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Management systems that keep livestock healthy and productive.

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red ballAmerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy -- A nonprofit membership organization working to protect nearly 100 breeds of cattle, goats, horses, asses, sheep, swine and poultry from extinction.  Great profiles of rare breeds.

red ballSustainable pork production -- At Texas Tech University.  Outdoor pig topics, a tour and information about the sustainable pork farm, and much more.

red ballHoop House Building -- Step-by-step photo essay at the brand-spankin' new (12/99) Practical Farmers of Iowa website.

red ballOrganic Valley / CROPP Cooperative -- The largest producer of certified organic dairy in the United States, a farmer owned and operated marketing cooperative, CROPP distributes dairy, eggs and vegetables from more than 160 small to mid sized family farms in 10 states. Their Organic Trader lists organic feed grains, forages, livestock and more for sale.

red ballPasture Poultry and grazersedge discussion groups -- Share tips with fellow graziers and pasture poultry producers. Scan archives or receive individual or digest email.  Sign up first at the eGroups.com homepage.

red ballFree Livestock News Service -- AnimalNet is an easy way to stay up-to-date on livestock research, news and issues. One of three email ag services from the University of Guelph.

red ballSeasonal Dairy on Pasture: The Forgey Files -- How-to advice from Indiana's pioneering seasonal dairy grazier.
red ballGreasing the Way for Factory Bacon -- Corporate hog operations -- and their lagoons -- threaten the financial and physical health of family farms.
red ballPork Checkoff 'Spy' Funds Questioned

Hot Links:
red ballGRACE Factory Farm Project -- Links to facts, news, and ideas about the problem of factory farming and sustainable alternatives.
red ballCorporate Pigs -- Simple text and photo essay shows how "factory farms hog-tie rural communities." Nothing gory, unless manure spills make you squeemish. While you're at the Corporate Watch website, check out the Greenwash Award they presented to Monsanto a few years back. Those aren't Monarch butterflies in the Monsanto graphic, are they?
red ballHometown Creamery Revival -- SARE-funded project working with Va. and N.C. dairies on grazing, cheese processing and marketing.
red ballPigs on Pasture -- Take a virtual tour of the Gunthorp farm at American Farmland Trust's grassfarmer.com site. While you're there, stop by and see Tools for Graziers, innovative solutions including a windscreen, shade trailer, and more. red ballComposting Livestock Mortalities -- Can't get anyone to come pick up dead stock? This Ontario Ministry of Agriculture fact sheet can help.
red ballIowa Hog Confinement -- Not just for Iowans, this grassroots site helps link farmers and others concerned about megahog operations.
red ballLow-Stress Livestock Handling -- Herding methods and facilities that put less stress on you and your stock.
red ballForage Alternatives -- Short on forage? Beef up your reserves with this Michigan State University resource. It provides you with the how-to (as well as the what you can expect from) winter and spring grains, overseeding pastures with legumes, field pea mixes, small grain nurse crops, summer annuals, and more.
red ballProfitable Dairy Options -- This online brochure from the USDA-SARE program's Sustainable Agriculture Network offers a myriad of innovative methods for dairy farmers around the country to cut costs and add value to the products they sell. Topics range from tapping specialty markets to grazing, composting and nutrient management.

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