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J. Beatrice Bowman album, circa 1908-1915 -- front cover & pages 1-5

This page provides textual information and thumbnail images for the front cover and pages 1-5 of Navy Nurse J. Beatrice Bowman's 1908-1915 album of her Navy service.

For introductory information on this album, see: S-581 -- General Description.

Notes on text provided with pages:

  • Text entries in quotations are taken from inscriptions hand-written in the album in the locations noted in italics.
  • Text entries without quotation marks are provided by the Naval Historical Center's staff.

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    Left: (blank).

    Right: Front Cover
    The outer covers are black fabric, embossed with a leather-like finish, without text.



    Left: Inside Front Cover
    Group photograph of the first twenty members of the Navy Nurse Corps, circa October 1908.
    See Photo # NH 52960 for additional information on this image.

    Right: Page 1
    Below upper left photo -- "Miss White C. Nurse 1909"
    Below lower left photo -- "U.S.N. H. Brooklyn"
    Below right photo-- "Malmey (?) children 1909".



    Left: Page 2
    Below left photo -- "Harold & Mary Jean (?)"
    Below center photo -- "Mary Jean (?)"
    To right of right photo-- "Nurses' Home U.S.N.H. Brooklyn 1910".

    Right: Page 3
    Above upper left photo -- "Nurses House"
    Above upper right photo -- "East Annex"
    Below upper photos -- "U.S.N.H. Brooklyn 1909 --"
    Below lower left photo -- "Old Chapel used as museum -- to be a laboratory"
    Below lower right photo -- "Street leading to M.O.'s quarters".


    Turn page 90 degrees to right


    Left: Page 4
    At top of page -- "U.S.N. Hosp. Brooklyn"
    Below left photo -- "Sun (court?) leading from Main Bldg to South Annex"
    Below right photo -- "Tennis court".

    Right: Page 5
    Below photos -- "Mrs. Mary Stuart Smith mother of Dr. G. Tucker Smith Surgeon USN"
    "Tucker Smith son of Dr. G.T.S."
    "U.S.N. Hosp. Brooklyn".
    Note: Surgeon George T. Smith, USN, was assigned to the Brooklyn Naval Hospital at this time.



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