Hosting a domain at ibiblio

We will be happy to host your files under or .net. To set up virtual hosting, you must register the domain with a network registration service. A domain registrar is a company that sells the service you need for domain hosting. ibiblio does not endorse any domain registrars, but Godaddy and Verisign are among the more popular.

Look over the page on sharing content at ibiblio to make sure you qualify for hosting. If you do, submit a help request with a proposal for your site. Let us know what you want to do, and what resources would help you accomplish your goals.

Once you’ve been approved, it’s time to get started on the technical details to make things happen. To run a website, you need a few different things, all working together: a DNS server, a
web server, and whatever content you’ve got to publish.

New Site Steps

If your site is going to be at a new domain, you’ll need to go through a few more steps to set up your new domain. (So, if you’re just now setting up for the first time, and your site has never been at, you’ll need to do these steps.)

First, you need a domain name, like “” To have a domain, you need someone to run your domain server (DNS server). This is just like how an email address requires an email server.

You can run your own DNS server, or use one provided by your domain registrar. In that case, you’ll want to ensure the following settings: resolves to is an alias to OR resolves to

Steps for everybody

Once you’re ready to start testing out your site, we can set up a testbed for you. After your project is approved, you can request a test setup. Also, after your DNS is set up, we’ll create one for you. We’ll send you information on where you should upload content for your site. You will then have a “live” test site, which will work with or without DNS. It will probably be something like, and will reflect exactly how your site will look when it finally goes live. This allows you to test out things before taking your site


  1. Make a proposal
  2. DNS registration (for new domains)
  3. Domain hostname points to
  4. Email ibiblio Let us know that your DNS should be set up, and mention whether or not UNC should be hosting it.
  5. Upload content and test Upload your site and try it out on your test setup.
  6. Email ibiblio Let us know that your site is working, and we’ll go ahead and clean up the creation process.