Web Analytics

Unfortunately, ibiblio does not maintain a central web stats/analytics system. If you need information about your site traffic, here are a few options:

  • Google Analytics
    Google’s free web analytics service has an excellent set of tools. It reports information on page traffic, referrers, geolocation, and path analysis. Performance is good, and the UI is terrific. Integration is easy, as long as you have a common header or footer and can rely on javascript.
  • Yahoo Web Analytics
    This is a good alternative to Google Analytics since it has the same basic feature set and integration process.
  • AWStats
    This is an open source web server log analyzer that uses Perl and produces basic usage reports from log files.
  • Webalizer
    Another open source web server log analyzer, Webalizer is a C application and produces basic usage reports from log files.

For more options, try searching for “web analytics tools.”

We do not recommend using any of the DIY PHP/MySQL open source web analytics that use javascript integration in your web pages. The features and performance are well below the free commercial solutions. Furthermore, installing one of these applications in your ibiblio space will double the load on your site’s database.

If you choose one of the open source log analysis tools, please respect the limited resources on the ibiblio login server and storage volumes. You may want to copy your log files to a personal system or off-site server and crunch the data there.