Radio First Termer: Photographs of Dave and his tours in South Vietnam

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Here is Dave just outside Bunker #12 while wearing civilian attire.

This is the front of Dave's locker at his cubical at Phan Rang. One of the "maggot officers" at Phan Rang made him repaint his locker a few weeks after he added decorative expression.  He must not have appreciated Dave's artistic talents.

This is a security police friend of Dave's wearing Dave's helmet and standing in front of Dave's newly redecorarted locker. The side says "Viet Cong, Breakfast Of Champions". By the time Radio First Termer aired, it has changed to "P***y is the Breakfast Of Champions."

This is Pete working on some material for Radio Phan Rang in their hooch at Tan Son Nhut, Saigon.

This is the entrance to "Whore House Alley" outside of Phan Rang. The sign pretty much speaks for itself.

This is the New Shanghai "Gentlemen's Club."

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