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Album S-589, page 2: USS Philippines seen from a launch returning crew members from a sightseeing trip to Paris, August 1919

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USS Philippines (ID # 1677) Collection, 1919.
(Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Lot #s S-589 & S-589-A)
-- General Description

This collection consists of a 32-page photographic album (Lot S-589 and nine loose prints (Lot S-589-A) concerning USS Philippines (ID # 1677), her officers and crew, and scenes of places and events related to World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. Apparently, the album's original owner was an enlisted member of the ship's crew, but his identity had been lost by the time it was acquired and donated. The origin of the loose prints is unknown, but may have been similar to that of the album.

The album holds 29 photographs, of which six have been individually cataloged under Photo Numbers NH 107078 through NH 107082 and NH 107092. Another two of the album's images, identical to better-quality photographs originally in the loose prints part of this collection, are represented by Photo Numbers NH 107093 and NH 107094.

The loose prints, of generally better condition than those in the album, presently include six unique images, presented herein as S-589-A(1) through S-589-A(6), and three duplicates of photos also featured in the album (on pages 5, 20 and 26). The latter are not individually numbered and are not presented here except by reference to the album's images. Another six photographs, obtained with these nine loose prints, were removed from the lot and cataloged individually as Photo #s NH 107093 through NH 107098. As mentioned above, two of these duplicate photos in the album. The other four are unique.

Both parts of the collection were purchased in electronic auctions and subsequently donated. The album was obtained and donated in 2010 by Dr. Mark Kulikowski, a friend of the Naval History and Heritage Command. The loose prints were obtained and donated by Charles R. Haberlein Jr. (then Head of the Naval History and Heritage Command's Photographic Section) in 2009.

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  • USS Philippines (ID # 1677), 1919-1919.

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