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Usenet Vs. NBA Draft


=== Usenet pick is the same as the NBA Pick

-N Usenet pick was "N"spots ahead of the NBA draft

+N Usenet pick was "N"spots after the NBA draft (a steal for the Usenet GM)

Pick Team Draft Player Diff
1 Washington Wizards Washington Wizards Usenet Eddie Griffin -7
NBA Kwame Brown
Comments: Normally, I would slam the GM who missed the first pick in the draft so badly, but in this case almost every mock draft I saw when the Usenet draft started on June 11th had Griffin going #1.  I guess Griffin will think twice before slugging a teammate.  Good report though.
2 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers Usenet Tyson Chandler ===
NBA Tyson Chandler
Comments: Great call by Mr. McLean!  Also a great report, give it a read.  Chandler was traded to the Chicago Day Care Center for Elton Brand.  Could it be that Elgin Baylor did something right!  For the second straight year!  Yikes!
3 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks Usenet Kwame Brown +2
NBA Pau Gasol
Comments: No luck for the NBA Hawks.  Brown does not fall to #3.  Gasol is traded to Vancouver/Memphis for Abdur-Rahim.  Boy, Atlanta could not run fast enough from the the 2001 draft.  Good pick for the Usenet GM (John Creeden).  I would like to thank Mr. Creeden who phoned me from his vacation to make sure that he was not late for his pick.  That kind of effort is really appreciated.
4 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls Usenet Eddy Curry ===
NBA Eddy Curry
Comments: Great pick by the Usenet Bulls!  Curry joins Chandler in having the first NBA team with two players vying for NCAA freshman of the year.
5 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors Usenet Zach Randolph -14
NBA Jason Richardson
Comments: Russ, Russ, poor Russ.  I actually think that he meant to pick Richardson but got confused.  Next time, Randolph is the fat one who ate himself out of the lottery.  :-)  To be honest, I thought that this would be the pick with the highest negative number.  Russ can thank god for Loren Woods.  When this pick was about to be announced, I would have bet the farm that Griffin would have been the pick.  What does this pick say to Larry ("Mr. 30%") Hughes?
6 Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies Vancouver Grizzlies Usenet Jason Richardson +1
NBA Shane Battier
Comments: Good pick by the Usenet Grizzlies (who decided to remain in Canada).  The NBA Grizzlies got their second SF in the first 6 picks.  I think that this is a record.  BTW, I think that after the draft, the Grizzlies asked Battier who he wanted to play with and he said "Jason Williams".   That is the only way to explain the Bibby trade.
7 New Jersey Nets New Jersey Nets Usenet Joe Johnson -3
NBA Eddie Griffin
Comments: "Eddie Griffin made a fist and gave his teammate 40 licks, when he saw what he had done, cost himself #1" (sorry, I could not resist :-)).  Great report by the Usenet GM Rob Doyle.   The Nets, who really wanted to make a splash at the draft in New York, decided to draft a popular pick for three unpopular ones.  I'm guessing that the Nets want to make sure that no one confuses them with the Clippers, they are now worse!
8 Cleveland Cavs Cleveland Cavs Usenet Pau Gasol +5
NBA DeSagana Diop
Comments: Great pick (and good report) by the Usenet GM.  The real Cavs decided that you can never have to many Centers with bad feet.  John, what was the reaction at the Gund "broken foot rehabilitation" arena?
9 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Usenet Rodnet White ===
NBA Rodnet White
Comments: Great pick by Robbie Bolton Usenet Piston GM.  He and Joe Dumars got the player that they really wanted.
10 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Usenet Shane Battier +4
NBA Joe Johnson
Comments: Either player would have made Boston fans very happy.  I thought that this pick had a chance of happening after the Atlanta trade of the the 3rd pick.  Still Johnson is a good fit and will help the Celtics.
11 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Usenet DeSagana Diop +3
NBA Kedrick Brown
Comments: Back to back good picks by Stanley Novak (Usenet Boston GM).  The next Rick Pitino :-).  Also, another good report in a year of good reports.   Kedrick Brown was a player that most folks had going to Boston.  This fact escaped every Usenet GM picking in the first round.
12 Seattle Sonics Seattle Sonics Usenet Brendan Haywood -8
NBA Vladimire Radmanovic
Comments: A ton of mock drafts had Haywood going to Seattle.  It seemed like a good fit.  Ramanovic really came on in the last few weeks.  Curtis' report is a great read.
13 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Usenet Loren Woods -32
NBA Richard Jefferson
