciej Lampe
Comments: Lampe has left the Green Room!  Milwaukee's suffering also ends.  Great pick by Mike Winter in Bell.  A good place for him to have been picked.  Nice report as well. 
31 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers Usenet Brian Cook +7
Cleveland Cavs Cleveland Cavs NBA Jason Kapono
Comments: A very nice pick for the Usenet Pacers.  Also, it is nice to know that I won't be getting any nasty email from Brian Nordness that it should have been an === pick (see the 2001 draft).
32 Philidelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers Usenet Mario Austin -4
Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers NBA Luke Walton
Comments: A -4 in the second round was nice.  Also 76er's GM David Vaughn stepped in for the scum Magic GM and did his report, so that prevents me from saying anything bad.
33 Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings Usenet Zaur Pachulia -9
Miami Heat Miami Heat NBA Jerome Beasley
Comments: The last pick in the 2003 Usenet Mock Draft went to Tweed Moore and Sacramento.  Not bad, a bit of a reach and a very nice report.  Plus I'm tired and I can't think of anything else to say...  See you next year.