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(Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Lot # S-589)

USS Philippines (ID # 1677) Collection, Pages 11-20

This page provides textual descriptions and thumbnails, plus links to larger images, of the covers and pages 11 through 20 of the album portion of the USS Philippines (ID # 1677) Collection.

For introductory information on this collection, see:

  • USS Philippines (ID # 1677) Collection -- General Description.

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    Left: S-589, Page 11 -- Aerial photograph of the ruined village of Sermaize, France. The Battle of the Marne took place in this area in September 1914.

    Right: S-589, Page 12 -- Crew members of USS Philippines (ID # 1677) pose near the Eiffel Tower, while sightseeing in Paris, August 1919
    Note: For an individual greyscale reproduction of this image, see Photo # NH 107082.



    Left: S-589, Page 13 -- View from atop the Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1919. Note the large ferris wheel in the upper right.

    Right: S-589, Page 14 -- Aerial photograph of St. Mihiel, France, scene of a major battle in September 1918.



    Left: S-589, Page 15 -- Aerial photograph of Péronne, France, ruined during World War I fighting.

    Right: S-589, Page 16 -- View of the railway line near the Eiffel Tower, taken during an August 1919 sightseeing trip by USS Philippines crew members.



    Turn page 90 degrees to the right

    Left: S-589, Page 17 -- View of an elevator car ascending the Eiffel Tower, 1919.

    Right: S-589, Page 18 -- The photograph originally mounted on this page had been removed before the album was obtained by the Naval History and Heritage Command.


    Turn page 90 degrees to the left


    Left: S-589, Page 19 -- French soldiers firing the first gun of a salute after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, 28 June 1919.
    Note: For an individual greyscale reproduction of an identical image (originally in Lot S-589-A), see Photo # NH 107094.

    Right: S-589, Page 20 -- Aerial photograph of the city of Verdun, on the Meuse River, France. This area was the scene of major World War I fighting.




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