Comments: -32!  John Carter (Houston GM emeritus) has made many great picks in his time (he holds the record for the biggest plus pick) but this will not go down as one of them.  Although, I was shocked that Woods slipped so far.  Here is my theory, at 18 (where the Timberwolves would have picked if not for the Joe Smith affair) the Wolves told the rest of the GM's that they wanted Woods and they had an agreement that no one else would draft him.  That is the only thing that makes sense.  That or Woods came to all of his workouts with a Crack pipe.  Jefferson was traded (along with two other first round picks) to the Nets for Eddie Griffin
14 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors Usenet Richard Jefferson +1
NBA Troy Murphy
Comments: A little redemption for the GM from California.  I myself would have preferred Jefferson.
15 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic Usenet Michael Bradley -2
NBA Steven Hunter
Comments: I would think that this would be to high for Hunter.  I would expect that this is a potential pick.   Bradley was a good pick at 15 and a good pick by the Usenet Magic.
16 Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets Usenet Joseph Forte -5
NBA Kirk Haston
Comments: The Charlotte GM made the Forte pick and then vanished without doing his report.  The Charlotte GM is scum.  The real Hornets really needed outside shooting and felt that Haston was going to be better then Forte (at least they thought he was taller).
17 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors Usenet Vladimire Radmanovic +5
NBA Michael Bradley
Comments: Great pick by the Raptors!  Radmanovic's stock went way up just before the draft and I thought that this would end up being a steal.
18 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Usenet Troy Murphy +4
NBA Jason Collins
Comments: John Carter makes a comeback!  Actually a double comeback, since Collins was the player that John took at 23 he kind of gets a "exact pick".  Ok, not really.  Collins is traded to New Jersey as a package for Griffin.
19 Portland Trailblazers Portland Trailblazers Usenet Gerald Wallace -6
NBA Zach Randolph
Comments: A bit of a reach for the Usenet Blazers.  The Usenet Warriors pain finally comes to an end.  Zach Randolph, troubled youth, meet your mentor, Rasheed Wallace.
20 Cleveland Cavs Cleveland Cavs Usenet Jamaal Tinsley -7
NBA Brendan Haywood
Comments: Tinsley's stock really dropped in the last few days before the draft.  Haywood became Cleveland's forth string center (but at least with good feet) for a few minutes before being traded to Orlando for a stiff.  
21 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Usenet Omar Cook -10
NBA Joseph Forte
Comments: I really thought that Boston would take Parker here.  I've been reading in the Boston papers that the Celt's will try Forte at point.  Well, I've been watching Forte here in Chapel Hill for two years and I don't that this is going to work.  Cook looked like a first rounder on Tuesday and then GM's remembered that he could not shoot AT ALL!!!!!!
22 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic Usenet Gilbert Arenas -8
NBA Jeryl Sasser
Comments: Arenas becomes the third of three bad picks in a row for the Useneters.  I was not expecting Sasser to go this high myself.
23 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Usenet Jason Collins +5
NBA Brandon Armstrong
Comments: A double good pick for the Rockets.  John gets a +5 and the player he picked was picked by his team in the real NBA draft 5 spots before.  Armstrong becomes the final link in the "are the Nets total idiots" contest.
24 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz Usenet Jeryl Sasser +2
NBA Raul Lopez
Comments: Ok, I was wrong.  I audibly groaned when Matt picked Sasser.  Turns out to be a great pick.  There is some talk that Lopez will not be able to get out of his contract in play in the NBA for 4 years.  I'm guessing that the Jazz is figuring that this will be when they get Stevenson back (assuming good behavior) to start their new back court.
25 Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings Usenet Alvin Jones -31
NBA Gerald Wallace
Comments: -31! Yikes!  Jones fell like a rock on draft night.  
26 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers Usenet Ousmanne Cisse -20
NBA Samual Dalembert
Comments: Back to back stinkers by the Useneters.
27 Philadelphia 76ers Vancouver Grizzlies Usenet Steven Hunter +12
NBA Jamaal Tinsley
Comments: Big time steal for the Usenet Grizzlies.  Tinsley will have to battle Jason Williams for PG time.  To be honest, I like his chances. 
28 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs Usenet Trenton Hassell -1
NBA Tony Parker
Comments: Oh, what a difference a pick makes for Trenton Hassell.  One pick away from a guaranteed contract.  One pick away from playing for the Spurs, one pick away from not looking like an idiot for not going back to school.  Great pick by Jason Able though.  Some thought that Parker could be the best PG in the draft.  Could be a steal for the Spurs.

