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Please note: Since I often receive email messages about the availability of the recordings listed herein, I offer the following disclaimer: these recordings are not being offered for sale by the compiler, who actually has but a small percentage of these recordings in his collection! A list of possible sources for both current and out-of-print singles, LPs, tapes and CDs is presented to help those of you who wish to either purchase or sell recordings identified in these pages. The label listing on this site also includes links to recording companies where these are known. No endorsement of either the publishers or vendors listed is intended.

Work like this is never done alone. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the information presented here, either directly through email or letter contact, or indirectly through liner notes, published discographies (especially those beautiful Bear Family ones!), postings to BGRASS-L and, or reviews in Bluegrass Unlimited, the County Sales Newsletter, the Old Time Herald, or other periodicals.

Special big thanks are offered to Frank Godbey, listowner of BGRASS-L, who kindly sent me a copy of his index to over 2800 reviews published in Bluegrass Unlimited between 1966-1983. The late French mandolinist and record collector Mick Larie is also to be thanked for his unsolicited contribution of an Excel spreadsheet with over 4000 bluegrass CDs, including about 800 missing from my own database, plus the continuing flow of data on both European and U.S. CD releases up until his death in 2007. This was a tremendous help, both in identifying European releases that I had not heard about, but also in cross-checking my work on U.S. releases. Mick, you will be missed! John Boothroyd's massive print discography of bluegrass LPs formed the basis for much of the LP coverage listed here. A special big thanks to Fred Bartenstein for sending me his copy of Boothroyd and also for connecting me up with Tony Fuld in Georgia, who contributed a spreadsheet of over 47,000 song titles from both LPs and CDs!

A particularly heart-felt thank-you is extended to Neil V. Rosenberg, the "Phantom Discographer", now retired from the Dept. of Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland who, besides offering me much needed moral support for this project, contributed materially by allowing me access to his voluminous collection of 45s, 78s, and LPs (some of which are pictured on these pages), the Boothroyd discography (for over a year!), as well to the many bits of discographies-in-progress filed away within the Rosenberg household archives. In particular, I am grateful for the loan of his transcripts from the long years he wrote the "Thirty years ago this month" column for Bluegrass Unlimited. Neil's discographical liner notes on RCA LPV-569 (Early Blue Grass) and the now long out-of-print Monroe discography, a copy of which he gave me back in the late 1970s, was the immediate impetus for all of my subsequent work and I expect for the work which resulted in the Stanley Brothers, Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper, various Bear Family, and other bluegrass discographies which have been produced since. The bluegrass community owes much to Neil's discographical efforts.

Here are some of you who have helped out directly or indirectly on this project:

Willem Agenant (Nederlands)
Mark Anderson
Fred Bartenstein (Yellow Springs, OH)
John Boothroyd (Australia)
Terry Cox (CO)
Sue Cunningham
John Currie (NC)
Ruth Downes
Ivo Drbohlav (Prague, Czech Republic)
Richard Dress (USA)
Rick Fowler (Nashville, TN)
Peter Fraissinet (NY)
Tony Fuld (GA)
Frank Godbey (Lexington, KY)
Pieter Groenveld (Hoofdorp, Nederlands)
Al Hawkes (Westbrook, ME)
Cherrill "C.P." Heaton
Gary J. "Vinylgrass" Jolicoeur (FL)
Thomas Knowles
Matt Levine
Mick Larie (France)
Patrick Mathe (UK)
Milt Pappas (NC)
Tom Payne (Arcata, CA)
Benjamin & Daniel Pennell (Cary, NC)
Guy Rains (USA)
Doug Ranking (Mountain Rest, SC)
Neil V. Rosenberg (St. John's, NF, Canada)
John Ryba (Bay Minette, AL)
David B. Schlosser (Austin, TX)
Dennis Schut (Nederlands)
Steve Silverstein (US)
Scott Street (Richmond, VA)
Peter Thompson (San Francisco, CA)
Lubomir Toman (Slovak Republic)
Steve Treadaway (SC)
Thieu van de Vorst (Nederlands)
Donald Wermuth (Nederlands)
Mark Wingate