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Album S-581 page 39: Group photograph of nurses at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, with their dog, 1913

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Josephine Beatrice Bowman Photo Album, circa 1908-1915 (Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Lot # S-581) --
General Description

This album, containing 104 pages and approximately 223 mainly "snapshot" size photographs, was kept by Chief Nurse (later Lieutenant Commander) J. Beatrice Bowman. It depicts her service as one of the first members of the Navy Nurse Corps from 1908 to about 1915, at Naval hospitals at Washington, D.C. (1908, about 1910 and 1915); Brooklyn, New York (about 1909-1910); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1911-1913, also including views of the Naval Home there); and Portsmouth, Virginia (1913-14). Also included are views of Miss Bowman's family and family home, with some of these views dating from the late 1800s.

The album was transferred to the Naval Historical Center (since renamed "Naval History and Heritage Command") by the Navy Nurse Corps in 1983, with other items originally belonging to LCdr. Bowman. Generally, this album is in fragile condition. Pages are of heavy black paper and are quite brittle, with edges and corners of many of them broken. Some pages at the front and back of the album have also broken loose from the binding. Album covers are black fabric, embossed with a leather-like grain but with no markings. They measure 7 1/16 inches high by 9 7/8 inches long. There are 104 inside pages, bound to the covers and measuring 6 11/16 inches by 9 3/4 inches.

For additional relevant information and images, see: Lieutenant Commander J. Beatrice Bowman, Nurse Corps, USN .

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