Because of the Joe Smith affair, the Minnesota Timberwolves did not have a first round pick.  The NBA, for some reason, decided that they should count the pick anyway.  So the second round starts with the 30th pick, not the 29th.  For the purpose of this comparison, I use the "real" draft position, not the NBA's.  Hence the 30th pick in the NBA draft was really the 29th player picked.

29 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets Usenet Ken Johnson -19
Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls NBA Trenton Hassell
Comments: -19!  Not a good start to the second round.  Poor Hassell, not only did he miss out on being in the first round by one pick, not only did he miss out on being picked by the Spurs, but he gets the Bulls!  Life sucks for Trenton Hassell.
30 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers Usenet Jeff Trepangier -4
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warrios NBA Gilbert Arenas
Comments: Pretend your the Golden State Warriors and you've just drafted your second SG in the draft.  Now say with a straight face, "we have not lost faith in Larry Hughes, we have not lost faith in Larry Hughes". 
31 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Usenet Kedrick Brown +20
Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets NBA Omar Cook
Comments: +20 is one of the best steals in the Usenet Draft history (guess who is #1).  Anyway, A lot of Usenet GM's heard that Brown was on the rise but no one would take him.  Cleveland's 20th pick would have been a good spot don't you think?  Anyway, Cook went where he belonged, in the second round to a crappy team.  The Timberwolves report is probably the best in this draft.  Give it a read.
32 New York Knicks New York Knicks Usenet Kenny Satterfield -20
Philadelphia 76ers Vancouver Grizzlies NBA Will Soloman
Comments: Satterfield is another PG who got what he deserved.  I only wish he had stayed in the draft last year so he could have gone undrafted.  Anyway, one great pick in the Usenet 2nd round, one decent pick and two stinkers.  The Grizzlies drafted their third string PG here.  You can never have to many of those. At this point, I'm really starting to wonder about Loren Woods and the Timberwolves conspiracy.
33 Maimi Heat Miami Heat Usenet Kirk Haston +17
Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks NBA Terence Morris
Comments: A great report and pick by the Usenet Heat.  Morris was traded to the Rockets by the Atlanta "Get the hell away from the 2001 draft" Hawks.
34 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns Usenet Samual Dalembert +8
New Jersey Nets New Jersey Nets NBA Brian Scalibrine
Comments: Big steal by the Useneters.
35 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks Usenet Brian Scalibrine +1
Cleveland Cavs Cleveland Cavs NBA Jeff Trepangier
Comments: We almost had a winner in the "exact pick" contest.  Great call.  At least he got the university right.
36 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Usenet Terence Morris +3
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers NBA Damone Brown
Comments: The Usenet GM's are really on a role here in the second round.  A close +3 for the Mavs.
37 Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers Usenet Eric Chenowith -4
Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons NBA Mehmet Okur
Comments: With the last pick, the Usenet Lakers take a dive.  I kept saying, Please take Tony Parker, please take Tony Parker.